November 23, 2009

Whats life without passion?

What's life without passion?
Have you ever wondered?
Living your entire life, not being passionate about anything or, what an empty life that would be.
I can't ever imagine living like that, you know. without having a rush of emotions for something. and it doesn't have to be a person. it can be anything. you can be passionate about music, books, politics, your career. just about anything. and if it is for a person, then wow, nothing like it.
i know people who're passionate about things in life. about music, about studies, about politics. and it's so inspiring to see them, you know. so awesome to see their zest for life.
and then, when i thought about it, i realised. i DO have a passion. A passion for life. i love my life. and i love living it. i mean, ya sure, there are ups and downs. thats what makes it more beautiful, right? i don't get depressed easily, i dont let things, or people, affect me easily. sure, i may get down for the moment, but then i'm back on track. things have happened in my life, times where i've had doubts about myself. but ya, thanks to some amazing people in my life, i again feel on top of the world. some may find it arrogant, some insensitive. to all of them i say "b#*%s!!!".
Let's face it- you should first learn to love yourself. if you cant, then there's no point in living your life. yes, its divine to love others, i get it. but first 'i me myself' should be your motto. sure, it may sound vain and arrogant. but u gotta say it like it is, right?
so on that note, the narcissist signs off...remember, love thy self.
(P.S: dedicated to a certain other narcissist like me).