August 29, 2011

Good old Malluland...

Ah... It's good to be home.. Definitely.

DOn't forget to click on the pic and view the enlarged version.

(All pics taken during my train journey home)


  1. All the pictures are so beautiful and very clear. :)

  2. :-)

    Ohhh... How much I wish to visit Kerala. I have a sis from Kerala who's visiting her home these days as well. Too bad I'm stuck and not being able to go and meet her. :-(

    Wonderful pictures. I'll sure visit Kerala sooner rather than later. :-)

  3. O thi thi thaaro thi thi thai,
    thi thai thaka thai thai thom!!!

    Veeshiyal oru shaapil ponnum.., sorry, a happy Onam :)

  4. You forgot to mention the smell, that heavenly aroma of the earth and the sky and everything inbetween that emanates from the the very soul of the land...

    Sorry got carried away:( I miss KL..

  5. I love going by train in Kerala, mainly because I love sticking my head out of the window and enjoying both the breeze and the lovely view.
    Not too keen on the crowd though.

  6. NOOOOO! I am jealous!!! It looks so beautiful!!!! :|

    Have a super time at home :)

  7. greenery and rain,the two things that define the malluland.btw i expected a lot of rants i must say so a lil dissapointed

  8. @Saru: Thanks to my brand new cam. :)

    @Shobit: You definitely should visit soon. You know, even though I'm a Keralite, I'm ashamed to say that I myself haven't seen the state much. I need to come back as a tourist and see the place some day..

    R-A-J: :D Haha!! Happy Onam to you too!

    Priyanka: Palakkad station is just two hours away from Coimbatore. Hop on to a train and take a ride some day. :)
    And all those things that you mentioned.. yup, goes without saying. :) I was just so happy when it started raining in between and I could breathe in the scent of the wet earth. Aah...

    cricketfreak: SO true! Especially when the train passes over a water-body.. gorgeous!!
    I agree about the crowd. It can get really 'kacchara' at times. :/

    @Srinidhi: Thanks! :)

    @maniac.hunter: If I'm here, then can a rant be far behind? :P

  9. Where in Kerala is this? I took pictures of those BIG rivers that you cross ... in the train :D

  10. @confusedsoul: This was just as the train was approaching Palakkad station.

  11. Beautiful pictures. :O
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  12. You from Palakkad? Me your neighbour, from Thrissur. Pliss be excused :D

  13. The only time I've been to the Indian peninsula is Bombay/Goa when I was three. And look what I've missed all these years :|

  14. Love the photos what a beautiful countryside.

  15. @yash: Thanks for dropping by! :)

    @Destiny's Child: Thanks. :)

    @cosmic_wanderer: Ah, you were in Kochi, is it?

    @Vinitha: Me from Telicherry, settled in TVM. These were taken while I was travelling home in Sabari Express. I come to Trichur all the time, though. My aunt's settled there. :)

    @Deepthi: True that.. :)

    @Sushmit: Come down south sometime.. :) It's a nice place to visit.

    @Jo-Anne: Thanks. :)

  16. How I'd die to reach this heaven :)

  17. @Serendipity: Dying and all not required. Just hop on to a train or flight. Zimble! :)

  18. LOL Happy onam. When I eat in a sadhya, i eat super fast, but still when everyone is done eating and the people start coming in for the next round, I will be shouting more payasam more payasam... :D :D I never get enough of the palada :D

  19. @Abhishek: Oh the Paalada is heavenly. That's the only payasam I can drink.
    Happy Onam to you too. :)
    P.S:- I think you commented on the wrong post. :)


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