April 27, 2011

All the single ladies*

Inspired by this post, I thought I’ll write a list of my own.

A tribute to my single life.

# True, I have a fully functional kitchen with everything that’s required (except a fridge. Contributions welcome, by the way), but I may have more of Maggi in stock than dal-chawal or vegetables. Am I forcing anyone else to eat it?

# I may clean my room every day, once a week or once a month. As long as I don’t have asthma attacks again, I don’t think it should be a problem for anyone else.

# No, I don’t have furniture except a plastic chair and a bean bag, I don’t even have a cot. It’s not like I have guests coming over for high-tea or dinner. The only ones who come over are my friends, and after a couple of beers, they won’t even know whether they’re sitting or flying.

# Given a choice between buying cooking oil or a shampoo, I might go for the shampoo. Clean hair is so much more important that healthy food.

# I may have just two biscuits with coffee in the morning. It’s not like I have to pack tiffin for the husband and kids.

# On weekends, I may wake up at noon if I want to, and have pasta for brunch. And there’s absolutely nobody to question me.

# I may wake up only by 8:30 even during working days. It’s not like my kids’ school bus is honking away to cacophonic glory outside my gate.

# I hate wearing clothes in the bathroom itself soon after a bath. Everything gets wet and messy. Now imagine if I was living in a house full of in-laws?

# Savings are for people with responsibilities, and I have none. Of either.

# I may go for a movie after work and have dinner outside and come back late. Neither do I have children who are waiting for their bedtime stories nor a husband whose bed I have to warm.

# I may spend the entire weekend watching movies and reading books. Do I have any homework or projects to help with?

# If I want, I can pack my bags and go somewhere on a whim, without having to worry about whether I have stored enough food in the fridge or whether all the bills have been paid on time.

# I can walk around my house wearing whatever I want, or without it even. Nobody’s eyes are getting scarred.

# If I want to dance to Desi Girl at two in the morning, I can do so without the fear of waking anyone else up (except my roommate who won’t wake up even if a bomb falls next to her).

# If I want to watch Sex and The City, I can do so without worrying that my little innocent children will see it too and then get influenced by it (If any of you have watched SATC, you’ll know what I mean).

# I may have bottles strewn around my front room rather than scented candles and Raja Ravi Verma’s paintings, and newspapers instead of carpets. If you have a problem, notify me well in advance before you plan to visit, so that I’ll have ample time to clear away the evidences of my single life.

Me and my shallow single self...

*Title taken from a song by Beyonce. I don't mean to say that all single ladies are as loony as I am.


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  2. It used to be such a lovely life..You made me nostalgic and got my lazing husband kicked in the ribs..:P..

  3. Stop already! I'm getting totally envious!!!!!

  4. Result of the post:
    Me giving you a Hi5 and all my respect.
    My BF giving you the death glare.


  5. Wow.. hey I am a Single Lady n I am just enjoying my "Singlehood"..Cheers to your this lil write up.. I could so relate to it..


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