April 7, 2011

The elusive goddess

“Please! Please come back! I beg you! It’s been too many days!” I implore.

She looks down her snooty nose at me. The feisty bitch is in no mood to humour me.

“I was vacationing. In France. And Spain. And Egypt.”

“Vacation?? Vacation?! You’ve been traipsing around the world while I’ve been sitting here waiting for Your Highness to come visit me?!!”

“Why should I come visit you? You don’t care for me as much as I care for you.”

“That’s not true!! You know how much I love you and involve you in every aspect of my life!”

“Ya right! You come for me only when it pleases you! Stop treating me like a whore!”

“Err.. technically, that isn’t possible, you know, since I’m a girl too.”

“You very well know what I meant. You come looking for me only when you are in the mood. You don’t take into account the fact that I may also want to see you every day, or at least a few times a week. Is that too much to ask for??!! I’m hurt!”

“Ok ok, I admit, I’ve been a tad bit negligent of you. But it wasn’t intentional. I had work, then I took a break for the weekend.”

“Why didn’t you take me with you?” Full-on pouting.

“I can’t take you with me everywhere, sweety. Please try to understand.”

“See! This is what I meant! You come looking for me only when it pleases you. The other day, I came to you and sat on your shoulder, you didn’t even acknowledge my presence.” Sniffle sniffle.

“Ok ok. Fine. I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. I’ll be more indulgent in future. Ok?”

“You’ll never turn me away?”

“I’ll never turn you away. Promise.”

“You’ll indulge me whenever I come?”

“Yes, I will.” This was getting tiring.

“And you’ll always pamper me and say nice things to me?”

“Yes, I will, my dear.”

“And you’ll buy me pretty purple shoes with diamonds encrusted in them and a pretty purple bag to put my lipstick and blusher in and donuts to eat?”

“Yes I.. What??!!”

“Will you or will you not??!!”

“ Ok ok! I will! Anything you want. Purple shoes, purple sunglasses, donuts, imli candies, fried chicken, Barbie doll, Sonu Sood, the Pyramid of Giza. Whatever it is I’ll buy it for you!! Just come back. Please!”

“Hmmpphh. Ok.”

Meet Miss Feisty. My Muse.

Now I’ve to go shop for purple shoes.


  1. I cannot giggle in office,so trying hard to stifle.."Purple shoes, purple sunglasses.."What's with purple?Is it the new pink?

  2. @Blue Lotus: :) Purple happens to be my current addiction. Clothes, chappals, bracelet, book- to the extent that I even bought a bodywash and facewash bacause they were purple in colour. Purple is actually the new black, not pink. :)

  3. Hmmm...writing a full-on conversation is not easy and I must say you have accomplished most of it. An imaginary conversation like this could have more humour in it and more imagination too. You're not short of it. Hang in there. Your next conversation, I am sure, is gonna be a lot more fun..

    ^^^^musings of a happily troubled mind^^^

  4. Divya,
    I read almost all your posts in one-go,so decided to write a summrized opinion here..

    There are a lot of good things going here-a microscopic focus to every detail,ability to hold on to core,comfort with your own style.. Can also sense your enjoyment in writing. The last 2 posts reveal you are good with conversations and also you are in command!

    I think you can construct fine short stories.. All you need is a story that can 'hold' and 'move' the reader,at the same time.

    Thanks for writing..I enjoyed it.

  5. Your muse sounds like a reflection of you...

  6. @Avirat: Hey, a new visitor on my blog! Always leaves me excited. :)
    Thank you!
    Short stories are something that I've been wanting to delve into for quite some time. Have written one, there are a few lying unfinished. Somehow, when it comes to writing fiction, I seem to fall flat. Maybe I should give it one more shot, huh? I will...
    P.S:- Are you the same Avirat who was one of my team-mates in the 'Great Biryani Hunt' last sunday? :p

    @Arun: Maybe yes, maybe no... :)

  7. Yes,the most silent and arguably the most hungry one among the group.. :)

  8. LOL! We were all equally ravenous. As for silent, well, let's not talk about that. I'm just glad we didn't get thrown out!:)
    By the way, how did you stumble upon my blog?

  9. Come on, if anything the restaurant should be giving us some money for entertaining the people waiting there so well and for keeping their patience level close to normal.
    If spreading happiness around is a sin, the I am throw out worthy.

  10. @Arun: Totally agree!

    @Divya: Found this link in Shruthi's blog.


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