July 24, 2011

The sun shone a little brighter

There are good days, and then there are days when you feel everything is right in the world.

Two of my fellow bloggers- DawnZhang and Vineeth- left me completely overwhelmed by writing about me in their blog. I just don't know what else to say except a big THANK YOU.

And a big thank you to everyone and anyone who follows my blog, encouraging and enjoying the senseless sense and sensible nonsense that I dish out. Also thanks to those who have previously mentioned me in their blogs, like Priyanka and Ashwin. I owe you guys, big time. I honestly didn't know what I was capable of until others started telling me about it.

Too much of mush?

Ya, sometimes this side of me comes out to say hello to the world too. :)

I had a good weekend. Was staying at my uncle's place. All I've been doing all weekend is eat. Eat, eat and then eat some more. Watched Chalo Dilli and enjoyed it thoroughly. Hats off to Vinay Pathak. Seriously dude, you are something else altogether.

Alright, I'm off to bed now. Only to wake up to Perpetually Crappy Monday.

Did you have a good weekend as well?


  1. Haha thank you for writing the blog. I run to it when I feel depressed and then I am laughing again XD My weekend was perfect. Spent quality time with dad! :)

  2. You were worth more than just a mention!
    Please keep writing and me entertained :D

  3. @DawnZhang: :) Have a great week ahead too!

    @Ashwin: :D Done!

  4. Hahaa!! Seriously! Your's is like the ideal blog for beginners! :D I was lucky the day my sister who's in the US posted me your link of "I'm a girl" and said "See this! Now,THIS! Is how a blog is supposed to be!!" :D Keeeep oooon blogging! :)

  5. You are Ze Wandarphool. Period. You don't have to thank us for spreading the Wandarphoolness, you deserve it:)

  6. wishin u a happy weekend too..oh, damn..its over..oh, well...maybe next time :)

  7. @Priyanks: :) Danx.

    @R-A-J: Absolutely. There will be more weekends. :)

  8. hii Divya,my friend suggested to read your blog so that it will be a boost if i feel like writing.i just casually went through one of your post"to you with love" felt it warm and simple.i thought chapter closed but yesterday evening i felt lone just then your link caught my attention,everything changed then.i was in the company of a lively gal.never realized that how time passed so quickly, i read the entire post.i laughed,envied adored amused, enjoyed every moment,she opened a new world for me.on this friendship day i would luv to convey my new found friend a warm friendship day wishes and thanks for the company that your words offered me.awesome work. keep writing,never stop amusing your fellow readers.congrats

  9. @Renju: Thank you so much. :) I hope you continue to enjoy my company here. :)


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