October 7, 2011

The 10-day 'You' Challenge- Seven Wants

I had almost forgotten about this.

1) Money
What? You thought I was some Mother Theresa types?

When I had just finished my M.A., I was one of those who didn’t consider money very important. I was all “What matters is whether I learn the job well and how much I love my job. Money is the last priority.” Ya, that lasted for like, four months. Being perpetually broke is not a great state of being, you see. And it’s not like I want crores and crores of money. No. I just want enough. And how much is enough? I guess that’s relative.

For me, enough would be- if I suddenly get the craving to eat something, I shouldn’t have to think twice about it. If I see a pretty saree and want to buy it for mom, I shouldn’t have to forego something else for it. If I want to buy a bottle of Scotch for dad, I should be able to do it without worrying about whether I’ll have enough money to buy ration for the month. There’s a pretty watch that I think my sister will like, I want to be able to buy it without any worry. If someone in my family falls ill, I want to be able to catch a flight and get there as soon as possible. Or if I fall ill, I should have enough for the hospital bills (which can be exorbitant) If a friend needs money, I want to be able to lend it to him/her. When I’m tired at the end of the day, I want to be able to take an auto without worrying that that’s my dinner money I’m spending and will now have to manage with Maggi.
Is this asking for too much?

2) My own house.
Beautiful houses take me to orgasmic heights (Oh c’mon. Loosen that muscle, will you?). I’m an absolute sucker for them. I’ve stared at houses on the road enough to make the watchmen suspicious of me. I have practically drooled over those coffee-table books that you find in bookstores which have pictures of gorgeous houses. And a house of my own is one of my fondest dreams. I have it all planned out in my head. What the rooms will look like, the verandah (very very important), a ‘nook’, a large airy bedroom with lots of windows- I have it all mapped out. Now all I need is lots of money- or a rich husband, whichever happens first. ;)

And if I want to paint my bedroom purple, I damn well will!!!

3) To travel
I want to see at least my own state properly. People here in Hyderabad tell me “Wow, Kerala is a beautiful place no? Aleppey, Munnar, etc..” And I’m like “Err..ya. So I’ve heard!” I haven’t seen my own state properly! I need to go back there as a tourist one day and roam around. And then I want to travel the rest of India. There’s so much to see, so little money (it’s amusing, isn’t it, how I connect everything to money. Or maybe not. Sigh…).

4) To open a bookstore.
No surprises here, since I love bookstores so much. I want to open one of those quaint little stores with stone benches outside and winding wooden staircase inside (yes, I’m a BIG fan of Enid Blyton). Not too big, but a cozy little place where people can come sit and read and unwind.

5) My own bakery
Isn’t it heavenly, the scent that greets you when you walk into a bakery? I love it. I’ve always been fascinated by cakes and pastries etc. And some day, I want to learn how to bake those wonderful things and start my own bakery. Of course, that I might end up eating most of the things myself is another matter.

6) To write a book.
Ha… someday.

7) To be an awesome cook. And have a fabulous kitchen.

I love cooking. Especially if there is someone else to cook for. If I’m alone, I’ll probably cook just Maggi or pasta or khichdi. But if there is someone I can cook for, I give it my best. It’s the second best feeling in the world when others appreciate my cooking, the first one being appreciation for my writing. And I’m not the kind who can manage with just three spoons and two utensils. I need specific vessels for everything. And I obsess for days if I mess up a dish. It’s the only positive trait I managed to inherit from Mumsy darling.

# Is anyone out there as much a lover of old Hindi songs as I am? Here's one of my all-time favourites.
By the way, how do I add a Youtube video to my post as not just a link, but the actual video?

In case you are scratching your head over what this is all about:-
Ten Secrets, Nine Loves and Eight Fears.


  1. aaahh... I dream of building my own house tooooooo! I just need the plot now! ;)
    and i looveee the idea of your book store ;).. and i loovee Enid blyton toooo!! I'm jus sooo possessive about those books i've collected over timeeee...

    and about the video, Download them from youtube via Internet download manager and upload them on the blog like you do the pictures :)

  2. You know what.. almost everything that I want is linked to money directly or indirectly.. where you want to buy something for yourself or for others, build something, travel or even donate.. you need money.. its inevitable..
    Even i want a spacious and well organized kitchen in my future house!!!

    You need to embed the video. Open the youtube video you want, click on share, then click on 'Embed'. Copy the code in the box to you blog and you are done!

  3. You've seriously given me a neck ache now owing to all the nodding. Totally concur with you on pointers 2,3,5 and 7.

    I love seeing people react after eating what I`ve made although I don't quite understand why they politely say 'nice' to my face and later puke their intestines out.

  4. I share all these wants too..but i would love an awesome looking kitchen, but i am yet to learn cooking :P

  5. Ah I love old hindi songs...especially Shammi Kappor ones..the 'chand sa roshan chera' and 'aaj kal tere mere pyar ke charche' are like my all time favourites...Such beuatiful melodies that time, 'kabhi kabhi mer dil mein', 'dekha ek kquab' to types...they just don make then like that anymore :(...Purple room I already have one ;)...And loads of home decor books with even more cook books. You should come visit my place, you won't feel like leaving :D...And yeah hot egg puff smell from a bakery=total bliss!!! To put up a video, in the compose page of your post, there should be an Icon to add video right next to the one which says add a picture.
    Can I borrow this 10 day challenge thingy from you...it sounds fun :D

  6. Oh i totally love old hindi songs...esp Shammi ones...the 'Chand sa roshan chehera', 'Aaj kal tere mere pyaar ke charche' are legendary and melodies like 'Dekha ek quhab' and 'Kabhi Kabhi mere dil me' are just so wonderful...they don't make songs like these anymore :(...You can put up video from your compose page on your post, there is a icon right next to the one which allows you to add pictures...BTW can I borrow this from you? It sounds so much fun :D...and BTW my room is painted purple, I have a wall lined with books of home decor, some novels with yeah Enid Blyton also and scores of cook books ...you should visit sometime...I doubt you'll wanna leave ;)

  7. True! When people go on and on about Kerala, I give a vacant smile cos I haven't explored the place myself which I call my hometown! I guess if you wanna be a writer, you should travel a lot. The images that you capture while travelling helps a great deal in developing your characters and their circumstances.

  8. And out of the blue, you remember;P

    Man, I was going to do this and now it won't make any sense, for you've mentioned atleast 5 of what I want:D
    Money, no that's NOT too much to ask for. And people who say money's not important are just bull shitting. Either that or they were born with golden spoons.
    Travel, sigh, brings back all the latent wanderlust.
    Bookstore, so few people get why that would be the perfect job for me.
    Writer, et tu?:D Lets collaborate shall we? You write my preface and I'll write yours:P
    KITCHEN!! I love spending time in the kitchen, be it cooking or even just sitting around chatting away to glory to a very irate mother.. And fabulous kitchens are a dream, one I'm pestering my guy into making real.

    P.S: Congrats on the resolution of conflict:D *touch wood* and stay that way...

  9. Oh and adding the video. There's tiny icon on your 'write post' menu, next to the 'add picture' one that's the 'insert video' option. Choose directly from Youtube. Or upload your own.

  10. @Viya: Enid Blyton is just the best, isn't she? :)
    And thanks for the tip. Will try it out next time.

    @The girl at first venue: Seriously, right? You need to have a certain amount of money to make any wish come come...

    @Atrocious: Here. Moov. Aah se aha tak. :P (Sorry, I'm high on red wine. :/ Hence the bad jokes.)

    @Red Handed: Believe me, sweety, once you get an awesome kitchen, the cooking will come on its own. :)

    @Pinx: Dint know which comment to publish, so published both.
    You have a purple room??!! Wow!! And I've been looking out for someone who loves old hindi songs as much as I do. I've found one. :) I was planning to share some songs on a regular basis.
    And feel free to pick it up, lady. I myself took it from another blog. It's fun, believe me! :)

    @Musings: I do plan to travel. If only I didn't have a job to answer to. Sigh...

    @PeeVee: Yay! Let's collaborate and write a book! Seriously! :)

  11. i wish i was readin dis post wid u sittin besides me u know...cos our palms would be sore wid hi5's.

    first of all, u have described what is earning 'ENOUGH' in d best way possible. i mean its like i always knew this answer (to how much earning is enough), and you dived into my subconscious and wrote it down.

    idea of my own bakery doesnt excite me so much. i will pitch in the bookstore though :)

    highest 5 for cooking, and writing own book.

    house wise i just want a spacious one with large balconies/mini terraces, where if i open d door to the balcony i see a vast expanse of emptiness, and not straight into another house where some uncle is carelessly changing his torn undies (just an example. never experienced. dnt even wanna)

    and travel wise, i love to be a food-traveller. and i always wanna explore india the most. other countries dont excite me as much. europe comes a distant second.

    good post :)

  12. *sighhhhh*
    money can never be enough i think..
    its not about having extravagant wants or something..but its always when you desperately feel like buying something..for yourself or for anyone else..u seem to fall short..!

    travel..yusss..i aim to travel atleast our MOTHERLAND..then we shall think about the WORLD..!! :P:P

    awww..the look of your bookstore is so quaint girll..!!!
    hmmm i hope to have a tiny library at home someday..:):)

    ohh i luvvvvv bakery products..!!
    ok m feelig hungry noww.. :/

    and i am a lousy cook..hopefully a smart kitchen will make me improve :P

    loved the post..very honest..!!

  13. I want to have loads of money, a beautiful house and my own kitchen too! :D I then want to own an entire coffee or herbs store :D

    And of course a rich husband ;)

  14. We all want money, don't we? Not at all too much to ask for. :) And yes, I am a die hard Enid Blyton fan too. One reason why I wish to go to Europe. She has made me believe in the Enchanted Woods, the Faraway tree and all those awesome places the Famous Five had their adventures...My sister and I used to pack picnic lunches (cakes and biscuits :D) in a basket and go to the nearest tree on our cycle to feel like the characters in her book! :D And yes, I love hindi songs too. My favourite is Pehla Nasha :) Now I got to go and watch that video you have recommended.

    It's easy, click on share, then embed, paste the embedded code into your post and tadaa! :)

  15. Why is wanting money always associated with greed? Nothing grows on trees for us to freely pick no? :\

    I have almost all your wants. However, I wanna own a library more than a bookstore. :) I have always wanted to be a librarian. :p

    And no I don't want a pretty kitchen :P I can't use it :P

    But i want my own swimming pool :P Sorry :P

    (p.s long comment :\ sorry..)

  16. Sooooooooo embarassing :(...I didn't realize both the comments reached you. The stupid net connection did some weird flip thingy and I thought I lost the first comment. Seriously I didn't know there were so many ways to upload a video on the blog :D.. and danku I luuuuuuuuuuurv talking about me :P...but I must tell you this, when I read this list I was doing a mental tick on all the things, except authoring(can't do that even Genie were to become my slave for ever!!!)... And old hindi songs...aaaaaaaaaha...I have a whole collection of DVDs, CDs, cassettes at home. You should seriously stop by if you come to Bangalore.

  17. 'You thought I was some Mother Teresa types?' Hahaa!:D
    And, I'm longing to explore Kerala too! Also, I absolutely love Enid Blyton books- brings back such good memories; my personal favorite was the Faraway Tree Series!
    Nice post :) and this 10 day challenge is a nice idea too, i'll do it one day! :D

  18. I share almost all of them. And can you believe, my sis and me were thinking about starting a pastry shop after my studies as well :P!! Just love cakes, and I hope I can make stuff atleast close to that for my kids, if not for the bakery :D

  19. hmm..i'll tell you one thing..for all other except the sixth one..you'll need the first one..isn't it..
    you should read this one too..i have only five till now :)

    PS: if possible please enable name/url option

  20. 10 day you challenge. Sounds awesome :D

    I just love old hindi songs, they are so much better than most songs of today

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  21. The money thing,SO AGREED! When I used to be a kid, even I used to believe all that money can't buy happiness. But it does make a hell lot of things easier no?
    And no, it isn't asking for too much :)
    Ooooh even I want my own house. I don't even care if it's a studio, as long as it looks like the one in wake up sid :P
    I wish I could travel all over India, really!
    Oh when you do open a bookstore, tell me!! :D I love Enid Blyton too!
    Take care

  22. I love the money-wish for it's candidness.
    Yes,House.I want one for me.I had it all planned.Now I live in a matchbox,that too rented.
    (Psst Psst: Ask the guy whom you are going to marry,if he likes to own a house (not someday,but in a year or two) or is ok with living off somebody else's couch))

    Good luck on Book Store and writing a book..:D

  23. @kalpak: Hi-faive anyways. :)

    @meoww:Thanks. :)

    @DawnZhang: Rich husband, very important. :P

    @Destiny's Child: The Magic faraway Tree series is one of my favourites. I used to look at every huge tree as though it were magical, expecting Moonface etc to jump right out of it. :D

    @Srinidhi: I LOVE long comments, sweety. Comment away! :)

    @Pinx: Will definitely drop in! :) ANd we'll sit and sing old hindi songs together. :)

    @Krishna, because that's what I'm gonna call you from now on: I adore the Faraway Tree series!

    @The life-a-holic: Even I wanna fatten my kids up by baking yummy cakes and pastries and cookies. :P

    @jayendrasharan: Yup, the first one in important.
    And enable name/url option where?

    @Blahblaholic: When I do open a bookstore, each and every one of you will get an invite. :)

    @Blue Lotus: I live in a rented house now with a tiny kitchen and only one bathroom. Sigh... I wish I had enough money to start building one right away..
    And thank you. :)

  24. Associating everything with money isn't weird.. True actually.. and I think I want MONEY too.. A house, I want...BIG, luxurious, cozy with vitrified tiles and super curtains and a staircase leading to the room upstairs...aahh and yes the Kerala thing, I'd wanna accompany you. I get to visit only dad & mum's places, where I want to see like everything.. SO I'm in for the trip :D ... Cooking, I wish I'd know.. I can just manage something..chop chop fry or microwave to the rescue.. So gotta do something about it! :)

    P.S. While your typing out the blog post, click on Insert a video, you'll get the options, insert from youtube.. (new blogger interface).. It shows the video, not the link.. :)


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