August 17, 2011

Let's give them a round of applause, shall we?

In school, I used to win prizes for almost every CCA competetion I participated in- recitation, elocution, story-telling. I used to be known around school for it, for being the girl who recited poetry well, who spoke good english and hindi, who compered nearly every other program that was conducted.

I haven't won anything in a long long time... I just stopped going for competetions once I entered college, and frankly, the oppurtunities weren't many too. I miss that... I miss walking up to stage and accepting the prize from the Chief Guest on Annual Day, holding one corner of the certificate and smiling for the camera, bowing once at the chief guest and once more at the audience, trying to look out for mom and dad sitting in the audience, proud at their daughter.

Damn I miss that...

Which is why, I get super-excited at winning a blog-award. I've only won two so far, but they both hold very special places in my heart. It's not just a badge, it's an acknowledgement of the fact that, finally, I'm good at something.

Serendipity gave me my first one.

Not many people who know me well enough would call me adorable, so yes, this one definitely is special. :) Thanks Ayu (If I may call you that).

Then came the second one, from Priyanka and her Chocolate Factory. :p

Thank you, my dear. I feel humbled. More so because you put me on top of the list. :)

Ok, so now for the drill.
Link back- Done.

7 random things (You're asking for trouble.:/)

1) I love kids, but not the ones who talk too much. The 'Chota mooh, badi baat'-afflicted ones piss the hell out of me. And the parents who don't check them and encourage them thinking it's cute- they deserve a whack on their backsides.

2) The word 'Spontaenity' does not really figure in my dictionary. I cannot do things on the spur of the moment. I need to plan it.I need to be informed beforehand that this is what's going to happen, even if it's a movie. More often than not, I become a killjoy because of this. Maybe it's the Virgo in me, I don't know. We have a method in even spontaenity. At the same time, I hate it if someone else makes plans for me. The irony is that I don't have a plan in life. Wonder how that happened...

3) My craze for huge handbags has led to permanently aching shoulders and neck. The bigger the handbag, the more I stuff things in it.I finally decided to buy a small one so that I wouldn't be tempted to choke it up with utterly useless things. But I miss my big bags...

4) I absolutely LOVE supermarkets. I can spend hours inside them without getting bored. And I won't even have anything in particular to buy. Sometimes I go in, roam around, and leave after two hours with nothing but a packet of oatmeal cookies purchased. The flipside to this is,I end buying stuff that I don't need at all, overshooting my budget too much. The regular supermarket that I go to, near my house, initially the security and attendants used to eye me suspiciously, probably thinking I'm a shoplifter (why else would a girl randomly skulk among the aisles?). but now they greet me with a hello and a smile. They know I mean no harm. :)

5)I detest people who feel the need to use abuses to get their point across. I have absolutely no regard for them. Only those who don't have a valid argument will use abuses to cover it up. I'm not saying that I don't swear- I do. But getting abusive is the lowest form of retaliation. It has happened to me once, and I know how it feels to be at the receiving end of the cheapest and dirtiest of abuses.

6) I love watching reruns of my favourite sitcoms and then saying along the dialogues that I know by rote. Pisses off others, but I don't really care. :p

7) If given a choice as to how I want to die, I would choose falling from the top of a mountain or a high-rise building. Or even while paragliding. At least the view while I'm going down will be fabulous. :p

Ok, that's done. Next.

My Favorite song: Questions like these stump me. How on earth can you choose just ONE song??? Still, if it has to be answered, I would go with 'Iktara' from Wake Up Sid and 'Coming back to life' by Pink Floyd.

My Favorite Dessert: Gulab Jamun(home-made. I don't like the readymade ones), Chocolate mousse, any chocolate pastry. I don't have much of a sweet tooth.But I do get cravings once in a while for motichoor laddoos and mishti doi.

What Pisses Me Off: People borrowing my stuff without asking me. I'm all for sharing, but please, just ask, or inform me once before taking it.
Also, borrowing stuff(especially books) from me but not taking care of it- and worse, not returning them at all.
People saying to me "I have to tell you something. But I can't tell now. I'll tell you later." or "I have a suprise for you, but I can't tell you now." Dude!! If you can't tell me now, don't tell me at all!!! I will have absolutely no peace of mind till I get to know what the thing is. So spare me the trauma and yourself the torture of me perstering you "Tell no tell no tell no tell no tell no tell no. Please please please please please!! WTF! Are you telling me or not??!! You better tell right away or I'll punch you!" Really, are you up for so much drama?

Biggest Fear: I've said it before- dying alone.

Best Feature: I guess my laugh. Once I start off, it's hard to stop. And pretty soon, others join in too. :)

Everyday Attitude: As long as you don't interfere in my life, I don't interfere in yours. And don't give me advice that I didn't ask for.

What Is Perfection: I don't believe in perfection. Perfection irritates me. There's no scope for improvement. I like my own little imperfections and of those around me. That's what makes them lovable.

Guilty Pleasure: Food:I can even sell my kidney if I want to satisfy a craving. Miraculously, I still have both my kidneys ;).
Kajal: I have about six varieties in my little vanity pouch as of now. I'm in an eternal search for the perfect Kajal. And the perfect bra. And the perfect pair of jeans.
Sleeping till late in the morning. Even on working days, I rarely wake up before 8. I can sit up till as late in the night as needed. But waking up in the morning is torture.
Shower gels and moisturisers- I have nightmares about dry skin.
Like I said, supermarkets. Man, they are my weakness!

Now I have to give the award away to 10 bloggers (15, actually. But I'm giving away ten. No reason. I just thought I would give it to my most favourite writers).

1) Mr. AJ, the satellite- because you are a great writer. If only you paid more attention to your blog.

2) Priyanka, the chocolate-obsessed- Not because she gave me the award and I'm obliged to return it, but because she really is versatility personified. Fiction, humour, emotional, rambling- she nails them all neatly. And also because she totally floored me with one single post of hers. :)

3) Nirvana- Not just because she's a Nambiar (although, that did earn her brownie points :p), but also because I feel her blog is highly underrated. Her writing is very very sublte, but heart-warming. And funny too. I love her short stories.

4) Red Handed- Because she makes so much of sense, at the same time, managing to be hilarious. Also because we have similar sounding names. ;)

5) fucklove- Firstly, for the name of the blog. That's the first thing that attracted me to it. Then the writer R-A-J and his antics kept me hooked. Still do. :) He has no pretensions whatsoever, and that comes across clearly in his writing.

6) Soumya- For being so very honest about herself and her life in her blog.

7) The Meditating Lion- She recently started blogging, but since I've know her for more than four years now, I know there's a passionate writer in there waiting to be unleashed. She also earns brownie points for being one of the best singers I've ever heard,no kidding.

8) Destiny's Child- She's a lazy bum of a writer, but whenever she does write,it's awesome. Or maybe she just believes in "It's not the quantity that matters, it's the quality." :)

9) The Blue Lotus- Because I can almost always relate to her writing. And I love her acrid sarcastic tone.

10) Serendipity- I recently stumbled upon this little thing. And I was freaked out by how similar we both are. Somehow,I feel she's a very genuine person, even though I don't know her all that much. There's a lot of honesty that comes across in her writing. Also, 'Serendipity' is one of my favourite words. I love the way it feels on my tongue when I say it.

So there you go... Go ahead, take time out, and read these blogs. And then come back and thank me. :)


  1. Eeeee.thankyou! Much Obliged your honor!
    That was so sweet of you. And we really do have similar sounding names though m not a nambiar. Someone actually got the clue frm tht comment i made n found the actual me in fb. Heeeh!
    Btw about borrowing stuff. ditto!!

  2. It says 0 cent(s) worth, I say it's a 100 cent(s) worth :)
    Praising somebody for something they've done well makes my heart happy, and coz we're twins, I know it made your heart happy too :)
    Thank you love :)
    And my best friend's name is Divya too :)

  3. And you can very willingly call me Ayu :)
    Is your last name Kamath ?

  4. *wide grin* So awesomely sweet of you, you say such nice things:) Thank you so very much.

    Mishti Doi :'( It's been so long.

    And hee hee, love @ everyday attitude part.

  5. This is beautiful!! There's so much about you here!! :D I'm bookmarking the blogs, will check them out soon! I have to go, exam tomorrow! :|

  6. CCA? Co-Curricular Activities? You were at Kendriya Vidyalaya??

  7. @Red Handed: Aha,so you're not so anonymous anymore, huh? :)

    @Serendipity: Nope, my last name's Nambiar.

    @Priyanka: Melcow. :)

    @Ashwin: A proud KV-ite. :) All 12 years. Check out my post 'Valediction-I'.

  8. You are on an award winning spree! :D
    Here's your latest award-


    You've bee awarded! Yayy! :D Congrats! :)

  10. Awww moment :)

    Thank you so much and thanking for accepting my honesty. Not many people can do that.

    My third 'Versatile Blogger' award. I guess I'm good then :P

    I'm obsessed with Kajal too. I lost my MAC Midnight black last month and am still mourning :(

  11. Like Aristotle once said, "Appo.. congrats undu" :)

    U deserve it, most useful :)

  12. Congratulations to you!!I must say this shud have come to you loong back!.. and its pretty early to pass it on to me... ( but thats very sweet of you :D)

  13. @Loony and DawnZhang: Thank you!! :)

    @Soumya: Yup, you definitely are good. :)
    And is MAC kajal really that good? I haven't tried it yet.

    @R-A-J: Danx. :D Now will you please accept your award, sir?

    @The Meditating Lion: That was my b'day gift to you. (Yes, that means you're not geting anything else :p)

    @The Blue Periwinkle: Hry, thanks for dropping by! :)

  14. Time to flaunt your awards bbae. But spaceman spiff is a rather unusual moniker for a female:)

    P.S If you sell your kidney, you will not be able to eat half the things you like :))

  15. @Purba: I'm a HUGE fan of Calvin and Hobbes. Hence the name Spaceman Spiff. My bluetooth is named Traver Bullet, yet another alter ego of Calvin. :)

    Ya, that's the only reason why I'm not selling it off. :)

  16. Hey! I gave you an award too :) :) here it is- !! :D :D

  17. @Anvita: Aww..! Thank you so much! :)

  18. swoon swoon..Muah girl..Thank you Thank you..You turned an exceptionally nasty tuesday to a beautiful one..

  19. @Spaceman Spiff- I am very much anonymous except for one person...who got the clue from your comment box and found me out in fb :/

    But yeh i am still safe :P
    Btw i am waiting for your next post!I mean it!

  20. @Blue Lotus: Glad I could do do. :)

    @Red Handed: You and me both, sistah. :/ Severe case of writer's block, plus a crazy week at work. :(

  21. Congratulations Spiff!
    You deserve it every bit. Guess what, these days I read only two blogs due to acute shortage of time (reasons will be explained in the blog I am planning to write), one belongs to my best friend, the other is this. I can so totally relate to what you write. What you've said for Serendipity, I would have said for you. Even I am freaked out by the similarity. CCA girl, I was too!

    Thanks again, that was sweet :)

  22. @Destiny's Child: :) Thanks, and welcome.
    CCA was so much fun, right?! I miss that...

  23. Hey Divya, nanni namaskaram fr the award.. n please, I'm too shameless to deny appreciation of any sort :).. I didn't do anythin bout the award cos of three things:

    1. I didn't know which one u gave me - the versatile award(wow!) or the adorable blog (:))

    2. Since I have an engineering degree and a few certificates of excellence in IT, pls tell me how I'd insert this (widget, is it?) into my blog?

    3. I was travellin during this week - I was in Kerala's 15th district, Dubai :).. so when I saw this post, I was flattered, but then I was thinkin which one, after which I thought how do I insert it n then after a while went about with my life to tackling my life's biggest ongoing challenge- cleaning my room (dam those beer bottles!)

    So really, oru aayiram (wht the hell is 'million' in mallu?) thanks undudo.. lemme knw hw I can insert it into my blog...

    Hey r u comin fr the blogger meet next week? N btw, Salman's 'Bodygaurd' is summa rockin the boat!! :)

  24. Eureka! I did it!! Thnx so much, Divya :)

  25. @R-A-J: I gave you the Versatile Blogger award re. Glad you finally figured it out. :)
    When's the Blogger Meet happening, and where???
    Planning to go for Bodyguard this week. :)

  26. how??? how??? how?? I am still shaking with rage at myself - how did I miss this one? bwaaaaaaaaaaaaah...... thank you for such nice things that you said about me!! and please, please rootho math, maan jao..

  27. @Nirvana: :( Ok, buy me chocolate icecream. I'll not sulk.


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