April 25, 2011

Song of the rain... Kahlil Gibran

All I've been hearing for the past few days from people back home is about the rain. And you know how I feel about rain...

I was reminded of a poem by Kahlil Gibran, about the rain, and thought I'll put it up here (and also because all the praise for my last post has gone to my head and I'm temporarily incapable of writing anything original because of all the swelling. Sigh...)

I am dotted silver threads dropped from heaven
By the gods. Nature then takes me, to adorn
Her fields and valleys.

I am beautiful pearls, plucked from the
Crown of Ishtar by the daughter of Dawn
To embellish the gardens.

When I cry the hills laugh;
When I humble myself the flowers rejoice;
When I bow, all things are elated.

The field and the cloud are lovers
And between them I am a messenger of mercy.
I quench the thirst of one;
I cure the ailment of the other.

The voice of thunder declares my arrival;
The rainbow announces my departure.
I am like earthly life, which begins at
The feet of the mad elements and ends
Under the upraised wings of death.

I emerge from the heard of the sea
Soar with the breeze. When I see a field in
Need, I descend and embrace the flowers and
The trees in a million little ways.

I touch gently at the windows with my
Soft fingers, and my announcement is a
Welcome song. All can hear, but only
The sensitive can understand.

The heat in the air gives birth to me,
But in turn I kill it,
As woman overcomes man with
The strength she takes from him.

I am the sigh of the sea;
The laughter of the field;
The tears of heaven.

So with love—
Sighs from the deep sea of affection;
Laughter from the colorful field of the spirit;
Tears from the endless heaven of memories.

What are your favourite poems/songs/memories about the rain?

Photo flicked from Rohan.


  1. "They justified the cause for which Daddy might give up his life
    It's been so long, so long a time, still I miss Daddy at night
    The ache is long gone but the never keeps staring along
    The waters in the seas are high
    and all the sand castles have drowned

    Well does life get any better
    More yesterday than today
    How I thought the sun would shine tomorrow
    But it rained . . ."
    From Parikrama's 'But it rained'

  2. @Arun: I was humming this last night while putting up this post. What a song... :)

  3. I had an irresistible craving to listen to that song when I read this post this morning in the office. Everything is blocked here and I had no way of listening to it. Finally found a link on the Parikrama website. Phew...

  4. I presume you wouldn't to be surprised to know that I had also written on rains..:D..
    My favorite rain song would be Shubha Mudgal's "Ab ke sawan aise barse"

  5. @Blue Lotus: No surprises :). And that is one of the most vibrant rain songs I've ever heard, be it the vocals or the visuals.

  6. Its raining, its pouring, the old man is snoring... i went to bed and bumped my head and cudnt wake up in the morning ... a poem :)

    Everly Brothers "Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain"

  7. @Varghese: I sing the 'Old man snoring' song every single time it rains. :) Hi-faive!

  8. Rain is just my favourite muse to write and I just love and love and love the rain. I'll probably bookmark this page and read those lines when ever I miss rain. Have written a few lines on it occasionally too like these


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