May 15, 2010

What makes you really happy...

I was flipping through a film magazine during a journey, and the cover story that month was regarding what made the stars really happy. I kinda liked the idea, coz even i basically believe that one cant always be happy all the time. It's little things and happenings and words that'll make you happy. And it feels the best when it happens unexpectedly. As clich├ęd as it might sound, the more you search for happiness, the more it'll elude you.
Anyways, while i was reading it, i unconsciously began listing a few things that made me really happy..So here goes. I want you all to post your responses too, as to what makes you really happy.
(These are in a random order, whatever comes to my mind first)
# The smell of the earth when it rains.(i've mentioned it before also).
# Watching the rain, specially in the afternoon. there's something magical about the way the world changes its colour when it rains in the afternoon.
# When i go into a bookstore and see all the books around me. And when i buy a new book and carry out the ritual of writing my name and the date on which i bought it.
# The prospect of a good meal.
# When i call up my friends and i hear the smile in their voice when they pick up my call.
# Mom's call at the end of a long day, singing 'Hello Darling, what’re you doing?'. I swear, no one else can say it like that.
# Acha calling and asking, ‘Hello mole, how’re you?’. No matter how old you grow, you’re never too old for your parents.
# My sister’s ‘Amsiiii, wassup I say??!!’. I hate anyone else calling me that.
# My li’l cousin Manavi’s adorable face on my phone’s wallpaper. All I have to do is look at it, and I start smiling.
# I was traveling on work recently. I opened the drapes of the hotel room I was staying in, and I was delighted by what i saw! There was a cozy li’l seating arrangement with cushions attached to the window, where you can sit and look out at the city. It maybe difficult to comprehend for others, but I was so happy when I saw it, coz that’s the kind of thing I’ve always wanted to have in my home.:)
# A bike ride.
# When I’ve written something good, even if it’s a few scribbled lines in my notebook.
# When I find some good lyrics or poetry, I write it down, and then I just randomly take it up and read it. Feels good.
# When I’ve cooked something nice, and I see someone else relish it thoroughly.
# The sight of the gorgeous moon. Always leaves me amazed.
# I’m sitting in the station at ten in the night, totally washed out, wondering whether all this is worth, contemplating whether I should just pack up and go back home, when a message flashes on my phone, from my boss, saying how happy she’s with the work I did for the day, and that I make her life a lot easier.  Works like an instant medicine.
# The sight and sound of an aeroplane. I wish I could fly.
# A good tune, a lovely voice, sound of the rain, sound of broomsticks sweeping the road early in the morning.
# Babies. I’ll be sitting in the train, waiting for the long day to end, when I see this adorable li’l thing next to me, rubbing her cute li’l fists on her face and rubbing her tiny li’l nose on her mom’s chest. It’s the cutest sight, I tell you.
# Setting the alarm an hour before you actually have to wake up, and then knowing that you still have one more hour to sleep.
# When I see how genuinely happy my friends are to have me around.
# When my hair feels and looks good.
# A good book.
# A good cup of coffee.
# When someone totally unexpected calls m up to wish me on my b‘day.
# When I hear my own voice on the radio. No matter how many ads I’ve done till now, I still get excited when I’ve to do one.
# Bougainvilleas and Gulmohars. They’re such beautiful flowers.
# When someone appreciates my writing.
# Traveling by train and passing over a water body.

Well, guess its a rather long list..I didn't know so many things made me happy. :)

So long, folks!! Waiting for the responses.