January 8, 2012

I had a dream...

Do dreams really signify anything?

I’ve pretty much been a dreamless-sleeper. But of late, I’ve been getting a lot of dreams. Not particularly bad ones, but chaotic ones. Ones that don’t let me sleep peacefully. Ones that have me tossing and turning all night. Ones that I actually remember the next morning because of its unpleasantness.

I’ve noticed a pattern. Whenever I’m at peace with my life, I have a dreamless sleep. I go to bed, fall asleep immediately, and have a refreshing sleep. But if there’s something worrying me- which is alarmingly often these days- I have a very fitful sleep. I take hours to fall asleep, in spite of curling up to the maximum possible limit. If there’s even the tiniest bit of issue worrying me (like, for example, when Sumitra had hosted her C&H giveaway, I actually dreamt that someone else had won it. I swear, I’m not exaggerating. That was the closest I came to having a nightmare :/ That I won it eventually is a different matter :P). There have been times when I woke up to find my cheeks wet because I had been crying in my sleep, and I hurriedly called up home and my friends to ensure that everyone was ok.

But one recurring dream that I’ve had, quite many times, is of going to an exam unprepared. And I’m mostly wearing my school uniform. These dreams usually follow a pattern of me forgetting that I have an exam, rushing to the exam hall, asking random people for last-minute-notes, and sitting and staring blankly at the question paper. And then when I wake up in the morning worried that I have an exam to rush to, I remember with a sigh of relief that I no longer have to appear for exams!

Last night was one such night. Among a lot of other chaotic things, including an accident (or was it death? I don’t remember), I dreamt that I had gone to yet another exam, unprepared. I finally fell asleep at 5:30 AM. As a result, I’m now nodding off at my desk. And I thought I was done with losing sleep over exams…

If any of you has read Freud, can you tell me if this recurrence means anything?

Do you usually remember your dreams? What are your recurring dreams?

P.S:- I got my nose pierced. Yay! :) No, I’m not going to put up pics here, not right now anyways, because the nose pin that they gun-shot into my nose at the parlour is a big one. So it’s like there’s a mini-bulb glowing on my nose right now. As if I needed anything more to draw attention to my elephant-nose. :/ But I love it all the same. :)


  1. Dreaming is physiological, and there's nothing wrong with getting nightmares. I experienced nightmares on a daily basis and I still do and when I researched on it I found that nightmares are the mind's way of releasing pent up stress and the exam ones are particularly common. So don't worry about it and don't stress out :)

  2. Did the piercing hurt? I've been wanting to get my nose pierced for the longest time! I've had the going-to-the-exam-unprepared dream several times too.. someone i knew told me it was just performance anxiety.. about what ? life in general, she told me. Well, i have no clue what Freud would have pegged that as ,because I couldn't get past 10 pages of his Interpretation of dreams, but i do think its a way of our subconscious mind letting off steam.Sleep well!

  3. You should have warned me that reading emails with revelations of the world ending in December 2012 in the dead of the night scare you :P :P. I wouldn't have emailed you that part :P.

    My bedtime is quite uneventful, ermm dream wise that is :P. I usually drift into sleep and wake up 8-9 hours hence; dreamless sleep for me.

    And with you getting a nose piercing and some of my other friends doing some other awesome things, we can safely assume that 2012 has gotten off to a brisk start for the vast majority.

    Cheers :)

  4. I have exam nightmares too, very similar to yours. I'm mostly in college, I'll have like a month to prepare and I'm saying, this time, I'll do it right. But somehow the next moment I'm at the exam and I'm blank. Or it's like I've been writing for hours but the papers are all still blank. Or everyone's left and I'm the only one in the hall still writing. I used to have nightmares on a regular basis earlier.

    I know this sounds cliche, but after I was introduced to yoga and meditation, the bad/worrisome dreams reduced drastically. Also, this video helped me a lot:


    Now I'm sort of able to ignore my dreams :)

    Congrats on the nose-ring!

  5. I am no good at interpretting dreams so no idea .. :)

    i guess its jsut the subconsciou mind thinking of exams thats all


  6. Dont worry. It happens. I get dreams where I usually forget things during exams. Like, I forget to take my Hall ticket with me, or I forget to write my USN no. on the answer sheet. It usually reflects our hidden fears or anxieties which we generally dont remember or acknowledge in conscious state.

    Once I had a dream that I over slept for a lab exam. And after waking up from the bed(it was 11am by then) I started worrying what was I going to do about it. It took me a while to come to my senses and realize that the lab exam I feared I had missed, just got over the previous day..:-)

  7. i get weird dreams when i have something eating up my mind or if i think i have done something wrong to some 1.try visualizing , something must have gone wrong in past weke or so.

  8. I get a lot of dreams... I used to get recurring dreams of someone chasing me but that stopped now. My dreams are of extremes.. either I forget it the moment I open my eyes, or I can recollect even the minutest details of that dream!
    Ohhh... piercing! :D super!
    I would love to get my nose pierced but I already have an elephant nose and it'll only make it look bigger :/ doesn't suit me at all. Put pic on fb.. I wanna see!

  9. I have never had recurrding dreams...atleast none that I remember of.
    and about the nose piercing..I so want to get one but my nose is toooooo small for it!

  10. I have a lot of those dreams too. Either I will fail in exam or fall from somewhere or someone chasing and i cant run. At that moment they are scaring. And yes I cry in sleep sometimes.. like a baby.. When I open eyes, they would be all wet. Recently I was home alone and watched some thriller movie.. not horror.. and I somehow dreamt about horror.. it made me wake up at 3 and i had to call my friends..

  11. Dreams don't really mean anything but you can always google dream interpretation for fun. Given that such dreams occur when you are stressed or life is chaotic, the only explanation would be that you are having them because of the state of your mind at that point. One recurring dream I get is of my teeth slowly chipping or breaking and then falling off. I googled it and apparently it means I'm scared of old age or something like that! Go figure... :P

  12. Dreams? Damn, lets not even talk about it. For me its always been a nightmare!! Still do get them, but again you get used to it.

    Nose piercing? Woaah, now the cute button has a button hole :P

    Waiting for pics! :)

  13. my sleep is ridden with dreams..
    too many of them rather..and i can count the meagre number of times wherein i have had a dreamless sleep..
    i have been wanting to read FREUD's works since a long longgggg time..

    my most recurring dream is the one where i am..
    yess..no...without any broomstick..but i am flying..and i can feel the thrill even after i wake up :|

    and yes i remember all of my dreams to the tiniest detail..gahhhh :|

    oooohhh ooohhh oohhh..a nose piercing...!!!sexy-sexy-sexy!!
    my nose is fat like a pig..thanks to my father's sad genes..

    anyway..put up pics after the bulb thingy reduces..!!
    khi khi khi

    cheers !!

  14. @Dee: Oh the exam ones are common? Hmm.. And I'm not so sure about the releasing of pent-up tension,because when i get these dreams, I get more tensed, :/

    @Bhargavi: The peircing didn't hurt all that much. Just the initial jolt of pain. It was fine after that. :)

    @AS: Arre, the world ending in 2012 is hardly a nightmare for me.
    What other awesome things have your friends been doing? :)

    @sumitra: Yoga and meditation, huh? Hmm.. must try that..

    @Bikramjit: Yup, must be that...

    @Kanthu: It's actually such a relief when that happens, right? When you realise that it was after all just a dream. :)

    @maniac.hunter: Oh everyhting's been going wrong, nothing right.. SO ya, I guess that explians it..

    #Chandana: Mine is an elephant nose too, but I still got it no. Go ahead and get it done sweety. I'm sure you'll look great with it. :)

  15. @Pria: Oh whenever I watched a scary or disturbing movie, or some pictures, I don't sleep for three-four days. :/ I've stopped watching such movies now.

    @PB: Ah! I can find such stuff on Google?! Must try!

    @Soumya: :/ Button hole, it seems! Hmmphh!
    :P WIll upload pics soon.

    @meoww: Flying, uh? :D :D :D
    Sorry, couldn't help that! :D

  16. I am no freud, but it probably means that you are scared that you have not yet prepared for something else... Not exams... Get thinking... Wat do u think is gonna come back and bite you soon??? ;)

    And, U pierced ur nose??? Congrats!!!

  17. They say your subconscious mind mixes stuff and puts it together in dreams. It may be what you think about a lot or what you are afraid of or what you love. The innermost mind just messes it up by mixing.

    I have had those exam dreams a lot during my higher secondary school days and early college days..Then they faded away, maybe because I stopped caring much about them..

    And nose piercing? Way to go girl! I am too scared to do that. So, I may as well encourage those who do it :)

  18. Congrats on the nose ring (psst, I've always felt it somehow...just enhances a woman's beauty)

    On dreams, read this. I've had similar (muddled) thoughts about them. :)


  19. @Nikhil: :/ Umm.. Not that I know of anything that's waiting to come and bite me in my ass...

    @Keirthana: There's nothing to be scared of about nose piercing. I was too. But now that I've done it, I love it! :)

    @phatichar: Yes yes! Correct only you are! Full bootiphool I am now. :P
    And that was a sooper post. :D

  20. I have exam nightmares too. And I remember every single detail of my dreams-like what someone was wearing, the exact words they used..and so on. Most of my dreams are a collage of the various things I have read, seen on TV, happened in real etc. I have had dreams of having an accountancy lesson during skiing, voldemort painting my face white, my pet dog morphing into a tiger, and so on. So, you can call me a seasoned dreamer. :P

    I don't know what recurring dreams mean, but dreammoods.com (or google dream moods) might interest you. I have spent a lot of time on that site trying to make sense of my dreams :D

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