October 20, 2011

Of shades in the dark and my favourite post.

Have you guys ever laughed at one of those idiots who wears dark glasses/shades after dark? Come on, don't tell me you haven't. I know I have, many many times.

Well... I no longer will. That person could very well have been the victim of a lens blunder.

I'll explain.

I recently started wearing lenses. So I'm still getting used to the whole sticking-finger-into-my-eye ritual. I take about ten minutes to wear my lenses because each time I bring the lens near my eye, my head moves back on its own accord. So I have to keep an imaginary hand behind my head and push it forward. Then after a lot of rapid blinking, treating the lens as though it's the small ball of chapathi dough that your mom gives you to play with (to keep you out of her way mainly), and lot of eye-watering, it's finally in place.

But I was having trouble going out with it because dust would get in my eyes. So I went and bought a pair of shades. The other day, I was leaving from office in the evening, and a colleague of mine had offered to give me a lift. Since I was going on a bike, I thought it would be best to remove my lens and wear my specs. So I went to the washroom, removed my lens, placed them in the case, and took out my spectacles case.

Only to find that I had forgotten to put my specs in the case.

So I push the lens back into my kajal-laden eyes (if you're a lens-wearer, you'll know that it is advised to wear eye makeup after you've worn the lens, otherwise it'll get dirty), put on my shades, cover my head and half my face with my stole, and avoid looking at anyone the entire ride back home.

I'm telling you, don't EVER laugh at someone wearing shades after dark. It's NOT out fault. Well, maybe a little.

There's a small bit of news I wanted to share with you guys.

Sometime in 2010, a bunch of writers based in Bangalore had published a book called Mind Blogs 1.0- a collection of their blog posts collated into a book. They also have a blog for it. Earlier this year, they had invited guest posts from other bloggers, and I had sent one of mine in. Here it is.

So a few days back, one of the writers of Mind Blogs 1.0 mailed me and informed me that they're having a reading of the book, and that they're also inviting the guest bloggers to come and read aloud their posts, and whether I would want to join in. I was like 'Why not?!'. So it's happening in Bangalore this saturday. Do come down if you're in Bangalore and are jobless on Saturday evening. :)

Details of the event can be found here.

I know it's not all that big a deal, but for me it is, because that post is my favourite. It's the one I hold closest to my heart, and the way I see it, it's a fitting tribute to one of the most amazing human being I've ever known in my life (Originally published here).

So drop by if you can. :) And if you're planning to, just leave me a mail and let me know, so that I can watch out for you.

A small step for Divya. A giant leap for Divyakind.

Ok ok! I'm sorry! :/


  1. I still remember the time when I first read this post. It is indeed your best. :)

    As for lenses, my sympathies with you! The first few weeks were terrible! Having to wake up early morning and push those stupid things into my sleep-laden eyes! But you get over it soon. And it almost feels like a miracle to be able to see without glasses. :D

    I couldn't help but laugh at the last line. :P

    And lastly, does Mind Blogs 1.0 only accept posts from Bangalore bloggers?

  2. LOL, I started wearing lens from when was 16 so I'm a veteran there:P
    It's SO irritating when you don't have either the lens or the glasses-_- it's almost as if I can't see:P
    As for the wearing dark glasses. ROFL. I'm sorry I'm laughing at your expense but ROTFL;D

    And congrats, great leap indeed:)
    Now off to read the post and see whats all the noise about..

  3. That was beautiful. Not even tears do the post justice.
    Wish you all the very best for the reading, the post deserves much much more....

  4. haha.. i've been wearing lenses for years now so i feel your pain!! For some reason I dont like wearing specs at all..

    Ohhh.. a reading of the book! Naiice!! That is a huge deal... I would be thrilled too if it was me!
    I loved your post... I can totally relate to it 'coz we are going through the same thing now. My grandmother is suffering senile dementia and the doc said it could very well turn into Alzheimer's. She has already stopped recognizing her grandchildren except for occasional flashes of memory. Its a tough situation to deal with.

  5. Thats great. Congrats..:-)

    And whatever reason u may give, its stil funny when someone wears shades in the dark...;p

  6. "Divyakind," haha! Nice.

    Good going about the guest post and the invitation. I thought you work in Hyderabad?

    Read the post about your Grandfather. I feel that a truly good writer has you so gripped that for those few moments nothing else is on your mind but what you're reading. That post totally had me hooked. Probably because the words came from a deep place that means a lot to you. Keep writing such things, and there should be no looking back for you. :-)

  7. you know..i still remember very well..
    when i had bought contacts a few months back..
    the entire process of wearing-adjusting-rolling your eyes..and keep rolling some more-removing my lenses had become like one biggg ritual..
    pheww..but one gets used to it..:P:P
    and the major reason i had bought lenses was i wanted to buy shades sooner..
    so a HI-5 on being a chashmish :P:P

    and yeahh..i remember riding pillion with my guy once at night and wearing shades to protect my lenses..!!
    hahaha..and the stares people gave..lol..
    i royally stared back..:D:D:D
    (nose up in the air :P:P:P)
    my guy was in splits thanks to my antics..!!
    and yeah..i remember the first question i had asked my optician whaen i was going to buiy lenses was..
    "I can put on kajal right..??!!!"
    hmm..that post of yours was so touching divya..
    tears brimmed in my eyes :)
    and congratulations for the achievement..!
    i am sure everyone will love what you wrote..:):)

    oh..so u staying in bangalore aah..??!
    as a pg..?

  8. Ayy wow I hope you have a nice time there.. Also, the lenses part, well shades...ahemm...but I know how hard it is to keep em clean, that's why I'd abandoned it :P

  9. Good for you, girl! I wish I could come over and join you, but I am leaving tomorrow to my native for a long leave. Sigh! Maybe, sometime later. And the shades thing, I totally understand.

  10. congratulations! :) good luck and Have tons of fun. :D

    P.s I love that post :D :D :D Its awesome. Had not read it before. :)

  11. I have friends who wear lens and i have seen how difficult it can get! From now on, no more pointing and laughing :D

    Also Congratulations! It is definitely a huge thing. Reading out something which is written by you nd is close to you, does mean something!
    I wish i was in Bangalore right now!

  12. The enigma that he was, this is deserving post to the aura that he created around himself.

  13. Wow... That is nice.. would have atleast tried to be there if I was in Bangalore..

  14. I remember getting my lenses for the first time two years ago- and it was such a pain poking my eyes, trying to get it in! And somehow whenever I'm in a hurry, the lens always has a bit of dust and begins to make my eye water- frankly specs are better, but am so vain! :P I finally got used to it though!
    And that post on your grandfather was truly touching! Many congrats on the giant leap for Divyakind! :D

  15. Congrats on your post being chosen for the reading. Have a nice time at Bangalore.

    I have worn specs for the last 12 years so no pointing and laughing business from me.

  16. Taking 10 minutes to wear the lenses and an equal time to get them off, that's the worst part of our attempts to hide our legal blindness from the world. Lasik, here I come.

  17. congrats buddy :) ur a celeb writer already.

    and ur kinda living my dream of having a book reading man. hate u for dis. but i know its one of ur dreams too. all d best :)

    in fact now dat i think bout it, ur book readings would be amazing to listen to. cos ur a voiceover artist-cum-'yeh number filhaal vyast hai' person...so u'll have all d voice modulations and stuff in place...and u write amazing...nice...wish i was in banglore.

    do well buddy. :)

  18. getting publidhed already.what else does a blogger want aprt from hits on the website, readers , comments and some recognition.well CHEERS!

  19. @All: Let me clarify something first. My post is NOT a part of the book. The book was published last year, after which they started a blog for it. And my post was published in the blog, not the book. So I'm going there just for a reading of my post, not for an actual book-reading.

    @Loony: Nope, they accept posts from everywhere. I'm in Hyderabad, right? If you go to that site, you'll find a mail id to which you can mail and ask.

    @PeeVee: Athedi, chiri chiri. :/
    And thank you. :)

    @Chandana: It's a very tough situation to deal with...

    @Kanthu: Thanks! :)
    And no, it's NOT funny. :(

    @Sumitra: Yup, I do work in Hyderabad. I'm travelling to Bangalore for this. Plus, my sister's also there, so i thought I'll make a long weekend of it. :)
    Thank you so much. :)

    @meoww: That's the first thing I asked too! "I can wear kajal right?" :D That guy looked at my eyes, stifled a laugh and said "Yes ma'm, you can, but don't wear too much of it inside your eyes. try to wear it outside." :D
    Thanks. :)
    I stay in Hyderabad. I'm travelling to Bangalore for this reading, and to bug my sister. :)

    @confused soul: Thanks. :)
    It's such a major pain to keep them clean. :/

  20. @Keirthana: Aww shucks! It would've been nice to meet up. :(

    @Srinidhi: Thank you! :)

    @Red Handed: Thanks, my dear. :)

    @Musings: Yup.. no words can do justice to the person he was..

    @Sunitha: Thanks.. :)
    Too bad, not many blogger friends in Bangalore. :(

    @Krishna: I'm still not used to it. I dunk the lens in so much of soluton to keep it clean that my eyes start burning like hell!
    Thanks. :)

    @AS: Thanks. :)

    @Kirklops: Ha, maybe I should get Lasik soon..

    @kalpak: Hey, it's not a book-reading for me re. I'm just reading out my post. It's a book-reading for the actual authors of that book. :)
    Thank you. :) I hope I do well.

  21. @maniac.hunter: No no! I'm not getting published! :/
    The book was already published last year. My post was published only on their blog, not in the book.

  22. I always felt people who wore shades after dark were crazy!!! You definitely should have taken a pic and uploaded it :P!! Sorry really am :D!!!

  23. I thought I would write about the reading part after I read the post. But I am now speechless!
    First and foremost congrats on being selected and all the best. Make us proud :)!!
    Now on the post. Very very touching, especially bits and pieces like 'And I remember thinking, I wish I were a part of his past, at least then he would remember me' and the line before. It definitely would be scary to not remember anything, anyone, not even your surroundings. The very thought frightens me, I wonder how the person suffering it could bear it. Worst part would be he/she wouldn't know whom to tell it to either!
    Sorry if I got carried away!!

  24. I am excited for you. The blog looks quite impressive. And being a fellow Bangalorean it made my day. And your post is wonderful too. Sigh.

    And I don't laugh at people who wear dark glasses after dark. So now I feel much better about myself. :-)

  25. @Deepthi: :/ Crazy? Sigh...
    Thanks. :)

    @Zeba: Thank you. :)

  26. Congrats girlie! :) I wish I could be there! :)

  27. Damn I landed here a little too late!!! I couldn't have made it even if I had read it yesterday though...I'm confined, locked up should be a better word because of a friggin dust allergy :'(....Hope you have fun girl...I started wearing contact, purple ones ;), recently and I think I hate them more than I love them...It's a war between my fingers and my eye whenever I need to get them out!!!

  28. Wearing lens is one hell of a habit :) i am not so much patient and also maintaining is the problem :) So i have never tried lens :) :) My vote goes for the Specs :)

    Congrats on being invited to read!!! The post was so touching and demise of special person will be a hard pill to swallow..

  29. Hullo!
    So you are the famous Spaceman Spiff people(peevee) keep talking about.
    Ooh.. and btw, I am from Dehradun, and have met/seen Ruskin Bond 3 times. And i also have a Autographed copy of his "Room on the Roof"! I'm just saying :D.
    Following you sweets, now i m gonna ransack all your old posts cause i m very vella this afternoon.
    Happy Diwali!

    P.S.- Meena(assuming that you have read The room on the roof) does not die in real life. My friend had the guts to ask Ruskin Bond about this.

  30. even my mum needs to wear dark glasses after her eye's operation :)

    stay connected!!!
    its me!!! sharan :)

  31. @DawnZhang: Thanks. :)

    @Pinx: Aww! We could've met up! It went well, anyways. :)

    @Ravi: Thank you. :)

    @Karisma: Err.. famous? me? I think you landed on the wrong blog. :/
    You've Ruskin Bond??!! And you have an autographed copy of his book?!! :(
    Yup, I've read Room on the Roof. reading it again now, actually. :)

    @sharan: Oh! Hope she gets better soon. :)

  32. Your post was truly touching dear. Two things that really scare me when I think about growing old, being toothless and losing my memory (not exactly in that order :D)

    And as for your dark glasses I still haven't got over it. My kids keep staring at me, every time I burst out laughing.

  33. @Shadia: :/ Have you got over it yet? No? Sigh...

  34. About the shades thing, yes, I am one of those who tries hard NOT to laugh when I see people moving around with shades in the dark. ;)

    And hey! I just read that post. I could really relate to it since my own grandmother had alzheimers towards the end of her days. It was terrible. She couldn't recognize my mother or anyone. She couldn't even tell if she was eating something sweet or sour. It was hard to believe, especially beacuse she was such a bold and capable woman...

    A very touching post that one. And congrats! Have a nice time at the reading :)

  35. LOL..I really used to laugh at people wearing shades at dark....I wouldn't laugh if it had a reason behind like you did...but wont you agree, some people knowingly do that? take care of your eyes

  36. @Destiny's Child: Reading got over last week itself, Miss.Late Lateef. :) It went well.

    @Droopy Rose: That's an interestng username you have!
    Of course, some people do it intentionally, but how will we know the difference? :) Unless it's written on their faces 'LOSER'. :P


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