July 13, 2011

Pink Chaddi

I don't know why I suddenly remembered this today. And I laughed just as much as I did when I heard about it the first time.

I think I can put this under a 'Heights' category.

Heights of typo errors while you're sms-ing with the 'Prediction On'.

The movie 'Pink Panther' had just released. My Best Friend 1, a guy, messaged Best Friend 2, a girl:-

" I want to see Pink Panties."

Attention to detail, see? He even specified the colour. :D


  1. Ha! prediction often gets unpredictable.

  2. LOl the dictionary is stupid. This once happened to me. I told a guy friend "I will not have my 'porn' with me for another three days" What I meant was 'phone'. :D How that word came into my dictionary, I have no idea! :D

  3. I just laughed out loud, reading this in office.
    Adding to your post, it would have been worth had past tense been used :D
    "I just SAW pink panties!"

  4. That was worth my laugh, your read..nice:)

  5. Pwahahah IOOOOOO pwaahahaah!

    I wan to see pink panties!!!
    khi khi khi..
    Hyena laugh!

  6. @Purba: It sure does!
    Thanks for dropping by. :)

    @DawnZhang: Hehe! Ya ya, type things and then blame it on 'prediction'. ;)

    @Ashwin: I know! :D But this was even funnier, you know, because this chap doesn't have a girlfiend, and we always tell him that he never will have. To have someone like THAT send a msg like this...!! :D What eagerness, no? ;)

    @Priyanka: The movie, I don't know whether he did. The other thing, I don't WANT to know! :p

    @Fiducia: Thanks, lady! :)

  7. @Red Handed: Ya ya, we're still laughing the hyena laugh at him. :p He's not at all pleased. The girl he sent this msg to, still has it saved on her phone!! :D

  8. Could not stop laughing,reminded me how Anjali became anal in one of my mails... :(

  9. Hahaha...I wish I could see Best Friend 2' face when she received that message! And Best Friend 1' face as soon as he realized what he had sent!:D

  10. I'm sure the guy is glad the movie was not 'Assasins'


  11. I know a similar one with a typo.Once a friend send a mail to the whole department."Let's meet at pantry to celebrate birthday" omitting a the teeny weeny "N".For next 15 minutes the whole department was laughing.

  12. @Abhra: Ouch! Anal??!! :D
    Thanks for dropping by, Abhra. :)

    @Destiny's Child: Oh it was worth seeing the guy's face. :D

    @R-A-J: Haha! :D Absolutely!

    @Blue Lotus: Was it an 'N' that got omitted, or an 'R'? :p

  13. Dear All
    The Friend # 1 is me, i.e the person who sent the message. I must say I was disappointed in all aspects, I got to see neither of them. I have done many more blunders than this. Someday I will post them on my blog!

  14. lol...that shd've given the girl a heart attack! unless the guy happenned to be her boyfriend, i presume he got atleast a virtual slap! :D

  15. @Arun: You shameless attention-seeker! :p

    @Indumathy: The answer is in the comment above yours, my dear. :) And no, he was not her boyfriend. He didn't get a virtual slap either. But ya, a slap would've been better than a lifetime of mocking. :)

  16. @ Indumathy: No, I didn't get any slaps or virtual slaps or anything of the sort. The girl, Best friend # 2 has heard worse stuff from me.

    @ Spaceman Spiff: Attention Seeker? excuse me, if anything why would I wanna seek attention when this is the topic being discussed? I am not a ghost you see! I can see that the discussion is about me, so I decided to come in


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