September 30, 2011

The 8th wonder- Television

Imagine a buxom blonde, big boobs, pearly white teeth, silky straight hair. In a colourful bikini. She’s one of the participants on a contest-type show. The audience is cheering her on. It's one of those shows that has been dubbed, so the white American host is speaking in flawless Telugu as though he was born and brought up in Machlipatnam.

The contest? The blonde has to hold a chaddi in her hands in the way you hold it when you’re about to wear it (please, I cannot get any more descriptive than this). Then holding it a few inches away from her body, at a little below knee-level, she has to jump into it and out of it. Into it, out of it. Into it, out of it. You get the picture? She has to get both legs into it and right up to her bikini-clad bums each time, only then it is counted. She is given a minute to jump in and out of the chaddi smoothly and given points for each time she does it perfectly. Then everyone claps.

Imagine a guy wearing a t-shirt and an underwear doing the same thing.

Now imagine what I must have gone through watching this on TV last night on Maa Junior (their perception of what is 'junior' is skewed, clearly). I vaguely remember the blonde being gifted a jewelled underwear for her wonderfully wet-dreamesque performance.

Maybe I wasn’t missing all that much when I didn’t have a TV, after all…


  1. stop watching such shows I say. And MAA junior..?? As if the already existing channels aren't enough.

    Switch over to Animal Planet, its better to watch animals hunting or humping around than watch a Blonde jump into and out of her Undies..;p

  2. only one question.... what on earth made you watch Maa anyway?

  3. Oh my good Lord!! What the hell is the competition about??!!! Maa Junior it seems!! Junior??!! Seriously??!!! Where has television gone to??!! Has it actually stooped down to this level??

  4. @Kanthu: I wasn't exactly searching for this show. I was channel-surfing and came across it. And then I decided to watch a bit more. :P

    @Nirvana: I was channel-surfing, lady! I can't watch any one channel for more than five minutes (except Sony when KBC is on). And that's when I came across this. Ho!! My sides are still aching from the catch I got because of laughing so hard!

    @Deepthi: God knows what else was in the competition. I fell off the chair sometime in between and then changed the channel. :P And yes, it was 'JUNIOR'. I thought I was reading it wrong, but my roommate also confirmed it. It was definitely Junior. :/

  5. Having read this post, I think cartoons are much better :-/

  6. LOL...why in the world were you watching it anyway?? :P .. haha Maa Junior..holy crap :P

  7. @The guy in the mirror: I second that!

    @confused soul: Oh I love watching such sort of crap on TV and laughing to my heart's content. You should try it sometime. :) And Maa TV is one of the popular Telugu channel networks and this was one of the channels that comes under it.

  8. 1)What was a bikini babe doing on a Junior TV?
    2)Why Maa Junior ? Why?

    My favourite show is "Bachelor" on star world.Hooohooo...You should watch it.You will appreciate the "real" people around you...

  9. Hahahahahaha!!! Maybe the Maa TV people thought the juniors will get some training in 'how to wear undies' after watching this. :D

  10. I am pretty darn sure your Maa junior buxom babe got a whole lot of exercise hopping in and out of that chaddi!!!!!All that I saw thruout this post of urs was too much of reference to undergarments.....I wonder why Maa Junior is hell bent on promoting undergarments...Aren't VIP Frenchie,Rupa Frontline,Lux Cozy and the gang doing a lot of that already???????;-)

  11. Hahaha..I am thoroughly surprised and embarrassed at the way the channel system has gone to!

  12. I haven't had a tv for two years now. I am sensing im happier without it :P

    P.s Telugu channels have always been hilarious :P

    nice post :)

  13. Hahahaha...I would have died laughing if I had seen that! Your descriptions were enough to set me off! :D

    But seriously, where is TV going? The other day, our teacher was telling us about a stupid show he watched. Girl sits near a pool in a skimpy bikini. Participants (male) have to massage her body with oil and the one who does it without getting aroused (his arousal is measured with certain devices) is declared the winner? :/

    But really, Maa Junior,.....WOW! :D

  14. Spaceman: You're missing the point here. Wasn't the underwear pink? If it was, it's awareness about the pink chaddi campaign. If not, I'm almost sure it was breast cancer awareness. You fail to see the deep stuff that they're into man!

  15. Anything related to chaddi, underwear and bra is for breast cancer awareness. Noble cause.... :P

  16. I Missed it!!! I like seeing such pathetic nonsensical stuffs. Daily dose of LAUGH TILL YOU CRY moments.
    On the sad note, my hostel doesnt have a tv so the only time i watch tv is when i go home.

  17. we dont het maa junior here..i wish i cud see the show mentioned by yu in dis post....btw wwas that blonde hot?

  18. bwahahahahahahahahaaa....phew..gahahahahahahahaha..wat in the dickens was that..???!
    Aiyooo..just reading the post is making me laugh..i can really sympathize with your painful condition post the laughter therapy..maa junior it seems..wat an entertainment girl..super :D :D

  19. The fact is people watch it. Some out of amusement, some just so that they believe there are still so many dumb people out there, some because they have nothing better to do, some so that they see a lady in bikini and so on and so forth and that it why the tv channels can actually air a program like this and get away with it! There is no question of why somebody was watching it? The fact is people are watching it and thats why they are there!People use the media to gratify themselves! My only worry is the fact that it came on Maa Junior, whatever happened to our Censor board! Weirdly funny!

  20. hahahahahaha


    I like this post!

  21. That's pure, unadulterated modern entertainment at it's best, for you, on a platter..erm.. screen.

    What was the point of the exercise (for lack of better word), again? Don't tell me it was the bejeweled chaddi.

  22. @Blue Lotus: I haven't watched that yet. Will catch it soon!

    @Loony: That seems to be the only coherent explanation. :/

    @Rahul: I suppose they wanted to stress on the importance of wearing undies quickly. :P

    @life-a-holic: Seriously!

    @Srinidhi: Oh they're a hoot!

    @Destiny's Child: Eww!! That sounds like porn! :O

    @Vineeth: Right. :/

    @Red Handed: I know! It's hilarious! My daily dose of laughter all this rubbish is! :D

    @nikhimenon: Err.. I didn't quite notice that. The nature of the show pretty much shook me. :/

    @meoww: I seriously couldn't breathe for a while! I was laughing that hard! :D

    @Arun: I was wondering when the media teacher will jump in with his valuable comments. :P

    @Vinitha: Eggjactly!

    @The Meditating Lion: :D Thanks!

    @PeeVee: The point of the exercise was providing viewers with their daily dose of laughter. :P

  23. LOL! Is that a show for juniors? This is why I started hating the shows on TV. Truly senseless!

  24. @Pria: God knows whether it was 'for' juniors. But it was on the channel Maa Juniors. :/


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