October 17, 2011


This festive season, bring home the new Whisper Ultra with wings, that soaks the extra dampness and keeps you dry and happy all through the day.
Just like G.One.

This festive season, bring home Pedigree dog food. It keeps your dog healthy and active.
Just like G.One.

This festive season, bring home the New Harpic toilet cleaner, which goes deep into your toilet and kills germs.
Just like G.One

This festive season, bring home the new range of undergarments from V.I.P. It gives your body parts the necessary support that it requires.
Just like G.One.

This festive season, bring home the new Pril Dishwash Liquid. It’s lemon formula goes into the gehraai of your barthan and cleans it, leaving it sparkling and khushbudaar.
Just like G.One.

This festive season, bring home Itchguard. It prevents you from facing embarrassing episodes of scratching.
Just like G.One.

This festive season, bring home anything. You’re sure to bring home either Ra.One or G.One along with it. And when you get them, please put them inside your attic and lock them in there.

At the risk of sounding like a lesbo, I must ask- doesn't Vidya Balan look absolutely delicious in the promo of 'The Dirty Picture'?

Saw 'Mujhse Fraandship Karoge' last night. One time watch. The two main leads have done a wonderful job (Saqib saleem and Saba Azad), especially Saqib. But no matter how 'youthful' YashRaj Films tries to be, the movie's got the 'Y' stamp of candy-floss romance and elaborate-dripping-with-drama endings imprinted on it clearly. I would give it 2.5/5. Raghu Dixit's bollywood debut is fair enough. I really liked the songs "Uh oh uh oh Pyaar hua (I guess I'm falling in love)" and "Dheon dheon".

P.S:- Will someone please help Esha Deol find her father? She’s been yelling “Mujhe mere dad ko dhoondhna hai.” ‘Mujhe mere dad ko dhoondhna hai!”, “MUJHE MERE DAD KO DHOONDNA HAI!!!” every time I switch on the T.V. All this yelling only must have driven him away. Bleddy.

And no, don’t even bother. I will continue to watch T.V and crib about it.

PeeVee's guest post is coming up in my next post. So you know you're going to stay tuned. :)

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  1. the dirty picture trailer made up for the bad post ;)


    it dint make up for it

  2. ok kiddin. good post. good copywriting here. :D

    G.One condoms. it will protect u...like g.one :)

  3. Ya too much of Ra.One these days. The thing is, it has started getting too much publicity, even more than it has asked for. Take your own example. Sure u have criticized it. But at the same time u have even given it a free publicity. Bleddy SRK.

    Ah Vidya. I'm typing this from office. As soon as I saw that, I scrolled down, looked around me n den scrolled back and had a look at the awesome thing she is showing off. But still, I think she would never match Silk. That woman just oozed so much Sexiness...:-)

  4. I am NOT going to watch tht film!! Thankyou for killing the minute chances tht were present of me watching it!
    G.One ki costume ki tarah!!! Gahahaha

    P.S- I am pissed ff! Got to blog abt it but got exams tmrw. Gaaaaaah! I am stupid ppl! Sorry for venting! Gaaaaaaaaaaah!

  5. And abt Vidya Balan in dirty picture! Mamaaamiaaaa!! 'Mujhe jo pasand hai wo sirf raat ko hi milta hai '. Watteee dialogue! Watte expression..watte explosal. Thts not even a word. But u get the point.

  6. I am just glad I don't watch T.V. so much.

    I had a couple more products in mind but I think I'll leave that part

    Fraaandship is a nice movie.

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  7. Hahahah the G.one fever is true... I see him popping up every time in almost all the ad's... Vidya is a great actress, I've always liked her man! ... As far as Esha, ughh she's a crazy one... her movies don't work and now her dad's gone.. haaaa :P

  8. Every time I switch on the TV Sharukh and googly eyed Kareena are dancing to chamak challo..
    loved ur post.. :)
    Ra.one seems to be everywhere these days..
    hope its as good as its promotion.. I thought I would never be fed up with looking at SRK, but now I am.. love the song though.. :)

  9. What's with Ra.One really? It's all over the place! Sick and tired of it actually. The other day there was a '48 hours with SRK' show on some news channel. Yawn.

    Vidya Balan is hot, was hot and hopefully will be. I just pray she doesn't get into her Hey Baby and Kismat Konnection outfits again!

    Throw some light on the Esha Deol thing. I didn't get it.

  10. @kalpak: You and your expert comments. :/

    @Kanthu: So totally agree with you. Any publicity is good publicity, right?
    And Silk Smitha was HOT. Enough said.

    @Red Handed: Yes yes, I get the point. :)
    And vent soon, sweetie. Waiting to read that. :p

    @The guy in the mirror: Tell no re, what products did you have in mind?

    @confused soul: Esha Deol looks constipated in that scene. :/

    @Arpitha: It's just all over the place, right?! Uff! I'll be dreaming of it soon. :/

    @Destiny's child: She looks hideous when she tried to dress up in western outfits.
    And the Esha Deol thing- there's a new movie of hers coming out "Tell me o khuda". Something about finding her father. In the promos, they show her saying that dialogue. She looks majorly constipated. Check out the promo when it comes on TV next.

  11. HOW! Are you so funny?! Its not fair. :\ :P

    Just kidding. Awesome post. :D

    I liked them all but my personal favourite has to be the pads :P

    P.s Vidya balan is hot man! She looks pretty delicious. :D :D

    P.p.s Can't wait for the guest post. :)

  12. I`m not going to watch the movie even if Shahrukh-bleatslikeagoat-Khan gives me a crore rupees to watch it.

    Dirty picture toh I`m watching just because of the line - Mujhe Jo Chahiye Uska Mazaa Toh raat ko hi Aata Hai. Sexxaayyy doesnt even begin to describe Vidya Balan in the promos. HUBBA, HUBBA, HUBBA, I rest my case.

    Well played, pulled out the trump card by posting the Dirty Picture trailer just in time.

  13. Good thing I haven't had any time to even switch on the t.v. Looks like am not missing much!

  14. I guess the movie is just too superbly o-sum that my dashboard is filled with wunderfulll reviews on the movie!!

  15. :-) Mujhse Fraandship Karogi is ok then?Hmm...might give it a look-see then..Thanks...Your quirky and funny posts make my day!!!!:-)

  16. Rofl you're a funny garrlll..... you're a funny garrrlll .... you're a funnyy garrrlll, you, you are a girl, funny! :D I don't know what that was O.O :P

  17. m sick and tired of seeing reading and hearing about G one and Ra one and whatever bla..i feel like banging the remote when i see it now..SRK bones up and starts doing some stupid jig as if something is stuck in his pants..grrr..
    Ok nevermind :D

    haha..i liked the product comparison thing haan :) masst dimag u used :p

    Oooooo..Vidya maaaaan..Ooooooo
    No..m not giving your Himes competition here :D
    but Vidya..oh godd..she looks so damm HOT dude..

    i don care if i sound like a lesbian now..but she is looking smoking hot in the movie ;)

    and esha is such a bla actress..ok wait..is she even am actress..:p

    nice post lady..!

    And looking forward to the guest post :)
    Cheers :)

  18. haha...this was hilarious!

    PS: I am so right in deciding not to watch a movie,even though i don't watch tv :D

  19. Why does everybody hate SRK so much?:D

    And, pardon me, don't her boobs look fake in it? The trailer though was the 'fastest spreading' movie trailer among the guys in my class including my guy and you don't want me to describe what it did to them, do you?:P

    Does that mean you like it enough to post it here?:D

  20. :D. And yes That video thumbnail does look delicious :P!

  21. quite..innovative..impressive and amazing :)

    stay connected!!!
    its me!!! sharan :)

  22. Sorry...What was your post about again? Hey! Don't you blame me! Its the Dirty Picture and Vidya's 'GOODDAAAMNNN' dialogues doing this to me!

    Okay I read your post again sans the trailer. With Ra1, Sharukh successfully proves how he is desperate to atleast equal tushar kapoor in Dirty picture! SERIOUSLY! SRK! Y scream???

  23. I think this one sums up your blog title the best 'Senseless sense or sensible nonsense'

  24. Thats funny and NO comments on VB. I need a good hindi movie now!

  25. @Srinidhi: Hehe.:) Thanks.:)

    @AS: That dialogue can turn on even a girl. :P

    @Chandana: You should watch all this re! Full timepass. :P

    @Deepthi: It hasn't released yet, my dear. Next week, I think.

    @Rahul: It's ok-ok.
    Thanks! :)

    @DawnZhang: Let's imagine that you sang that in the tune of "I'm in love, i'm in love, I'm in loooooove' from Dhadkan. :P

    @Meoww: Problem is, I use my dimaag only for such things. :/
    You're right. Esha Deol isn't even an actress.:D

    @A grain of sand: Mast entertainment T.V provides,I tell you. :P

    @PeeVee: I don't hate SRK sweety. Just the in-your-face advertising.
    ANd fake or not, she looks hot in the video. ANd I like that song. :P

    @Ro: Yess yess! :P

    @sharan: Thanks! :)

    @Akila: Seriously! The movie may or may not be good. But the over-the-top marketing shows how desperate he is!

    @Arun: O...

    @Pria: 'Good' hindi movies are quite rare these days, no?

  26. R O F L
    3 cheers to sarcasm and his chosen disciples among whom you rank as the Bleddy best!


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