September 13, 2011

The Empty Head

People, have you met Kalpak yet?

Please go over and say hi.

One part of me wants to stab him and kill him for being so damn funny, but that part is pushed away by the one that is crying out of laughter.

Damn you, Kalpak!! I'm still more sarcastic than you are!! Hmmpph!!


  1. BLOODY awesome find :D
    Or is he a friend?

  2. oooohhkkkkkkkkk! whoa!

    a post dedicated for me is a little bit more than i deserve here.

    thanks so much yaar. u dunno how awesome this feels.


    thanks :D

    luv u for dis.

  3. this is actually too special yaar. i cant thank u enuf for this.

  4. in return for this favor, im ready to write a post on my blog fully dedicated to u and ur writing and ur blog. and the best part is...i'll do it for u at really cheap prices. heavy discount. see how generous i am.


  5. and ya btw...this is you best post ever!! :D

  6. @SUB: Seriously!!

    @Priyanka: A find. :) Found him on Loony's blog.

    @Kalpak: Heavy discount, my ass. :/
    And you deserve it. :)

  7. Belated (really) happy birthday!! :)

  8. thanks for the introduction...if i dont get sued by macdonald's i wud love to say, iam loving it...

  9. @Tys on Ice: I'm sure McD won't mind. :)

  10. his humor is awesome..thanks for suggesting :)


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