September 4, 2011

Another one bites the dust...

I'm back from my very short, miss-it-if-you-blink-or-sneeze vacation home. I couldn't eat as much fish I wanted to, didn't watch as much TV as I had planned to, didn't bug mom and dad to my heart's desire and didn't stay awake till 4 in the morning and wake up by noon every single day. Couldn't fleece my sister out of all her money (ya, she's like my personal bank. She and dad), and dind't roam around the city till midnight with my friends, riding around our old school and getting all nostalgic.

But all said and done, it was good to be home.

Celebrated my dad's 60th b'day (which was in July) in a small way, met my mental friends, got sloshed with them and danced till the wee hours of the morning (which left me with a sore throat for the rest of the trip- apparently, laughing and talking too loud does that to you. Who knew!), attended two weddings (the wedding season is on in Kerala. My parents are going crazy trying to attend all of them, sometimes two in a day. God, give them the energy please), one of which was our best friend's. Have known each other since the 4th standard.

When you've known a person that long, it's hard to imagine them getting married, and much harder to actually WATCH them get married. Most of my best friends are getting married now, but still, it's hard to digest.I could hardly believe that the beautiful bride in the red pattu sari was actually the same girl I've seen in the school uniform with two pigtails, the one I sat next to in class for pretty much all my school-life, the one I've copied Chemistry test-papers and assignments from, the one who I used to sit and giggle with in the middle of the night when we were supposed to be doing 'combined study'. The same girl I used to bunk classes with to go for 'dance practise' and make excuses to skip Mass P.T on saturdays. She had lived in my apartment building for a few years, and everyone in the building peeped out when I used to yell out 'Meeeeeeeeeraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa' from the fourth floor down to the second floor. We had this vicious circle going on when one of us caught a cold. One of us would get it, pass it on to the other, and by the time the first person gets over it, the other would have passed it back. And since we refused to sit anywhere other than beside each other, this would go on for at least a month. She's also been a complete and total snob at times and we've fought like crazy. She's still a snob and an ass, but we fight less. ;) She fought tooth-and-nail to spend the rest of her life with the guy she loves, and the happiness and triumph was written all over her face on her wedding day. For me, it was as though I had gone to watch yet another dance performance of hers (She's an excellent dancer. Has been dancing even before she could barely walk).

Dear Maari, I wish you and Hari a lifetime of happiness and love. But please keep in mind that for me, you will always be the girl I sat next to in class and copied from during test papers and giggled the most with. Also keep in mind that since you're going to be in the U.S from now, I will be really really really looking forward to your visits home. Only if you bring me everything on the list I sent you.

P.S 1:- Please don't hesitate to send me a ticket to come visit you whenever you miss me terribly. The more frequent, the better. For my Visa interview, I shall say that you're my lesbian partner, and since we're frowned upon in India, we're going to get married in the U.S. Zimble.

P.S 2:- Please don't make Hari feel bad about the fact that you love me more than him. We all know that's the truth, but still, don't let the poor guy feel inferior about it. Instead, make him understand that some truths just have to be accepted for what they are, without question.

P.S 3:- Love you.


  1. :):) congrats to meera and hari...!! God bless them.. :):)
    sweet post.. :)post.. :)

  2. I also wish Bliss for your friend and her better half :), Do I hear the wedding bells ringing for you too very soon ? :P
    :D, Kidding, But seriously, It isn't an easy task watching your bff getting married, the one who knows all your dirty secrets. A friend of mine is getting married in February, I wonder I'll write a similar post then ,or use a link to yours :D

    Love, Stay Blessed :)

  3. Nice post as always!
    Its really hard to accept that we have outgrown our school uniforms and are just the size for 'pattusaari's :D
    Well,none of my close friends are married yet.
    May be in a year or two I'd have to go through this too.
    My best friend's wedding...omg ..i cant even imagine that happening.

    P.S.:I love your blog !

  4. @Ro: :)

    @Supernick: Thanks on their behalf. :)

    @cricketfreak: Thank you. :)

    @Serendipity: Girl, the bells that will be ringing for my wedding haven't even been made yet. :/ It's a loooooooooooooooooooooooong way away.

    @Kavitha: Hey, thanks. :)
    Growing up is a real bitch, right? Sigh...

  5. i have a post almost similar to this.

  6. Aww this is so sweet, I'm sure your friend is going to miss you just as much as you're going to miss her

  7. Lovely post
    I still have a tough time accepting my sister is married. Still remember when she used to rock me to sleep with her lullaby. We used to fight like crazy. And now I see her rock her baby to sleep! Truth does hurt..!!!

  8. Aww, this was soo sweet :)
    And loved the Ps-es :D

  9. Wow, nice... but can't believe u back without spending Onam der...

    I knw, marriage is the only time some ppl shut up.. we hv a friend who's known fr his sarcy wise cracks n smart alecy one liners... so fr his wedding, whn he ws tryin to create an image in front of his newly wed wife, we literally poured him with abuses n the poor guy cudnt react.. his wife ws shocked at wht kinda friends he has :)

    The best wishes to ur friend n her hubby, Divya :

  10. haha, this post is funny, you surely have a sense of humor. I really love your writing style.

    Btw, I found you in superrrnickk blog, I was just curious because I saw the Calvin avatar. I always like guys who love Calvin and Hobbes :D

    FOllowed you!

  11. Thats really sweet of you. I like the way you treat your friends:)

  12. :D

    That's such a wonderful post. Wishing all the best to your friend in life. Hope you get to visit her soon. :P

    By the way, the title of the post was so apt. Something which I always used as each of my own friends tied the knot. :D

  13. @Kanthu: I can totally relate to what must've gone through your mind. Sigh...

    @Hazel: I hope she misses me enough to get me lots of goodies from U.S. :)

    @Deepthi: I went through that two years back, when my sis got married. It wasn't easy at all..

    @Blahblaholic: Thank you. :)

    @R-A-J: It's killing me that I couldn't stay for Onam, but couldn't take that much leave. :(
    Didn't you guys ruin your friend's first night also? :P

    @SUB: Thank you. :)

    @Linux and Life: Hey, thanks for dropping by. :) Calvin & Hobbes is like my Bible. Hi-faive! :)

    @Rifle: Erm..I hope they feel the same way too. :P

    @Shobhit: Haha! :D What motivation we give them no. :D

  14. It's weird and amusing both at the same time, and that line you wrote, "When you've known a person that long, it's hard to imagine them getting married, and much harder to actually WATCH them get married." Lol :D :D

    Hearty wishes to the couple, as in Hari and Maari, Okay you and her too :D :D

    Love, Risha :)

  15. It still isn't easy to see a different person in front of you, busy with her life and family!!

  16. @Risha: *blush blush* Full shy is coming. :p

    @Deepthi: Very true. It's like you're sharing her with too many other people now.

  17. awww this is so sweet... you really love her much :D .. All the best wishes to her ...

    Sweet post :)

  18. It's very difficult to be happy and stop tears at the same time

    wish they stay blessed forever ^_^

    good read :)

  19. @confusedsoul: Thanks. :)

    @shashank: Ah yes, but happy tears are the best kind. :)

  20. LOL one day very soon prince charming is going to come along even for you. :D :D or is it princess ;)

  21. @Abhishek: Very much a prince, but charming or not, we'll have to see. :P

  22. Awwwwwwwwww this was sooooooooooo cuuuuute :)

    My wishes for a happy life ahead to your dear friend.

  23. Awww ur Dad turned 60!! Nest wishes for him!
    The bride looks just soo pretty!
    I cant wait for my dreadful holiday to end...cnt even blog :P or comment!

  24. @Red Handed: Ya, he turned 60. On his cake we wrote "60 years old, 16 at heart". :)
    And yes, please get back soon. Waiting for your posts. :)

  25. I have sharing issues. So I'm hoping my bff doesn't get married ;P

    Drag her from her honeymoon if need be and make her read this. She'd be touched to say the least.

    Please don't tell me you are next :|
    And she looks lovely.

    Janmadina ashamsagal to Dad \m/

    And p.s.s's suit you:D

  26. @Priyanka: I'm nowhere even close to getting married, honey. :)
    And I like P.S's too. :P

  27. aww..i know what you mean about feeling strange watching your friends actually getting married. It really is strange. I start thinking stuff life, 'What if she starts dancing like crazy like that time in school while the thaali kettu is on?' Sounds crazy , I know..:D

    Congratulations to Meera and Hari :)

  28. I don't have any friends from class IV with whom I am still in touch. However, anytime anyone I have known for over five years gets married, I think along the following lines:

    "When you've known a person that long, it's hard to imagine them getting married, and much harder to actually WATCH them get married."


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