March 15, 2010

Of trashy romances and feeling 15 again

Every girl, irrespective of how mature, practical and sensible she may seem to be, has read at least one trashy romance novel in her teenage. No doubt. Bet.
The other day, i was browsing in a book store( but of course, where else would i go?). Picked up a couple of books that i liked, and then i just went to the far-end of the store. It was one of those all-year-long-sale kinda places, where you get new books at a discount, and second-hand books for real cheap. And there i found, a virtual treasure trove of romance novels. unbelievable collection, i must admit. Teenage romances, war love stories, raunchy tales..i couldnt even reach the top of the book-shelf.I picked up a couple of random books, and i found myself rewinding to 7-8 years back. I started smiling to myself, thinking of all the mills and boons and other romance novels that i used to hog on.
Of course, none of that contributed towards making me any more romantic, but that's besides the point.
The damsel-in-distress who's saved by her knight-in-shining-armour; the independant strong working woman who becomes vulnerable when she meets the man of her dreams, who also happens to be a hunk to die for; the helpless woman who's kidnapped by the hunk of a villain, who makes love to her so passionately that she actually forgets to try and escape; teenage romances about stolen kisses in the school corridor.
Girls- i know you're smiling, thinking of the books you've read on the sly, hiding it from your mom.
Guys- you probably think its silly, but i bet your sisters and girlfriends have read it at some point of time or the other. And most of you too.

I remember, me and my friend meera- we used to be crazy about these books. if either of us got a book, we would let the other borrow it, and even give the page numbers where the romantic scenes[:D]..i used to live in that fantasy world, where i would dream of that tall, dark, handsome hero of my dreams, who'l come and just sweep me off my feet and passionately kiss me. Then he'l whisk me off to his secret exotic cottage where he would make love to me all day and all night.
I know, half of you are scandalised by now by my confessions. Point to be noted: these are confessions of a 15-year old girl.

So finally, i ended up buying two of those novels, and reading it made me feel 15 again. The age of candy-floss dreams and giggles and secrets with girl friends and first crushes, and then the second third fourth crushes [:)].

It was indeed a magical age, wasn't it?

I miss being 15. And maari, i miss giggling with you.