January 17, 2010

Something for the new year...

Well, my first post for the new year. Took me some time, ya i know. But its ok. Better late than never, kadha?

The new year's been ok so far, it's only 18 days old. Spent the first day of new year packing and moving from my beautiful apartment. Ha, all good things must come to an end, so I’ve heard. Some lessons, I never learn. When my folks sold 'Flat no.___, Woodlands Apts, Jagathy, TVM', the address I’d been writing as mine everywhere ever since I remembered, I think i took it the hardest. I couldn’t believe that my home could be anywhere but flat no.___. And worse, I couldn’t even dream of someone else living there, in my room!! That was, like, my whole life. That’s where I lived for the most important years of my life. I just loved that house, the balcony, the awesome view it had, the constant breeze that kept blowing away papers and clothes and what not…I lived there, grew up there.

And then, after living there for 14 years, we moved. We moved to another flat in the same building. But it just wasn’t the same. It was not the same view. It was not the same floor. The neighbours were different. I still would press the number 4 button in the lift instead of number 3. And then, gradually, got used to the new house, the new address, the new flat number. By then I was studying in HCU, so I didn’t spend much time also there. At the end of the day, whatever it may be, home is home.

And then, when I moved into my house in Hyderabad with my roomie, we just fell in love with that flat. So much so that, even after she moved out, I continued living there, shelling out more than half my salary towards rent. It had become a standing joke for my folks and friends. It looked as though I was earning so that my house owner could pay off her loans.:). And I wouldn’t even get a roommate, coz I couldn’t stand the thought of sharing my house with someone unknown (although some others thought I was living alone for some hidden agenda. Well, as always, b@#%s to them). I just loved that house so much!!! For once, the practical side of me took a back-seat and continued denying that it was burning a hole in my pocket. But then, took a reality check, and kicked the practical side of me awake from its long slumber, and decided to move out. I added a bit of symbolism also to it, and considered it as leaving behind the past one year and all things associated with it behind me and starting anew. It was catharsis, in my own style(No offence to Mr.Aristotle)

So, here I am, in my new house, which I’m just setting up. The going’s good so far. I hope it continues.

The narcissist signs off…so long!