November 28, 2011

Why Spaceman Spiff di?

Umm.. So there seems to be a slight confusion regarding my gender in blogsville. Kinda like the Miss.Chanandler Bong-syndrome. Quite a few people are mistaking me to be a guy, because of my username.

I swear, I’m a girl. Promise! Even though some of my guy-friends refuse to count me as one, because I don’t have too many female characteristics (like shame, for example) in me, I’m very much a girl. You can read this post if you’re not convinced.

So why Spaceman Spiff, seems to be the question most bloggers have asked. Spaceman Spiff is the name of one of the alter egos of Calvin, from Calvin & Hobbes. Now, if you ask me “What is Calvin & Hobbes?”, I will hit you with my green-colour handle-wala broomstick. I swear. So spare yourself that and go Google it if you don’t know.
For those of you who do know, you know how fabulous C&H is, don’t you? Bill Watterson is like, The Best. I first started reading the strips when it used to appear daily in Hindu Metro Plus. Then I just got hooked.

I generally am a comic-lover. I then started collecting the books. I have the e-version too. Now I’m waiting for some benevolent soul to gift me with the Box Set (in case any of you were wondering what to get me for Christmas. Or New Year. Or sankranthi. Or Pongal. Take your pick).

C&H is like a totally different league, altogether. The wisdom that Bill Watterson tries to convey through that little brat is just wonderful. He creates sheer genius in three tiny little panels. And some of them don’t even have any dialogues!

Check out this little gem:-

Calvin and Hobbes are playing out in the yard.
Hobbes: How come we always play war and not peace?
Calvin: Too few role models.

See what I mean?

So why Spaceman Spiff, and why not Calvin, or Tracer Bullet, or Stupendous Man (which are his other alter egos), you ask? Hmm.. maybe because I’m a spaced-out person, and I could identify with the name. I tend to live in a parallel universe. I lose track of a conversation if it doesn’t interest me. I’ll sometimes be on the phone, saying “Hmm..”, “Ha..”, and in my head, I’ll be singing 'Ischool ke tem pe'. I have serious concentration issues. My ex-boss once told me, “You don’t really need anyone else to entertain you, right? You can never get bored. You’re perfectly capable of entertaining yourself.”

Or maybe because I like alliterative phrases. And hello, I couldn’t have made it Spacewoman Spiff, no? That would be blasphemy. But not to worry, my Bluetooth is named Tracer Bullet. :)

So what have we learnt on this fine Monday?

a) I’m a girl (Even though many people have raised that doubt in the past, I never thought the day would come when I would actually have to justify/explain it. :/ Sigh…)


b) I LOVE Calvin & Hobbes.

And since everybody and their uncle are talking about “Why this Kolaveri di”, I’ll also mention it. *insert appropriate mention about the sooper song*

Happy? Run along now. Let me get back to work.


  1. I'm high on Kolaveri.. And I love Calvin and Hobbes.. My friend gifted me the comic strip set :D

  2. Ah..thats an informative post I must say :P
    No matter whats your username is..I am sure you are girl by all means!

  3. Hi Divya,

    Nice write up!!!! Got the reason behind your blog name :) :)Calvin & Hobbes... i Have read during my school days :) Regarding "Why This Kolaveri Song" Its been a sensational hit :P :P Because of the simplicity and Tanglish version makes everyone to understand :) :)

  4. Aah, the legend behind the Spiff :) me n my bud were crazy C&H fans since we were kids.. whn he married last year, I gifted him the entire collection as his weddin present.. blew a month's savings but totally worth it!! :)

    Oh yessss... tht songgggg.. sariya vaasi.... :)

  5. ha ha ... nice one. I like Calvin and Hobbes too... but not to the extent of living as one of his alteregos. Well, One of the first posts that I read of yours was "I am a Girl" . So I didn't have that confusion.

  6. LOL at 'I swear, I'm a girl!' :P And Calvin and Hobbes are awesome- I love that quote on creativity!! :)

  7. I know i might get pummeled for a comment like this- but you write like a girl.One just to read 2-3 posts to realise that. Another die-hard Bill Waterson fan here..I am also waiting for the boxed version to land up on my dorrsteps for some occasion (children's day, cake day, anti-global warming day.. blah)..Cheers to short attention spans and border-line ADD traits.

  8. true... even I first thought Spaceman Spiff was a guy... and good choice on the name. Calvin's alter egos were kickass.

  9. bowing down in respect *bow*bow*

    anyone who can find entertainment within themselves is my kinda person..

    anyhow your gender is now clear...i always thought u r a guy...yep..typical.

  10. I lose track of a conversation if it doesn’t interest me. I’ll sometimes be on the phone, saying “Hmm..”, “Ha..”, and in my head, I’ll be singing


    And the name does suit u!

  11. Hmmm... I swear when i first heard tracey Chapman or even Barts voice i thought both were guys but they are women...!! But.. Strangely for the spiff pic nor ur posts.. i never mistook you for a guy.. Probably that's because I landed upon your blog from PeeVee's and she had given a fine intro about you...!!
    Calvin...hobbes....bill waterson... Do i need to say more...!!! I am a Huge Calvin fan... I used cut the strips and paste it in a book.. U knw.. Made my scrap book of the strips and read them a million times over...!!!

  12. I`ve never doubted that you were a lady because I've always called you Ms Spiff.

    The choice of name did intrigue me and I swear I was going to mail you asking why you chose this particular name and wallah, here comes a post with an explanation.

  13. Ahh, you remind me of one of my best friends from college. Just like you, she was. Is, I mean.

    Love reading what you write, Spiff!

  14. :-) and so the story is made public....the story behind the legend....the story behind divya's rechristening herself to SPACEMAN SPIFF!!!!!!

  15. Who does not like Calvin and Hobbes? :) I loved collecting their comics too :D

  16. Well-justified :P And I am a comic lover too, but I got hooked to Calvin and Hobbes only after you happened in my life :D I got the e-version and am reading all the strips. Again! :) And I was really hoping if some nice soul would gift me the box set :P

  17. the song is a DRUG!!! brings a smile everytime i listen to it - ek dum jhakaas types. And can say the same for C&K too. And no, there was no inkling of doubt about your gender, gurl - the blog is just too sexy to be otherwise :)

  18. u know wenever i walk into a book store wid my friends, i go up to that calvin hobbes collection box, place a hand and tell my friends:
    " bday gift is pending na"
    "ghanta" they reply.

    thats wat happens wen u give vada pav as birthday treat

    lovely post as usual.

    ok major MCP line coming up:

    maybe people think ur a guy cos u have a sense of humor thats too good for a girl ;)

  19. Gosh, everyone's talking about kolaveri. Yes, its awesome. :P :) Ha! And Calvin and Hobbes = <3.

    I loved this. LOL. Who doesn't know what spaceman spiff is anyway? :P HAHA. Gosh. I love the entertaining one's self. HEHEHEE. its another world altogether.


  20. @Confused Soul: The Box-set?? I'm so J of you right now. :(

    @Richa: Heh. :) That's coz you know me outside of blogger also, my dear. :)

    @Ravishankar: It is an addictive song, isn't it? Especially the pe-pe-pe-pe. :)

    @Raj: Ok, so when (or if) I'm getting married, I'll let you know a few months in advance. You can start saving. :P

    @Sunitha: Well, I'm not exactly living as one of the alter egos. Just took the name,that's all. :)

    @Krishna: That's my favourite quote too. :)

    @Bhargavi: Why would I pummel you for that? I love being a girl. :)

    @Dr.Roshan: Yup, they are. But the actual Calvin is the most kick-ass-est. :P I know I know, that's not even a word. :)

    @Tys: Bow bow to you too. :P

    @Red Handed: Is it a Virgo trait? I don't think so. :/ Or maybe it is. We have something to blame it on na now. :P

    @Superrrnickkk: Oh wow, you actually made a scrapbook out of it? I never thought to do that.. Maybe I should start now...

    @AS: See! I can read minds. :P

  21. @Sumitra: Thank you. :)

    @Rahul: Oyi! I'm still DIvya to the outside world ok. I'm Spaceman Spiff only to my bloggers. :)
    And yes, the story was made public, triggered by your post. :)

    @Philo: Hi-faive! :)

    @Priyanka: Heh. :) Thank you! Heading over there to comment now!

    @Keirthana: Happy to have spread the addiction. :)

    @Nirvana: Ha! Best comment ever! ;)

    @kalpak aka poopy: Next time try giving paanipuri as b'day treat. It might work. :P
    And even though that was an MCP comment, I shall let it pass for the good comment on my sense of humour. :P

    @Sonshu: It is, right? A world where everything is according to our own whims and fancies. :)

  22. Been trying to comment on this post like about 5 times, everytime she gives an error! :-/

    I hope this gets posted. Here we go,

    Honestly, the first time I visited here I thought this blog looks to good to be written by a guy and was glad that atleast some men can make sensible sense :). And..... you proved me wrong my lady.

    Calvin has been my daily source of wisdom for years now, that little fella has thought me a lot. You are kinda perfect to be his alter ego with all the wisdom n all you see ;)

  23. @Divya: Sensationless makes you addicted to some things :P :P he he is it right??

  24. I love your writing style, either way. I always thought you were of the female persuasion, but I think that is because your blog shows up on my computer with a pink theme. Usually boy blogs with pastel color schemes are talking about very different types of topics than you write about here. lol. Calvin and Hobbs are the best. Also, I am on the Kolaveri bandwagon. It's just a fun addictive song. I linked to it on my fb page. I am trying to get my friends to broaden their horizons but people here in my neck of the world have a hard time getting outside their little boxes. I think they forget how to have fun just for the sake of fun sometimes. Anyway, as a writer, you rock! Keep on, sister...

  25. Spiff revealed, finally! :D
    Thanks, that was informative and entertaining :)

  26. I had the doubt too for like 5 minutes, especially when I read the post about the sadya and I thought only a guy can hog like that. But then I realized that I'd finally met my evil online twin :P

  27. I'm so addicted to Kolaveri spoofs! The latest was the parody of Hitler's Downfall. Hahaha. Funny shit, I tell you Divya!

    On a slightly unrelated note, here's why I want to go all Kolaveri :


  28. Spiff, check out my blog. You might just get what you want!



    I try to make everyone's day a little more surreal!



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