October 12, 2011

The Effing blog

So ages ago, before even the wheel was invented, I asked Mr.Ranjith Raj, one of my favourite bloggers, to write a guest post for me.

The first thing that got me reading his blog was the blog name. I distinctly remember, when I opened his page, I did a quick check to look around and ensure that no one was around me, lest they think I'm surfing porn in the office. He's honest, funny, unpretentious (well, maybe a little, like all Mallu guys :P). And he writes awesomely. If only he would write more often. He's a celebrity of sorts, with his pic and blog being featured in a Bangalore daily recently(Ah!! So THAT's why you put up one 'sumukhan susheelan' pic in your birthday post!!)

So without further ado, presenting to you :-
R-A-J from fucklove!

And dude, just so you know, if I ever do get kicked out of my job for allegedly surfing porn, you'll have to pay me blogmony (the bloggers' version of alimony).

Over to you...


The future of the blogginzzz...

The news is that Divya the most useful, asked me, the most useless, to guest blog on her impressive site.

Her mandate was that my post should be funny. I suggested to her than in that case, I could write about my life plans; everyone seems to laugh at them, but then she said it also had to be sensible. (Damn! :( )

So as I thought about what to write on, I thought I could write on ‘time management’ considering that she told me that she needed this piece within a week. And I also faintly remember that she told me the same some two months back. Brilliant time management skills I have, I know, I know… :)

On blogspace, we follow each other. We’re avid bloggers and she’s more active on the blogspace than I am – while she posts, waits and posts more, I wait, post and wait more. Also, a good chunk of people come to my blog from hers.

And that’s when it struck me of the growing number of friends that I’m making because of the bloggingz, Divya being one of them. I mean, in my heart, I know that if these fellow bloggers had known me in real life, they’d probably have gunned me down by now because of my good behavior (like they say, some people are still alive cos it’s illegal to kill them!) But in blogspace, I’m making a lot of friends which is pretty much the opposite of what is happening in my real life. :)

So in the light of this new medium which has given me new friends, my bright idea is: - to write on …..The future of Indian bloggingz!!! (…tada…)

So what is the bloggingz? Well, like the poet once said, Bloggingz is one of the greater movements that has democratized the net – anybody with a keyboard, reasonable writing skills and varied levels of sanity can write about anyone, anyhow and anywhere. Of course, in India, Facebook provides a better means for this. But FB is still about one liners; but think you this about this really cool idea – people try really hard to come up with smart and witty facebook status updates but if you could take all the status messages that really awed u and collate it into one place, you’d have one absolutely great read! For example, when Steve Jobs passed away, the many facebook updates changed from the mere informative (“RIP Steve Jobs”) in the morning to more intellectual ones by afternoon (quoting his Stanford speech) to the creative ones in the evening (see cool pic here). Just collating all of these status updates would have created one hell of a great write up on Master Jobs! And a blog and the bloggingz are a lot similar! It’s a collation of thoughts, structured into a fine flow with the guiding force of its popularity always being – “the cooler the content, the better the blog”.

In the west, bloggingz went from proliferation, communities (a la Indiblogger) the eventual consolidation and the resurgence of niche blogs. In India, bloggingz is still in the nascent phase but as long as nothing can beat the magic of a great read, even Rajni agrees that the future of the bloggingz is supposedly secure.

So how is the bloggginz scene in the India? Well, people smarter than me say that in India, the whole bloggingz cycle has been going strong and is still in the proliferation phase. Sure there is attrition in the existing set of bloggers due to the inherent challenge of maintaining quality content, but more and more mango peoples are getting into the Indian bloggingz bandwagon through better net connectivity, lower net usage rates and to satisfy that innate need for self expression. Following are some of the trends that me thinkz shall impact the futurezz of the Indian bloggingz:

•The 4 Cs of any successful blog are content, content, content and content.

•Facebook, Twitter and other social media tools will empower bloggers, contrary to the naysayers’ view that social media will weaken bloggingz.

•Women bloggers are increasing – however at last count, men still outnumber women 3 to 1 in India.

•Majority of Indian bloggers still have a casual approach to bloggingz and with time, more will crack open the monetization angle, thereby increasing the incidence of bloggers who make money out of their blogs.

•The growing association of mainstream brands with bloggingz shall increase, though I’m not sure if they have yet figured out how to make the most of this medium.

•One’s blog will be another added facet to one’s personality in the future.

•And the bestest thing about the bloggingz is that people with abysmally low levels of intelligence like me, can use big, big words like democratized, proliferation , consolidation, moneti….etc and still get away with it… :)

And as for the funny in this post…..

Well, an old man walks into a saloon thinking it’s a restaurant.

So the old man, “What do you have?”. So the barber, “Cutting and Shaving”.

So the old man, “OK, bring me a plate of both then!” :)
(For the mallus out there, the real deal here.)

Bloggingz rules man! My jokes clearly don’t! :)

Just december dat!


Research/plagiarism references: watblog.com, google, indiblogger, own gut.. :)


In case you were wondering why his blog is named so, here is why, from the man himself. And while you're there, read the rest of his blog too. When you've finished laughing, come thank me.


  1. It almost feels like a baby is talking to me about how he sees the world. So innocent, super honest.

    Thanks for introducing Mr. Fucklove :D

    I follow you B-)

  2. Isnt this Man just awesome??!!
    I so wish he could blog regularly!I really miss his posts!

  3. @Divya and R-A-J:I have learnt many apt things from the blog.. R-A-J has given a very good aspect of the blogging. I am new to blogging and these things will make me learn many things about blogging :) Thanks for the Information!!

  4. Would surely thank you after done with laughing. But are you the one who is going to pay me if I'm caught?

  5. liked his humor. thanks for introducing :)

  6. http://tr-ue-lo-ve.blogspot.com/

    he also writes on PURE LOVE! wow! a MAN OF PARADOX I say!!!

  7. I have always felt like his funny is funny :P

    I agree with Red. He must blog more often. :D

    AWESOME post. Perfect intro :D

  8. @The guy in the mirror: Glad you liked his writing. :)

    @Red Handed: The man is always busy I guess!

    @Ravishankar: You're welcome. :)

    @Ashwini: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! *running around yelling like a banshee*. Thank you so very much! :) SHall do a post for it soon.

    @Pria: Yes yes. I'll pay you blogmony. :P

    @kalpak: You're welcome. :)

    @Akila: I guess that's where he puts up all his contest posts.

  9. He's really really good! But not too keen on the blog name though:P Thanks for introducing me to more Mallu bloggers!

  10. Good choice spiff ! He satisfied the first need --- funny! never mind the time! ;) :) this set me rolling!

  11. aaaan..!!!
    that guy is masst..!!
    his blog is cool man..!!
    ohh and yeah i agree with ye..
    even i found some nice nice friends on blogosphere..
    and u be one of them..:):):)

  12. Raj, you make me go from here to there and everywhere-your page, fb page, Divya's page-and then after all that meandering n stalking, return back happy with the fun you spread!

    three cheers and write more, man!:-)

  13. this was good.
    the first couple of paras with your trademark humor
    enjoyed the post

  14. It is always good to find a new blog.. and if it happens when reading a post from one of the fav blogger is great.. enjoyed the post..

    Someone is Special

  15. Wow now that is some very good advice.. I wish you har written this guest post earlier , I could have learnt something when i started :) well I know a lot now ...

    you said men outnumber but i dont see many men come to my blog :)

    One thing i love about blogging is meeting so many people making friends with them and know a whole set of people what htey do how they work etc etc ..

    and for the joke HA HA HA HA :)



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