November 4, 2011

The phallic (il)logic

There's a school very close to my house. It's a popular school franchise, with branches all over India. This particular branch has a pretty small compound and the building has a Shivalingam on the roof- a HUGE one.

Me and my roomie Hosku(No, that's not her real name) were returning home tonight. When we passed the school, having studied in a school, college and university with HUMONGOUS campuses, I remarked:-

Me: How can you have a school with such a small campus??!

Hosku: How can you have a school with a penis on its roof?



  1. Penis on the roof makes for easy identification(of the school ofcourse) but depends on the size again :D

    Hosku??? Among a gazillion other names. Trust you to come up with random names and you come up with the trumps every single time. Cannot forget SRINGO :D

  2. Ur roomie is either Dumb or Ignorant or may be BOTH..!!

  3. hahaha penis on its roof.. is that for real?? haha she's funny :P ..

  4. Bwahahahahahaaha! :D
    *Still laughing* :D
    Penis on its roof! hahahaha! :D

  5. i sooooooooo wish Lord Shiva reads this. Long time since Tandava happened u c.

  6. Ha, ha :) Actually, I have heard that the Shivalingam is a representation of the male and female creative energies (linga and yoni). Shiva and Parvati. The unavoidable equality. So your friend was partially right.

  7. @PeeVee: Nothing! What CAN I say?! :D But I'm still laughing.

    @AS: Ah, so you recognized the school. :)
    Heh. Only I have the license to call her that. :P And I still think Sringo suits you well. ;)

    @Kanthu: Oyi! Watch what you say about my best friend. It was just a joke. No need to get so hyper over it.

    @confusedsoul: You do know what a shivalingam symbolizes, right?

    @Anuranjini: :P

    @Roro: Aha! Of all my posts, you chose to comment only on this one?!!:|

    @kalpak: If Shiva is really like the one on the cover of 'The immortals of Meluha", then I wouldn't mind dancing along with him.

    @Keirthana: Yup, that's what the Shivalingam symbolizes. And that's why she said that. :)

  8. For me, both are very disturbing. How do we expect to bring up "citizens of tomorrow" without giving them all around development!! :\

  9. i like yr roomie's sense of humor...;-)

  10. lol ! Rather preposterous to actually choose the phallus symbol for a Shivalingam.. God know what our ancestors were thinking!

  11. :O






    yeah! we live in a world ruled by smileys! :P :D

  12. aaaaan..nice nick name that be..!!
    i also want something ooo like that :D:D

    ok m mad :P

    ohh yess..the lingam symbolises that..:)

    but y lingam on roof ? :O

    why not on ground ? :O

    m still laughing :D

  13. ROTFL :D :D hmmm... penis on the school roof..!!! quite interesting.. actually from her point of view :P wonder if she is wonder if penis was on the roof...where is the vagina ?? college ?? :D hehehehhehehehehe

    and seriously.. HOSKU ???? HOW ON EARTH DID IT STRIKE YOU ???

  14. @Moonlight: :P

    @Srinidhi: I cannot imagine my kids studying in a school with no compound. Simply unacceptable. Children need to run around a play!

    @Rahul: Ah, yes. She has quite many gems like this. :)

    @Bhargavi: The phallus and the base actually symbolize the perfect harmony of man and woman. If you've noticed, the base of the shivalingam has a sort of gap at one place. That is said to symbolize the vagina.

    @Paanipuri Lover: Oh I'm a smiley-slut too. :P

    @Superrrnickkk: Hosku is short for something actually, which is part of her name. :)

    @Deepthi: :P


  16. Of course I do, but putting it that way sounds super funny :P

  17. @Red Handed: :P

    @Confused soul: True, that. :P

  18. oh jeez! i didnt realise that you are a woman! LOLOLLLL!!

    or are you?

    shit! this is prolly the most zombied comment ever!! :D

    and dood, your roommate is hilarious! :D

  19. :P

    *hangover moment*

    oh what-d-hell, Cheers!! :)

  20. hehehehehheh .... i loved your friends retort :D .. seriously is that for real ...hehehehe ..

  21. I'm 'phall'ing off laughing...

    can't stop doublin' over over the name 'hosku'... :P


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