January 3, 2012

It’s amazing…

1) …how so many people have an opinion on something so personal and seemingly insignificant as a haircut. It’s my hair. I’ll cut it, grow it, corn-row it, bead it, colour it purple, or shave it- it’s my wish.

2) …how when you’re thin, all everyone could ask was “Why are you so thin? Aren’t your parents feeding you anything?”, and when you put on four kilos, they leave no opportunity to ask you “Why have you put on weight? What do you eat?”

3) …how random people I’m meeting for the first time in my life can have the audacity to ask me “Your friends are getting married no? Why are you not getting married?”. To which I politely replied, “If that’s the case, many of my friends are having babies also. That doesn’t mean I should do whatever they do.”

4) …how you can be 25 years old to the rest of the world, but still be just 2 years old to your parents. It’s infuriating at times, but for the most part, very very reassuring.

5) …how, in spite of having lived away from home since 2007, my mom still cries each and every time I leave home after a vacation. Every. Single. Time.

6) …how I tease Amma for being a cry-baby every time, but I myself turn away from her quickly so that she doesn’t see my eyes welling up.

7) …how beautiful our country looks from up in the air, amidst the clouds. Gorgeous.

8) …how something as simple as getting a call from the sound engineer in my old office, saying “Divya, come down to the office na. I want your voice to record new year wishes jingle” can make me so happy.

9) …how delicious crab curry and kappa-meen can taste from a small way-side stall on the seashore.

10) …how the worst kind of sickness that can afflict you is ‘homesickness’.

2011 was a revelation. It was a roller-coaster ride. It brought along many surprises, good and bad. The biggest ‘good’ surprise of the year was my dad. The next was how blogging and writing became a major part of my life. I also discovered the perks of blogging. I started teaching part-time.

I hope 2012 gives me more clarity. Because I badly need it. I cannot stay confused forever. Because if the world really is going to end in 2012, I don’t want to die regretting that I never did all those things that I wanted to.

I also hope I start working on a book this year. And for that, I need motivation from you guys. You guys have helped me become an avid blogger. I’m confident that you’ll also help me become an author. I have more faith in you people, my dear bloggers, than I have in myself.

Happy 2012, folks. Let’s promise to the do and be the best we can, shall we?


  1. Nice to see you back! Missed your posts. Please do get started on that book. I will be the first one to buy it and read! :)

  2. Very well written. And your mother crying every single time you leave is so cute. My mother never cries. Though I find it a good thing, because I have learnt to be strong from her, sometimes I do wish to see her cry when I am off to hostel :P!!!
    People always have something to tell about anything that happens in our lives right? The best thing is to ignore and walk away. They deserve nothing more than that.
    And I am sure you will make a fantabolous author! Bring it on girl :)!!

  3. Lots of budding authors are around this year :)
    Yes yes you have our full support.. We'll keep pestering you.. err.. i mean motivating you, whenever you are lagging, so much that, you'll finish the book just to get rid of us ;) So think about it!

  4. I will definitely support you in your quest to become an author!!! I think you write really well.

  5. Happy 2012! :-) Great that you are thinking about book. Its high time. What will it be about?

  6. I missed you. A very very happy new year Chechi :)
    I want to see your hair cut :P:D
    And how cute is your mom ;)
    You're a beautiful human being at heart. I'll always love you for that.
    and I have faith in you too :*

  7. 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, absolute truths.

    5, 6, aww...I have never been away from home but I can understnad how you and your Amma must feel.

    8 - wow! :)

    9 - never done that :(

    10 - never been away from home, but I have had that feeling when stuck up for a couple of days at say, a relative's place.

    And you teach part-time? I think that's great. Wonder why you haven't posted anything about it. Must be interesting... :)

    And I really, sincerely and seriously hope that you sit down to work on your book. All the best. You can and you will! :)

  8. "life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans" - john lenon

    happy new year to you too :)

  9. Hey you're back :D
    *Somersault in the air*

    Happy 2012 to you and God bless you!! May you become the best authour around and yeah I hope to join you in that brigade sometime too :)

    The realisations?? Amazing! And so heartfelt. I can 100% vouch only for one thing though. Shoreside crab curry. Yumm yummm yummmm :)

    Don't take such breaks, people miss the Spiff here.

  10. hehe... points 5 and 6 sho shweett.

    P.S. Today my blog turns 1 Divya. You are invited to my blog's amazing virtual bithday bash.. Please do visit my blog and oh before i forget.. bringing gifts is mandatory..:D

  11. Youuuuuuuuuuuu aaaaaaaaaaaaare baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Woohoo :) I have been waiting for your next post since Dec 24 and finally here you are :)

    Agree with everything you have written, if only we had better ways to defend the marriage and baby questions! Sigh!

    And the book, write, write, write... I will give a tough competition to Sumi in being the first reader of your book :)

  12. Waah, a girl that writes well...has a voice suited for jingles...is so emotional and yet has an attitude towards sucky things...way to go!

    write that book yaar...it sure would do wonders:-)

  13. New year jingle eh??!!!! I soo want to hear ur voice now!!
    and Moms are soo cute na! and Kappa and meen curry :( I waaaant!
    People really shud start minding thr own business!

  14. Wish you a happy new year girl :)
    You would do great with a book :) And yes we will keep pestering you like Chandana said :)

  15. @Sumitra: Yup, I really will. :) I should, actually. High time...

    @Writing Bee: My mom is a softy. :)

    @Chandana: :D And I know that you guys are perfectly capable of it!

    @cricketfreak: Thank you so much. :)

    @Avirat: I have no clue. I'm still only thinking about it.. :)

    @Serendipity: Thank you so much, sweety. :)
    You quit FB kya? I've uploaded my pic there.

    @Destiny's Child: I haven't written about the teaching thing yet because it's not been very long since I started it. I've only taken three classes so far. I thought I'll write about it once it becomes more stable. :)

    @maniac.hunter: That's one of my favourite quotes. :)

  16. @Soumya: Breaks are good once in a while. :)
    Oh that crab curry was so yumm I tell you!

    @Karisma: Congrats on turning a year old! :)

    @Keirthana: I will, write write write. :)

    @Suruchi: Ssshh!! Don't let out that I can be emotional sometimes! It's a well-guarded secret. I like to believe that I'm very strong. *cough cough*

    @Red Handed: :)Lemme see if I can find one of my old jingles to mail you.

    @maithili: I bet you guys will! :) And that's what I'm counting on.

  17. Mail me too, mail me too!! Enichum venam!

    Header... my, my o_O

    It's painful to leave. Every single time. And I'm not sure it goes away ever.

    Make me your official motivator for book-writing and I'll work wonders on you ;P Promise. So do we have a deal?

  18. So many things you write..straight out of any one's life. My mom cries too every time I leave after vacation...and the sight to behold from up in the air...

    Good to hear that 2011 was a revelation..and I hope...you have a fabulous 2012 ahead..and tonnes of luck for the book...any sneak peek on what it is going to be about? :-)

  19. I love this post and the very 1st point I nodded my head big time.

    The book-writing would be fun. I think you should do it. You're an amazing blogger, so writing would come naturally to you :)

    May you have a fab 2012 :)

  20. Book tho you'll write off amma! What for you. Mast you are! :D<33 And ohhhh, I want to hear your jingles :( Kappa meen curry!!! I WANTSSSS! :(((

  21. Aww....the crying bit is so cute - I can completely agree! And Happy new year to you too!

  22. Happy New Year Spiff! I missed your posts :( Nice to see you back :)

  23. For 1st 3. They r people who have nothing in there lives so they interfere in other people's life
    4) its nice i wud love that thing except not allowed to do wat i want.
    5)I still have not got chance to go away.. but m sure ma mother wud never cry..:D
    7) Our country is already very beautiful, its just us who make them dirty by throwing garbage..
    9) I wud like to try that ..
    10) N for this agree wid u ..

  24. Very happy new year :) Glad u are back with your posts. missed them a lot.

    let me join your league on 2,3,9 & 10.
    5 and 6 so true,in my case its Achan.

    Hope u had a real good time with parents :)

  25. I know how wonderful india looks from air! I cant get enough of the site n i took like a hundred pics of it last time! <3

    And, book, huh? wow! whats it about?

  26. @Rahul: Thanks buddy. :)

    @PeeVee: My current header? What about it? It's just something I made for christmas/new year. :/ Is it nice?
    Let me see if I can find one of my good jingles, I'll mail it to you. :)
    And done, you've been appointed the official motivator/pest/pain-in-the-ass. Your salary will be in chocolate, though. Agreed? :)

    @Kunal: Thanks. :)
    No idea what the book is gonna be about. I just have a few vague ideas running around in my head.. Hope it gets concrete soon.

    @Confused soul: Thanks, sweety. :) Hope I get down t working on it soon.

    @DawnZhang: :D Come off to Kerala with me the next time I go. I'll get you kappa-meen.

  27. @Nirvana: Thanks. :) Hey, aren't you supposed to be in Hyderabad?

    @Krishna: Aww, thanks da. :)

    @Roohani: I so love long comments like this. :)

    @Jane: I had a great time with my folks and my friends :) I was in TVM, by the way. That's where you're from, right?

    @Indumathy: I so wanted to take pics, but I had kept my cam in my checked in luggage, and they wouldn't let me switch on the phone. :(
    And the book is still a vague idea re... Not decided for sure.

  28. Yup from Trivandrum..Peroorkada specifically :) Which place is your home?

  29. HAppy New Year Spiffy! Hope 2012 gives you the clarity you want. 2011 sounds like it was good for many! Take care and looking forward to more posts from you this year! :)

  30. I sense relief, irritation and calm all rolled up in one.

    It is nice to have you back and writing about things close to you.

    P.s I have had short hair for most of my life. I always have people, strangers, telling me "you will never find a husband" :P :P Good no? :P

  31. @Jane: My place is in Jagathy.

    @PB: Happy new year to you too! :)
    2011 wasn't all that great a year. If I had to do it all over again, the only thing I would want to repeat is the writing part of it. Rest was basically crap.

    @Srinidhi: Ya ya, good only. As if hair is what makes or breaks a marriage. :/ Bleddy.

  32. 6. so true , i guess i am the same

    7. yes saare jahan se acha hindustaan hamara :)

    yes yes yes to al the points i must say

    roller coaster ride is good , it will be boring otherwise ..
    so have a great 2012 and wish you a very happy new year ..


  33. Hi nicely written :) :) It is your humorous posts which makes you really good :) wish you a happy new year too :)

    On writing a book, I am damn sure it will e hilarious and good :) :) Go ahead with your ambition :)

  34. hehehe.....yes, I was in Hyderabad - for the first time in my life. And what do I do there? Sit cooped up in a hotel conference room, looking at boring people's face..... Next time, by God I hit the Char Minar!

  35. I want you to guest post for me Chechi, your witty lists or your awesome fiction, anything :)
    Tellme if you're willing :)

    Take all the time you need :)

  36. First time on your blog....
    My mom will always be at the verge of crying but she never actually cried! Thankfully!
    Wishing you a fabulous new year and good luck for your book!

  37. @Bikramjit: Ah yes, roller-coaster ride is definitely less boring. But too many of them and your head will start spinning no? That's why I want a quiet year. :)

    @RAVISHANKAR: Hey, thank you so much. :)

    @Nirvana: Are, you should've called no. I would've taken you!

    @Serendipity: Done, sweety. :) Will send one ASAP. Thanks! :)

    @Vaish: Hey there. Thanks for dropping by.:)

  38. Where have you been girl? Good to see your post! And yeah, moms are such softies, na? Get started on the book soon..I'll buy it for sure ;)

  39. The next time anyone talks about getting married and having children, just tell them this :

    "Everyone is either getting married or having babies. Im becoming more awesome. That's even better."

    It will help to shut them off at least.


  40. Spiff, April is here. Have you started working on your book? So many folks here need a update :P


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