August 8, 2011

The pros and cons of falling ill.

You get some much needed rest.

You get to catch up on movies and sitcoms (rather, reruns).

You get pampered by everyone and your wish is everyone’s command basically.

You say you want apples, you get apples. You say you want khichdi, garama-garam khichdi ready. You say you want Biryani, you get yelled at, because the doctor told you to go on a vegetarian diet. :(

You get to be cranky and rude, and actually get away with it. Yay!

You can sleep as much as you want to without anyone calling you lazy.

The cons:-
You start missing Mummy,Daddy and chechi. :(

In spite of having all the time in the world for sleeping, you toss and turn in your bed all night because sleep simply refuses to grace you.

You feel like throwing up at the mere mention of food.

You get emotional about every damn thing. About not getting enough sleep, about being alone at home, about not having mummy around to make kanji-pappadam for you, about Carrie and Aidan breaking up, Monica and Chandler not being able to conceive, Jim and Michelle finally hooking up at the end of American Pie 2 etc. As you might have gathered, I did a lot of movie and sitcom-watching.

You have to have all those yuck tablets.

You get so cranky, you become unbearable even to yourself.

And finally, after five days of staying at home, you become too lazy to go to office at the end of it.

Which is exactly what has happened to me.



  1. Feeling better now I hope?
    Who cooks, btw?

    Biriyani, yes. Yum.
    Don't remind me. Hostel food is making me cry.

    I know I sound ungrateful but I like being sick because of the pros, the best one being that I get Ma's undivided attention:)

  2. Hahaha..hope u feelin better now anyways...

    Kanji papaddam ...lovely thought... brought back so many old childhood memories :)

    Nice read.. I cud so agree wid u on many points :)

    Hope u healthy, wealthy n wise again :)

  3. Aaah the pampering of amma nd acchan wen i am sick!!!..the post reminds me of that.

    I was such a nutcase that i used to pray tht i go ill and put onions on my underarms hoping to get sick. Just to stay in bed getting pampered and never go to school

  4. khichdi..yummm!!! and yes i HATE tablets and syrups

  5. I can imagine. But right now I wish often I was sick :p

    P.s Where do you work? :| Never asked. :)

  6. @Priyanka: Feeling better. :) And cooking, me and roomie do.

    R-A-J: I'm so craving for kanji-pappadam right now. :(

    @Red Handed: I can understand. I used to be a chronic asthma patient as a kid. I was more than happy to stay in bed and miss school. :)

    @maniac.hunter: Yuck!! Syrups!! The horror. I used to throw up whatever syrups I drank promptly. :/

    @Srinidhi: I work for GE. :)

  7. Hey girl :)

    I love sitcoms, I manage decent time out for them even when I'm busy :)
    I love love falling sick sometimes, its actually relaxing, and you know what, I wanted Carrie and Aidan to break up, I mean he was just so huge, but he had a heart of gold, I liked his country house ;)

    Love :)

  8. Ok.. thats it!! I wanan take a sick leave and go home .... like right NOW!! :D

  9. hehehehe!! yeah kanji-pappadam-manga achaar it is! Kinda WANT to fall ill for that one! But the cons suck too! Especially the sleep bit. Get well soon!!

  10. @Serendipity: Even I'm a sitcom-freak. FRIENDS, SATC, Big Bang Theory, How I met your Mother- you get the picture. :p I watch them everyday, reruns after reruns on my laptop.
    And you wanted Aidan and Carrie to break up??!! NO!!! i really liked that guy. ANd what a lovely little country house, right? *Drool*

    @The Meditating Lion: Ok, if your office people ask, I had nothing to do with it. :p

    @Nirvana: Kanji and puzhukku is also a yummy combo. Me feeling much better now. :)

  11. I so like you :) You know what, considering my sexuality, I shouldn't be saying this but I do :))

    I'm going to give you a very sweet award on my blog very soon :)

    P.S. you know I get so attached to these sitcoms that I actually cried when Marshall lost his father. :(

  12. @Serendipity: :D Never mind gender. :p
    Ooh!! An award! Yay! :)
    I've only watched seasons 2,3,4 of How I met your mother. Waiting to get hold of the rest.

  13. Watch the rest, It really is worth it :)

  14. Get well soon, looking forward to some kickass posts from you.

    Right now, I could kill for one among Khichdi/Kanji/Papadam or all of the 3.

  15. @Serendipity: Sure will. :)

    @Atrocious Scribblings: That definitely does make me feel better. :)

  16. Hehe. I thought only I was treated like royalty every time I got sick :P


    Updated mine. Do visit

  17. Truly! Pampering of ettan, amma and achan. That just makes you want to fall sick doesn't it !

    I for one feel the pros outweigh the cons, if you fall ill mildly enough to be pampered but not enough to be throwing up !


  18. Grab your award here twin :)

  19. @Rohit: The challenge is in striking that perfect balance. :)

    @Serendipity: Awww!! Thank you! :)

  20. Hope you are ok now. :)

    I tried posting a comment yesterday but Blogger gave me a Time Out sign. :/

  21. Destiny's child led me here and am happy to find yet another who wants to have a biriyani when ill.

  22. Get well soon buddy..
    I miss home too.And yeah I boss around a lot :D :D...And when someone mentions the word "bossing" I remind them with a puppy face,"I am not well,sniff sniff"

    Illness hasn't taken away your sense of humour.;-)

  23. Destiny's Child: Much better. :) And ya, Blogger can be a real cranky kid sometimes.

    The Holy lama: I can have biryani at any time. :D That's one of the main reasons I refuse to leave Hyderabad. ;)
    Thanks for dropping by! :)

    @Blue Lotus: Glad to know that it hasn't. :)

  24. Hey Divya :)
    I love sitcoms too. Ahh, I'm just another one in the row, right. ;)
    And anyways, now that I'm reading this one pretty late, I guess you are absolutely well now. :)
    Nice blog!

    Love, Risha :)

  25. @Risha: Yup, I'm absolutely fine now. :)
    Sitcoms are like real stress-busters, right?
    Thanks for dropping by, Risha.:)


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