July 5, 2011

Go(l)d's Own Country.

So in other news, Kerala goes on to prove that it is indeed Gold’s Own Country. One lakh crores worth of gold and precious stones uncovered from an underground vault of Sree Padmanabha Swamy temple, making the temple the richest in the world. And there’s still one more vault left to unlock. As one of my friends remarked, “I wonder which princess’ dowry that was.”

While the rest of the country, and the world, is shell-shocked at the news, you’ll probably hear your next door neighbour ungil saying “Oh pinne! Ithokke swarnam aano? Njan enta molku ethra swarnama sthreedhanam aayittu kodutthennu ariyaavo?! Ithokke verum pullu!” (“Oh puh-lease!! This is gold?! do you know how much of gold I gave my daughter as dowry?! All this is just grass!!” If you’re a mallu, you’ll get the grass-connection.)

I used to wonder where this Malayali obsession for gold started. I think now we all know.

Sree Ananthapadmanabha Swamy ki jai!!!


  1. You know what? My next door Andy (Aunty) actually said something similar. Malayalees Ki Jai :D
    The grass connection => ROFL. We do use pullu a lot, don't we?

    Nice post:)

  2. An absolutely useless find though.

  3. hahaha!! the grass connection was superb!!

  4. @Priyanka: Seriously?? What did the andy say?
    And hell ya!! We use pullu more than a cow does! :p Ok, bad one, I know. :/

    @Alan: Ah.. let's not jump to conclusions.. Let's see what happens.

    @Nirvana: :p Hehe!

  5. he he!! that was funny!! "ithokke pullalle!! :P so true mallus and gold obsession dates back to so many centuries ha!! 'veruthe alla keralam golds own country aayi ipolum nilkunne :P"

  6. @Cindrella: Sathyam!! I'm not at all surprised now! It's just in our genes. :D

  7. Hahaha!! Short but precise! Loved it :)

  8. I love Pulle when Suresh Gopi says it.. "Pa Pulle!!"

    Ya, I wish I could find some underground caves full of gold under my house.. unfortunately avide aa forest is full of kaadu :P

  9. @Lunatic: Where have you been, lady?? Long time...
    And thanks. :)

    @R-A-J: That has to be said in malayalam itself. "Ee forest mottham kaadaanallo!" :D

  10. Totally agree! Hope you received the sms that's doing the rounds on this..just in case you haven't:

    Hello. This is Ayyapa Swami Speaking. May I know who's calling?

    Hi. This is Padmanabha Swami.

    Ayyapa: Yup. What's up?

    Padmanabha: Enthelum undenkil olipichu vecho! Ente ellam poi.....:(

    :p ;) :D

  11. @Destiny's Child: Ya I got that! :D Hilarious!


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