April 29, 2011

The write side of my brain

2011 has been a good year, writing- wise. I’ve written more in these four months than I have in the last three years put together. My friends are happy that I’m writing more, I’m happy that I’m writing more. And just when that warm glow envelopes me, some of them burst the bubble by asking me, “ You’re really jobless, aren’t you?”

What makes you think that I’m writing more because I’m jobless?

Let me clear the air a bit.

# I do NOT write because I’m jobless. I write because I have more time on hand now. There is a thin, but very VERY distinct line between these two.

# I write because I can. That is the one gift that the dude up there in the clouds bestowed upon me, and I plan to put it to use.

# I write to describe what is happening in the world around me.

# I write to tell people about me and my little life.

# I write to emote.

# I write to make fun of things and people. Thankfully, sarcasm IS one of my strengths (God and his strange ways...)

# I write because it’s easier to be sarcastic to people over the internet. Face-to-face confrontations have never been my cup-of-tea.

# I write because there are so many interesting things to write about. I don’t know which idiot he was talking about when Shakespeare said “Life is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” I guess it depends on who tells the tale.

# I write to show my creativity, how much ever limited it is.

# I write to rant and rave, without anyone telling me to shut up.

# I write because when someone appreciates my writing, everything in the world seems alright.

In the end, I write because I love to. I may never be an author, I may never give away autographed copies of my books to fans, I may never get a Booker or a Pulitzer, I may never have a picture taken with Ruskin Bond. But at least I would die happy that I made a few people laugh, a few people cry, and a few people to think, with my words.

If that is percieved as joblessness, then so be it.


  1. Oh, I love this blog. Every post is so beautifully written. It's amazing. I'm your new follower and I love this blog.. going to suggest it to everybody I know who blogohollics. :)x

  2. brilliant.. the ability to write sure is a big boon... and u are really pputting it to good use..

  3. arey iddhar like a button kidhar hai yaron???merku super like karna hai

  4. @DawnZhang: Hey, thanks for dropping by. And for deciding to stay on. :) And thank you SO much for the appreciation. As I said, that's what drives me to write more. :)

    @Mithun: Thank you. :)

    @RJPraveen: Ikkada like button ledhu. FB-lo undhi. Akkada like chesko. :)

  5. Yup..... you just reinforced my decision to become a follower (which, incidentally, i did, when i saw the Mallu food guide!)... some smart writing there !

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  7. I think your blog is totally cool!! :D I will be ever indebted to my elder sister for showing me this blog!! :) I just wouldn't shut up about your post "I'm a girl" :D :D It's so funny and true! I already suggested this blog to so many people I know and also to Dawn Zhang who happens to be my best friend from college! :P :D

  8. u hav earbed urself a fan...nice writting :)

  9. @Meana: Thank you, lady. We still have our collaborated mallu writing to do, by the way. :)

    @Anvita: And I shall be forever indebted to you for showing my blog to so many people. Thank you so much! :)

    @Maniac.hunter: Probably the best thing i've earned in recent times. Thank you. :)

  10. i became your follower from the first article I read of yours about the mallu food guide. (Very recent I agree). But, what caught me immediately was how you say exactly whats on top of our minds, exactly the reactions we feel, faceed by the same situation and put it out there so interestingly. A Very fun blog that one relates to right away! Love it! and felt the same way bout this article to.

  11. @Archana: Hey, thanks Archana. I'm so glad people can relate to what I write. And happy that you became a follower. :) Sure did boost my ego! :p

  12. Great,it is official then..Keep blogging girl,there are a lot of people who enjoy reading ranting and rambling.Yours Truly.. ;-)

  13. @Blue Lotus: Ah, I was wondering where 'Yours truly' had disappeared.. :)

  14. Hey...this sounds a lot like one of the 'pages' on my blog!
    (P.S. I am not saying that it's inspired...yet. :-P)


  15. I'm happy that you're writing more too :) Love ur blog! Keep at it.. please do not stop...ever.. :)

  16. @Time Out: Thank you! :) So so happy to hear that.


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