September 14, 2011

Two Five

My biggest achievement on my 25th birthday- I replied to each and every person who wished me on Facebook.

That means that either I’m a very sweet person, or that I’m utterly jobless. You pick.

So ya, in case you didn’t know, I turned 25 on the 12th of September.

(I’m actually acknowledging my age on a public forum. Man, have I grown up or what…)

And it was a wonderful birthday. It began at midnight with three of the best people in my life, along with the yummiest cheesecake and wine. Sounds more like Christmas than a birthday no? There was no smearing of cake thankfully, mainly because there was no cream on the cake, but also because it was just too yummy to be wasted away in cake-facial. Got calls and messages, wishing me a happy birthday. The monkeys from school didn't give me the usual conference call at midnight to wsh me, but it's ok. Since it's them, I can let it go. Also got an unexpected mail from a blogger buddy, wishing me. Thank you, Atrocious Scribblings! :)

Last night, my friends and I went for the b’day dinner. A continental place called Urban Asia, obviously my choice because I LOVE Chinese and Thai food. But the main reason I picked the place was because the colour scheme of the place is purple and black. :D

It was one of my best birthdays ever. Yummy food, amazing margaritas (tried it for the first time, and now I’m hooked), live music playing, and the people I call my family in Hyderabad around me. I was surrounded by love and goodwill. And someone very special went up to the live music counter and sang for me. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Really.

So… the big Two Five. Quite a milestone, huh? It is for me (remember my fixation with multiples of five?). It’s been quite an adventure. I’ve had my share of down’s, but the up’s more than made up for it. I’ve learnt lessons the hard way, lessons that I will never ever forget. Like:-

1) Only if you do what you like, will you like what you do. My tryst with science in the 11th and 12th standard taught me this. In one way, I’m glad I got compartment in my Physics paper in the 12th boards. Otherwise, I would’ve gone ahead and taken up engineering. And if I had done that, I STILL would be writing back papers.

2) If I can learn how to cycle at age 21, I can do pretty much anything else in my life, if I put my mind to it.

3) If you can fall in love, be ready to accept the possibility that you can fall out of love too.

4) Never plan your life so immaculately and so far into the future, that when suddenly things fall apart, you are left stranded and lost. Till two years ago, I had the next five-six years of my life planned. And then… then all the plans unraveled, and my life was a big question mark. I didn’t know where to go, what to do. I decided then that I will not plan so much. I will live each day as it comes, and the most I’m going to plan is the dinner for the day or a movie for the next day. That’s all. So far, it’s working out fine for me. Ya, sometimes I feel direction-less. But I have faith in God and in myself. He has a plan for me, and things will happen when it's the correct time.

5) NOTHING in life is permanent. Be ready to accept that. Someone who calls you beautiful today might call you ugly tomorrow. You’ll just have to deal with it and get on with your life.

6) Mobile phones and internet can be a pain at times. Sometimes it’s nice to be totally disconnected with the world.

7) Give your all to your job. But not so much that you forget to have a life outside of your office. Sometimes, you need to choose money and convenience, and a life, over passion.

8) Money is a dangerous thing. It can break human relations to the point where it cannot be repaired ever again. But then again, some relations are better left unrepaired.

9) No matter what you feel about them, your family is your biggest support. EVER. Don’t ever forget that. They will surprise you with the kind of understanding they can show when you least expect it. You can yell at them, fight with them, push them away, but they will still love you. Unconditionally.

10) If you have a handful of good friends, who will stick by you no matter what, it is a sin to even ask for anything more in life. iPhones will come, Mercedes’ will go. But friends will stay.

I leave you with a quote from one of God’s greatest gift to mankind- Calvin and Hobbes. Bill Watterson, you are THE ultimate.

“Life is like topography, Hobbes. There are summits of happiness and success, flat stretches of boring routine, and valleys of frustration and failure.”

I’m somewhere between a summit and a valley as of now…and yet, I’m strangely at peace. Maybe age does that to you.

Happy birthday, Divya. Time you started acting 25 rather than 2+5.


  1. My birthday was exactly one day after yours! :D

  2. Heyyy...!!! Happy birthday...!!! Its good to be 25... (that's what they say) quarter of a century and boy you sound enlightened..!!! :):) god bless you with all that you desire and deserve..!!! Take care :) n ya.. Happy 25 once again

  3. A very Happy belated birthday :)
    And these pearls of have grown up and grown wiser :)

    Wishing you many many happy days and birthdays ahead!

  4. Life or what you learn of life is a reflection of the state of mind you're in at a given age or space. It keeps on changing...

  5. Having read all the philosophy that you have put out here in this post, I am inclined to think that you've gotten old (not older :P)

    Glad to hear that you had a ball on your birthday.

    Cheers :)

  6. @fatima: Thank you. :)

    @cricketfreak: Belated happy birthday. :)

    @Superrrnickkk: Thank you! :) And the best part, I didn't even have to go sit under a tree to get enlightment. :p

    @Kunal: Older, yes. Wiser, we'll see.
    Thank you. :)

    @Arun John: O...

    @Atrocious Scribblings: Older, dammit!!! Not old!! Hmmpph!

  7. Well.. coooll..!! thats even better.. so getting used to the halo ring ?? :P

  8. beautifully written. im sure all your lessons will relate to everyone in some way or the other.

    this is one post i wud like to re-read once every few weeks.

    :) happy 25 again.

    and act 2 + 5. its the best.

  9. belated happy birthday :)

    To me birthdays usually mean nothing and I rather they go unnoticed. But I like how you put perspective into growing older. It is what helps in being wiser.

    Some of the lessons you talk of I am busy going through the rounds of experiencing. Sigh! :P

    Hope you have happy days just as that one always around the corner. :)

  10. Yayy yayy yo yo yayyy! *dances* I don't know why I did that :\ Happies the birthdays Divyaa akka :D :P And where is my party re? :( Katti :(

    And thanks for the lessons :D I always end up planning my life :\ Now I understands :\ :D Haffun.. I always say this *sigh* :\ And best of luck. Any help, mail me, ogay na? :P Always here for ya :D Take care! :)

  11. @superrrnickkk: Ya ya, getting used to it. :P

    @kalpak: Thank you. :)
    And I agree, it's so much more fun to be a kid.

    @Srinidhi: Thank you. :)

    @DawnZhang: Ok Amma, I will mail you for any halp. :P

    @Priyanka: 9-course meal. Don't forget. :P

  12. Oh my God! I feel like such a bad person! You were sooo sweet to mail me and wish me and u even gave me a clue by saying virgoes rock and i dint have the brains to figure things out. I read this pos nd only then i got to know its ur bday.I am such as ass! I am sorry my love! May the Good lord (sometimes i think Hitler has taken over his throne) grant all ur wishes true.Have a lovely year ahead!

  13. Happy Birthday! Love and agree with what you wrote about family. I have found so much understanding and support in my mom at times when I least expected it, and at times when all my friends had failed me. No matter how much they tell you you're wrong, never let go of your family!

  14. First and foremost Belated Happy Birthday :). May you be blessed with tonnes more of happiness for the year and life!
    Now on the more important bit.. Awesomely fabulous post :)!!My lap got dead while I was reading your post, and boy was I irritated and in a hurry to untangle my charger and headphone! Agree with all the 10 points, especially the one about the family.
    And your post definitely seems like you are acting like 25 rather than 2+5 :D

  15. Damn! Did not know it was your birthday. Happy Birthday Spiff :) Big 25. Ahem, how does that feel?

  16. Belated birthday wishes Divya! :)

    For a second I thought you were kidding, but those 10 commandaments prove you have turned 25 ;)

    And hey, don't act too 25 ok, we all love the 2+5 Spiff too :)

    Prayers, love and good wishes
    -Veena aka Destiny's child :)

  17. Age is just a number. You can feel 20 even when you're 60, if you want.
    Cheers! :)

  18. "Maybe age does that to you"... Atrocious scribblings is right, you know :P
    If only we were all Benjamin Buttons.

    Belated birthday wishes, btw; and, may the next milestone be even more wonderful, with more stories to narrate.

  19. A belated but extremely Happy Birthday to you ! :D

    It's a co-incidence that I'm finding a consequetive 3rd blogger with their birthday while blogging today. :-)

    I follow exactly what you mentioned in one of your points above. Planning one's life into future is so boring. I plan just upto the menu for every night's dinner. :P

    Feeling sooo jealous for all the delicious food you had. :-/

  20. @Red Handed: No problem, sweety. :) Thanks!! Hope you had a good birthday!

    @Sumitra: Thanks! :)

    @Deepthi: Thank you! :) And I'll be acting 25-ish only as long as my b'day hangover remains. :P

    @Vineeth: Thanks! :) And it feels...a bit too grown-up actually.. :/

    @Destiny's Child: Thanks Veena. :) And don't worry, the 2+5 Spiff hasn't gone anywhere at all. :D

    @Musings: True that. Best example of that is Hugh Hefner. :P

    @Kirklops: Don't remind me of Benjamin Button. :/ I'll fall asleep immediately.
    Thank you for the wishes. :)

    @Shobhit: Thank you! :)
    Come down to Hyderabad, will take you out for some delicious food. :)

  21. :D

    That's such a wonderful idea. :D My best friend (who is settled in Hyderabad) has been asking me to visit since ages. Can't really wait to taste all the Hyderabadi delicacies. :D

    Thanks a lot for the nice invitation. :P

  22. Belated Birthday wishes to you Divya :).. I am kinda addicted to ur blog. Keep writing and i ll remain intoxicated happily forever. Wish you haaaaaaaaaaaaapy big day again :)

  23. @Shobhit: Hyderabad is a foodie's delight, I tell you. Especially if you're a non-vegetarian. :)

  24. u and my mother has the same birthday...not that it matters...but it kinda does to me...

    happy belated birthday

  25. @Tys on Ice: thank you. :) Do wish your mother on my behalf too. :)

  26. @Tys on Ice: thank you. :) Do wish your mother on my behalf too. :)

  27. "I replied to each and every person who wished me on Facebook" - reminds me of a Virgo friend who used to do that every year, quite meticulously. (Boastful aside: she sometimes asked me how differently she could respond to each wish; she took them that much to heart, which I thought was sweet).

    As for those life lessons, I find myself endorsing at least some of them. Lesson 4, for example; and lesson 8 (although I find the last sentence there a bit controversial, but that's just me talking. :D)


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