October 14, 2011

The too-long post with too many random things

I’m looking at the world through black-tinted eyes now…

No need to read anything deep or significant into it. I bought a new pair of shades, my first ever, and wanted to show off. That’s all.

May I take a moment to say ‘Thank god it’s Friday!’ *doing the very popular and trendy step that Himi grooves to in ‘Tandoori Nights’ from Karzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

Isn't he just priceless? I want to marry him and have nasal-voiced cap-wearing babies with him.

I got another award! Yay!!!

I was given the ‘Your Blog is Great/Tell me about yourself’ Award by Ashwini. Thanks Ashwini!

And I have to write seven random things about myself, yet again. Random, you say? Alright. Random, I’ll write.

1) I hate it when people ask me the power of my spectacles. Keep in mind, people (note this down, if you want)- Never ask a girl her age and her chashme ka power.

2) I don’t watch T.V too much, but when I do watch something interesting, then I’m deaf and blind to the rest of the world. These days, if someone calls me at night in between 9:00 PM and 10:00 PM, this is how I reply. “HelloI’mwatchingMasterChefAustraliaI’llcallyoulaterokbye”. And if someone comes over, I mostly tell them on their face to get out soon, before the commercial break gets over.

3) I wish to give my voice for an animation feature at least once in my life. I used to do a lot of ads when I was in Red FM, and I also did other voice-over assignments (If you pick up your phone and it’s one of those IVR messages from a mobile service provider, don’t hang up immediately. That might just be my voice :/) It’s an art, knowing how to modulate your voice, bring emotion into it, maintain a pace, and sound pleasing to the ears. I used to absolutely love doing it. I had done a show for AIR long back, in college, and that’s when I fell in love with that whole exercise. But I lost touch with it once I quit Red. I really want to get back to it now. Before I spoil my voice with too much ice-cream and chilled Slice.

4) I drop my mobile phone on an average of two times per day. Once I got down from a cab and heard a crunch. I searched for my phone but couldn’t find it. There it was, safely wedged between my foot and the road.

5) I’m so confused, I could give Confucious a complex.

6) I love imli. I can sit and eat a whole packet full of imli candies at one go without so much as a wince. I used to finish off a whole dabba of Hajmola Imli in three days. And no, I didn’t kill anyone with toxic gases.

7) Umm.. Ok, this one’s a little embarrassing, but it’s time I admitted it and found a solution to this. I cannot sleep if there is anyone else on my bed next to me. I may drift off a bit, but I just cannot sleep. My mom once slept next to me, and in her sleep, put her arms around me. I woke up shouting “Ayyo ayyo! Somebody put their hands on me!” Amma doesn’t sleep next to me much anymore. Do you think I should put this on my matrimonial ad? "25, post graduate, has issues sharing bed with anyone."

What? Random only I wrote off no?

I’m supposed to give the award away to a few more bloggers. I thought I’ll take this opportunity to give it to some of the new blogs that I recently started reading and who I haven’t awarded yet. (No offence to the veterans. You guys still rock).

a) Krishna Sruthi Srivalsan- From the ashes

b) Sushmit- Blogwati

c) Atrocious Scribblings

d) Supernickkk- The devil’s workshop

e) Kalpak- Noises of my empty vessel

f) Darsh- Serenading Serendipity

g) Deepthi- Confessions of a life-a-holic

So there you go. Please do go over and read each of them if you already haven't.

# My current favoutire song of my jaanu Himi.

I keep humming "No touching no touching. Only seeing only seeing. No kissing no kissing. Only seeing only seeing." What lyrics, no? And I like how his mouth is constantly open in the song. So sesky.

Shake that biscuit baybe. Shake it for me!

Happy weekending!


  1. ok u actually recorded an IVR. dats fuckin awesome man. seriously. super cool. impressed. ;)

    and thanks for giving me yet another opportunity to write bout myself :D

    and d sharing bed thing wont be a problem post marriage, cos usually u wont actually be "Sleeping". and wen u actually are "Sleeping", u can always tel ur husband 'chal bhag idhar se.'

  2. Post a pic of your Shades No.

    While rearing your babies with The Heemessss make sure you give them a nose job just like their Pappaa :D.

    Do let us know about the Gentlemen who respond to your unique(in Air Quotes) matrimonial ad :P.

    Congrats on the award and Thanks for the tag, will try to incorporate it.

    Cheers :)

  3. Fun reading this :D
    I love Imli too! So so much. yumm!
    and I drop my phone wayy to often.. so much that i might need to get it replaced!

    and himesh? seriouslyyy?!

  4. Gehehehe we do share some similarity. I drop my phone more than two times i guess. I looove imli candies too and hajmula imli oooooooyum! I gave audition for Indian Idol but they selected a Dafli bajane wala with himessss voice over me. Heh back in 2007.

    Next time i get a call from an automated one...i will stop a sec n listen.heh.

    Congratulation on the award!

  5. i have the same problem with the bed thing.my case is when ppl stand closer to me or even SIT on my bed.sounds sheldon cooper type isnt it?

  6. I am already feeling sorry for your future husband and child.

    Check this out. You are one among the bloggers to share a special place on my blog.


    Stay Blessed ^_^

  7. haha.. I thought I was the only one! I cannot share my bed AT ALL! I need my space while sleeping.. and I need my bed to be mine only!
    Congrats on the award!

  8. @kalpak: I had done quite many IVR's. I really miss doing hat.
    And if I tell my husband to 'chal bhaag', I'm sure he will. Into another woman's arms. :/

    @ASS (oops! Type. I swear! :P): Will 'try' to incorporate it?? You better incorporate it, or I will continue calling you ASS.

    @Defiant Princess: You actually believed I like him? Seriously?? :/

    @Red Handed: Thanks! :)
    You auditioned for Indian Idol? Aha!!

    @maniac.hunter: Totally. Sheldon Cooper ki jai.

    @The guy in the mirror: Wow! That's sooper-cool, what you've done on your blog! Thank you so much!!

    @Chandana: Ha, thank god. I feel better. :)

  9. i didn't understand why you get irritated hen someone asks you about chashme ka number?? :) :)

    There is an Imli tree near my house :P :P

    stay connected!!!
    its me!!! sharan :)

  10. Whaa, girl, you are killing me with each of your post! Your way of writing makes me feel so connected!I am just so confused about how to appreciate your posts since all the nice words come rushing at once!

    And about the imli candies and dumb while watching something interesting in TV, same pinch :)

  11. @spaceman..you worked for RED FM..??!
    *open mouthed*
    *still open mouthed*
    ok..before a mosquito decides to take a peek inside let me close..
    U are so cool man..!!

    And dude even i love imlis..!!!! Like relish them..and give weird expression while eating...and people think maybe m having an orgasm..hahaha..
    Your mom wala incident..lol stuff dude..!
    And i feel bad for your future husband now..
    :p :p :p
    congratulation on your new shades and the award..:-):-):-):-)

    cheers :)

  12. In all the 7 random things about me blogs I have seen,I wonder why statements like the following never feature-
    1.Yipppeeee!!!!I cleaned my ears today and guess what,1 kg of crap came out..I am afraid I dug into my ears too far and my excavation efforts might have yielded some part of my brain as well...that wud explain the crap part....
    2.I stared for a full 5 minutes at a ravishing chick/gorgeous hunk today...I think he/she might have caught me with my salivating tongue hanging out...BooHooHoo..
    3.I and smoking share the same relationship as mosquitoes and Good Knight coils....we both wish we could kill each other...
    Shucks!!!!:-( Making fun of oneself seems to be a dying art these days....

  13. Hey.. Firstly congrats on your new shades and then your award...!! Secondly.. Thank you for passing me the award...!!! *yayyy*
    thirdly..himessss bhai rockssss hainnnn...!! He is the reason my mother lets me sing at home..!! :D plus he makes my typing absurd no. Of extra alphabets at the end looksss so coolssss...!! Bith him yeh Pashion hai na..!! N ooooh such lucky your kids will be.. Himessss bhai ka awaaj yend... Tumhare... Ummm... Tumhare jaise... Sorry nothing else matters now i guess :D:D

    and hey if your marrying himessss then your prob of sharing bed is solved.. Play your fav *no touching no touching* song.. Am sure he'll get that :p

    cheers da..!!

    *dancing to tanananana tandoori nightssss..*

  14. Haha, I hate it when people ask me the power of my specs also! And when I tell them, they go 'Oh that's all aa?', as if it's like an exam percentage!
    Yay!! :D Thank you so much Spiff, for my first ever blogger award- will put it up on my blog asap :)

  15. points 4, 5, 6, 7- hahahaha!!!!!! And I love hajmola!! My friend once gifted me one dabba of it on my bday :D

  16. Thank you so much for the mention of my blog!! Really means a lot from a wonderful blogger like you :)

  17. My phone has *almost* gone down the closet. Beat THAT.

    And imli. I love you more and more, the more I get to know you. Have you tried those that you get on board Jet Airways? But practice strong self-control for you might just end up raping the hostess if she doesn't get you enough. Yes. THAT good.

    And congrats on the award.
    YAY!! Deeps got one:)
    Did I tell you she's a classmate? She is:D

  18. And erm the sleeping thing. I have this defense mechanism where I kick the people who sleep next to me. In my sleep. And when I say kick, I don't mean 'moving the legs' or 'getting comfortable'. I mean real kung fu kicks. Ones that hurt if you're on the receiving end.
    So let me also know when you find a solution:P

  19. Great, I love to watch MasterChef Australia too! :D

    And can't 'sleep' with another person in bed? Err, maybe you'll get over it, after marriage. Let's hope ;)

  20. Tandoori nights. Classic song, no? :D
    I drool over hajmola imli candies too. But I can't find them anywhere these days. :( Where have they vanished? Used to find them at medical shops earlier. Ippo avideyum illa.:( Help me!

  21. Dibya girl...I was gonna put up that Umrao Jaan song as the reason why I'm so irritated in the morning nowadays...Like you Prithvi the RJ at Radio One luuuuurvs him...everyday without fail...I hear that oh-sonasal-chiky-induced no touching shait!!! Mere kaan jale, dil jale, gand jale...every dam thing jale when I hear it!!! Ok i'l calm down now...phew...congrats on the award :D...I was an RJ too, for 4 months right after college...must confess had a blast in those 4 months...I learned to croon with the mirco phone like never before :P

  22. gr8 in a way u r promoting new bloggers...


  23. LOL! :P Sorry :P But I like.

    The sleeping thing reminded me of my dog. I have a habit of holding her and sleeping. She has a habit of kicking me like I am cursed :P I usually sleep on the other side of her legs now :P

    I am not sure thats advice that can be used on humans :P Sorry :P

    Awesome read! :D Funny :p

  24. @sharan: I don't like it because my power is so high, people will hand me a walking stick when they come to know of it. :/

    @keirthana: Aww.. Thank you so much for that. :)

    @meoww: Hehe. :) Yup, I worked for a year-and-a-half at Red FM Hyderabad. And I absolutely loved the job. IVR's, well, that oppurtunity came by because my sound engineer loved my voice and the way I emote. Did it for a while, then lost track of it once I quit Red... :(
    And isn't it fun to go 'mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm' while eating imli. :P

    @Rahul: Ah, next time, I shall follow your principles. :P

    @Superrrnickkk: Waah! What an idea, sirji! I'll just keep playing the 'no touching' song all along. :P

    @Krishna: For me it's the other way round. They don't try very hard to conceal their shock when I tell them my power. :/

    @Loony: So yummy, no?! :)

    @Life-a-holic: Not at all. You deserve it. :)

  25. @PeeVee: Yes! I have tried those. :)
    Nope, didn't know Deepthi was your classmate.
    And doode, at least you kick them in your SLEEP. So at least you CAN sleep! I cannot even sleep! :/

    @Vinitha: Either I'll get over it after marriage, or my marriage will get over after it. :/

    @Destiny's Child: Classic song. ;)
    And Hajmola candies, I think you'll find them in supermarkets. That's where I see them these days.

    @Pinx: RJ-ing is fun right? Sadly, I never got to do it because I didn't speak the locan language. Maybe some day...
    And don't you dare say anything about Himeshrao Jaan ok! I'll voodoo you!

    @soumyadeep: Hey there. Thanks. :)

    @Srinidhi: Erm.. No, I don't think the same rule canbe applied. :/
    Thanks. :)

  26. @Ashwini: Thanks a lot for finding me worthy enough to give me the award. :)

  27. You Spacemann Spiff, awesome blog yaar! Super cool! Just one thing! Himesh? Really now?? :P :P

  28. @Paanipuri Lover: Hey there, thanks! :)
    And yes, Himi. I lou him. As much as he loves his cap. Period. :P

  29. ommmgg... You sound like me ! esp the non-negotiable sleeping on the same bed clause !

  30. I owe you!!! I know I do. Patience please? =)

    Meanwhile, I'll do some promo work for your blog. Yes, I know you love me. *glee*

  31. YES YES YES!! I did it!! Sorry, I just drank too much caffeine and this is my first ever award =)


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