July 27, 2011

The 10 day 'You' Challenge- Ten Secrets

I decided to take up the 10-day You Challenge that I’ve seen on many other blogs. It looks like fun. Plus, I get to talk about myself a lot. And that’s like, my second most favourite thing in the world (the first is correcting others’ grammar). I'll try as much as possible to post everyday for the next ten days.

So here is Day 1.

10 secrets.

These are more like revelations than secrets.

1) I talk to myself a lot. It’s a great pastime, and an even greater stress-reliever. Sometimes, I play out entire dialogues between me and someone else in my head that I may not carry out in real life. This gives me a chance to win the argument no matter what. (Did I hear someone say ‘coward’?)

2) I will get up from bed in the morning only if the time is a multiple of 5. If I wake up and see that the time is 7:33, I’ll lie there in bed for two more minutes and get up only by 7:35. I’ll start looking at the time at 7:03, think of waking up two minutes later, but lie down for four more minutes. So I’ll think, ok, now it’s 7:07, I’ll get up after three minutes. This little game will go on till I finally get up only by around 8:30. This could also be remotely related to the fact that I just hate waking up in the morning. Please tell me that you also do it. I don’t want to be the lone freak in the circus. :/

3) I can’t stand it when people tell me “I know you”, irrespective of whether they’ve known me for 20 years or two days. Even if you do know me like the back of your hand, keep it to yourself. Don’t tell me. Because I take comfort in the fact that only I know myself the best. And if you come to judge me after knowing me for just a few days, then I will for sure bite your head off. Especially if it turns out that you’re right.

4) I don’t read self-help books, or any of those motivational books. I’m somehow not comfortable with the idea of someone else telling me how I can improve my life. If I can’t figure at least that much out, then I’m just sad.

5) I hate cats. Hate them hate them hate them. HATE THEM.

6) Even if you’re crying to me about a very serious issue, I will stop you and correct you if your grammar or pronunciation goes wrong. I’m sorry. It’s like a disease.

7) I have a very low threshold for pain. The physical kind. I will try to act very brave and crack jokes, but inside, I’m already having visions of me dying any moment and everyone crying over me and exclaiming what a nice person I was(ahem) and asking God “WHY GOD WHY?! WHY HER?!”

8) I drink all aerated drinks flat. I don’t like the fizz and the gas that it gives. The first thing I do when I buy a bottle of one of those drinks is to shake it hard till the fizz goes. The moment I lift a bottle to shake it, my friends lift their hands to hit me- literally. Now they buy a separate bottle for me, or give it to me only after they’ve had their share to drink. Bullies. Hmpphh.

9) If I watch a scary or gory movie, or one of those forwards that show pictures of a girl whose face got burnt in a car crash or how Japanese pickle foetuses, I cannot sleep the whole night. Or the next few nights. Even if I’ve forgotten about it, I will somehow conjure up the images again, and there goes my sleep.

10) I’m NOT a 4:00 AM friend. Not even a 2:00 AM or 3:00 AM one. In fact, I’m a 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM friend. If you call me when I’m sleeping, I won’t pick up, mainly because I won’t hear the phone (in all probability, if my phone rings, I will imagine that I’m hearing the song in my dream. This has happened so many times, where I’ve sung along to “Sweet child of mine” and crooned “Iktara” in my dreams, only to wake up and see 5 missed calls). If you call again, I will bite your head off, unless you called with an emergency. If you call me before ten in the morning, I will blame you for making me late to get to office. The timings include afternoons on weekends as well. Please take accurate notes.

There. Day 1 done. Nine more to go.
Meanwhile, the Ramzan month is coming up. The season of Eat Pray Love. The muslims fast and PRAY, and the rest of us just LOVE to EAT the haleem. I know exactly where my money is going to go next month. All those in Hyderabad, let’s pig out, shall we?! And those not in Hyderabad, come over! :)

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  1. OMG I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR HALEEM TOOO. I love it. Sorry that's the first thing commented about but food is awesome and it's the first thing that catches one's eye! :D So yeah, Loverly, love this post. And yeah, I talk to myself a lot too. And yeah, I have three imaginary friends. Stop laughing, really! :\ And haha you wake up only if the time is a multiple of 5? HAHAHHA! I'm sure no one does that. NO ONE! :\ No just kidding but really? :D I love all this and yeah I'm like you too, most of the times. I love cats though they give me allergies! :| :( I'll go now, bye! :(

  2. Your top 3 are clearly the Virgo in you shouting out loud. They'd probably figure in my top 3 as well.

    Bon Appetit for the Haleem; have some Sheer Khorma while you're at it.

  3. hahaha that was so cute! Okay tho Im afraid to comment here (you grammer diease!) but I will still take the risk..and i think its totally worth it:-)

    you have a very nice page mashALLAH ..and your Secret number 2 and number 3 are identical twins to my secrets...rest is similar too EXCEPT ..I LOVE CATS!!! yes I do///i love them very very much,,.I hope you wont block me for this..will you:-(

  4. @DawnZhang: Ha! See, I'm not the only one who's weird about point no.2. See see! There are two more! :p And say hi to your imaginary friends from me. Are they named Chunnu Munnu Kunnu? :p

    @Atrocious Scribblings: Haha. :D Nice to know that there are others also like me out there. :) When's your b'day, by the way?

    @Mishi: Nope, I won't block you. Why would I block one of the few people who will understand point no.2? :p
    Thanks! :)

  5. I have many strange secrets :P Like I to eat the frost that forms inside the freezers :P And I might be the only clown in this circus :P

    Loved the post! :D Funny! :D

  6. @Srinidhi: I used to do that too! :D When I was at home and had a fridge, that is. Now I don't have a fridge. :(

  7. I didnt dare to read any further after my eyes crossed the letters "I hate Cats."
    Good luck with the challenge :)
    I'd taken this up too a month ago.
    Fun it is .

  8. @Defiant Princess: Damn! Maybe I should've put that as the last point. :p A lot of people don't seem to agree with me on that! And please do read the rest. :(

  9. Ok, let the spamming begin.

    1) Were you my sister in previous birth?
    2) You WERE my TWIN in previous birth.
    3) Bah, they are humbug. They truly are, that kind.
    4) :D that just about sums it up..
    5) -_- BLASPHEMOUS!!!
    6) Grammar Nazi :@
    7) LOL, and I thought I took the Drama Queen title.
    8) OMGOMGOMG, I love you just for that, I had yet to find someone who likes their drinks flat. Now I have you.
    9) I don't even get why they have to forward stuff like that -_-
    10) ROFL.

    Shuruwaat is achha-khasa.
    Looking VERY much forward to the rest.

  10. I hate cats and even i dont hear the phone ring when m sleeping...
    Best is i am also sooo into correcting pronunciation..grammer i make fun but pronunciation. Thr is this dude frm Bihar in my batch. Poor he tries a lot to talk fluent english in the right manner. I try to not point it out but i alwys do. Poor him!
    Waiting for the nextst is i am also sooo into correcting pronunciation..grammer i make

  11. You are not alone on 1, 4, 7 and 10. :) Getting up when the time is a multiple of five, if indeed funny! ;) Bring on the rest!

  12. @Priyanka: Are you by any chance training to be a teacher? :p

    #Red Handed: Thank god, at least one person who said that she hates cats. You know exactly how I feel then. :/

    @Destiny's Child: High-Faive! :D It's fun to talk to yourself, right?!

  13. OK here goes:

    1) .... me too!!
    2)A wee bit different - i do it in multiples of 10 - 6.00 am, 6.10 am, 6.20 am (this is the point where the comment *SHIT* accompanies my bolting from bed!!)
    3)mmm... ok .. will remember that
    4) heheheh!!
    5) ditto !!
    6) :-) i seem to know a lot of people like that! I think I attract grammar Nazis!
    7) I quote my dentist "You sure the kids are REALLY yours? How the hell could you have two kids" - when I said i would rather live with a hole in my teeth than get it filled
    8) OMG!! REally?
    9) I know an 8 year old like that :-)
    10) I completely understand!!
    BTW ... lovely post, as usual!

  14. 1. OMG,I do that too! I have had innumerable conversations in my head with people which actually don't ever happen!
    3. Yeah,I hate when anybody says that :| Coz I know myself best. THE END!

    U hate cats? :( Oww me loves them!

    New follower :D
    Keep Writing :D

  15. Whew! Now I'm relieved that I'm not the only weirdo who corrects every grammar mistake of others! :P Once a friend of mine was confiding in me something she was very upset about and she said "worser" and then before I could stop myself I was like, "There's no worser! It is the comparative degree already!" And she looked at me as if I were insane! :D :D
    And oh!! I loathe cats with alll my heart! So much that I even dedicated a "hate-post" for them on my blog!! So you're not alone there too! :D

  16. @Nirvana: Is the eight-year old your daughter? :)

    @Blahblaholic: Hey, thanks for dropping by. :)

    @Anvita: :D My friends have now accepted that side of me. They don't get offended anymore! :D

  17. Finally it's a relief to find some more cranks like me.I had my doubts you proved me right.Reading your comments reassured me.Let's start our own club.Weirdos United Inc (C)...
    Loved it...

  18. I only wake up in multiples of 5 and my phone rings in multiples of 9.. I'm always 45 mins late :(

    So nice to know u better.. I sooo.. know u now (with special emphasis to no3) .. ;)

  19. @R-A-J: How can the phone ring in multiples of nine? :/

  20. @Atrocious Scribblings: Mine's Sep 12th. :)

  21. 2,4,5,6,8 :D :D :D EXACTLY same here :D :D :D XD I thought I was the only 'multiple of 5 time' person XD

  22. Points 1, 2 and 6 are so typical of me that I felt relieved reading them.

    I play out all arguments in my head, so much so that, the need to carry out a real one, rarely arises. Keeps things calm with my better half.

    And yes, I prefer waking up only if it is a multiple of 5. I guess it comes from the habit of looking at clocks. I like to wake up only when the needles at some specific number not somewhere in between.

    As to point no. 6, my kids are the ones who suffer the most. There are times when I keep correcting them during their requests and finally give them a big fat NO. But I really can't help myself.

    Sorry about the lengthy comment. "Ezhuthan oru sthalam kittiyal...pinne nirthunna paripadiyilla"

  23. @Shadia: You're right. The time habit must be because we were so used to looking at the clock to see the times.
    Ezhuthikkolo.. Ishtam pole ezhuthikolu.. Nobody's stopping you. I LOVE long comments. :)


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