December 7, 2011

Double the joy

You know that One Day match in which Sachin Tendulkar took 200 runs? You remember not going for sussu even, in spite of drinking four bottles of beer, sitting in front of the TV, praying fervently to the cricket gods to let our very own God of Cricket hit his very first double century in One Day International- the very first double century in ODI by any cricketer EVER. You remember that moment when Sachin set a world record (one of the many he has set)? And do you remember how you cheered for him when he hit that 200th run? You jumped in the air, yelled, hugged surrounding people no matter who they were. Some of you cried, kissed the T.V, took off your t-shirts and other items of clothing. You cried out “Sachin Tendulkar ki jai!”.

Ok, now, jump in the air, hug surrounding people, whoever they are. Some of you can cry, kiss the computer screen, take off your t-shirts (or other preferred items of clothing), and cry out “Spaceman Spiff ki jai!”

Because my number of followers has hit 200!


No no! Don’t stop doing all those things I instructed you to do! This is also a momentous occasion wonly no!

Ok, enough with the exclamation marks. I’m starting to feel like the energizer bunny that’s had three shots of espresso.

I know I know, it’s not the number of followers that matter, it’s what you write that matters. But let me just bask in the glory for the time being, alright? Because tomorrow, the number of followers may come down to 199. Or 198.

Seriously. Over the last one month, two people unfollowed me. :( So that beautiful 200 may come down any day.

But till then, yay! :)

And Jane & John Doe gave me another reason to hop around excitedly. Thanks, you both!

Also, I allegedly rocked PeeVee’s socks. I know it sounds gross, but trust me, it’s not. In fact, it’s because of her award that I got those three-four new followers to hit 200.

Well, such a momentous occasion deserves nothing but the best music to celebrate.

Yenjaay folks! And don’t forget to sing along Silsila hai silsila! Over and over and over and over and over and over again.


  1. Congrats on the 200, wave your hand like a celebrity now.

    The video is hilarious, its stuck in my head now and is on endless re-run mode.

  2. super fucking jealous. but i know u deserve it. but still...hate u.

    show off bloody.


  3. Captain Spiff ki Jai Ho!!! :)

    Celebrations hi celebrations ho!! Dinka Chikka ho!! Raathri Shubha raathri ho!!! Silsila hi silsila ho!!

    Congrats Spiff Master!!

    To the next 200!!

  4. Silsila hai silsila silsila hai silsila ente koode paadu nee .. :P

    Gosh I HATE HATE HATE that song and you put it up with the video.. penne whattey way to celebrate :P .. Hahaha congrats on 200 followers.. that's AWESOME :D ..

    Yayieee .. and congrats on the awards too.. well-deserved :) ..

  5. yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!
    *does a boogie jig and shakes her booty*
    oohhhhh laaaa laaaaaaaaaaaaa

    a 200 ! a 200 !

    * festoons falling from the sky *
    * tinkling of champagne*

    hiccccccc :P:P:P

    now thats what i call a double whammy my molayyy !!!

    owwwwwwwwwwwa and thaaaaat soooonggggg
    silsila hai silsilaaaa
    silsilaaa silisilaaaa

    *shakes head back and forth like a robot*
    aaa silsilaaaa silsilaaaaa

    cheers !!

  6. Congratulations! But you put my name on the same page as *that* video?!

    *Stalking off to commit suicide*

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  10. Yai yem yenjaaying!!! Congrats Divs! Now I shall do a victory dance with my dog here to celebrate your momentous day! =)

  11. Yay yay!! Congrats Congrats! :D :D

    This time next year you shall have 2000, take that from me. Lioness word :)

    You actually catch up on who unfollowed? Why care? They don't deserve to be in your space, or maybe your writing was too sophisticated for them villagers to understand. Always take it on your stride :)

    Here's to more and more followers and wonderful posts ahead.

    Muaaah and huggs,

  12. Oh sorry, I just realised I hadn't 'followed' you. Now your number is up 202 and I'm part of it! Jai Spiffeee!

  13. Lol! I was wondering where this was headed. Congrats at 200 followers...and smart of you to wait till it was 203 to publish it...I remember once thinking about posting when I reached such a mark and then someone left and I was back down! :{ The way you write Spiffy I'm sure you'll have 200 more in no time...

  14. Paartttty timmmmmeeee... singing ***silsila hai silsila*** now

  15. Wow!!! Glad you hit 200!!! All the best! I had to stop Jane from takin off her clothes!!!


    And an awesum song selection for the occasion!!! ROFL...

  16. Whoa, congrats Spiff!! 200 followers (and more already) is really amazing!! :D
    And now that Silsila song is gonna be stuck in my head for quite sometime!

  17. @AS: Here, waved off. :)

    @kalpak: Hehe. :) Ya re, I'm showing off only. Jaake case kar chahiye tho. :P

    @RAJ: :D At the next 200, I'll post Rathri Shubharathri. :P

    @Confused Soul: You hate that song?? Che! How can you hate such a masterpiece?! :P

    @meoww: Like I said, nautanki! :*

    @PeeVee: Have you committed suicide yet? If not, hang on! I'll post rathru shubharathri also. :P

    @Youzie: Oh yes. I agree. Those are pretty much the only matches I watch.

    @Darsh: Yay! Dance only to Silsila, wogay? :)

    @Soumya: I don't catch up on who followed, but when the number goes down sometimes, I feel bad. :( But then it increases the next day and I get super-excited again. :)

    @PB: Arre no, I actually published it when the number was still 200. it increased after that. :) And thank you so much! :) Coming from a eteran blogger like you, it sure means a lot!

    @Bhargavi: Your baby will also come out singing Silsila hai silsila. :P

    @John: Heh. :) Is she like an avatar of Poonam Pandey? :P

    @Krishna: That's exactly what I was aiming for! :) That the song will be stuck in the heads of people. :P
    Thanks sweety. :)

  18. oye balle balle, mubarakkan jee *puts glass on the table* aapka large banaun?

  19. Oyyy congratulation my louuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!
    Spaceman Spiff ki jai jai!!!!!!!!!!!
    And awesome awards!! Congratulations for that too!! :D
    SILSILA SILSILAAAA..gehehe epicosity!

  20. Some great (yet simplistic) writing here..congrats on the 200! Looking at your followers (203 as of now), maybe 204 by the end of the day?

    You came highly recommended (not in so many words though, but I figured) by the chocolate-obsessed lady.

    Keep it up! :)

  21. Congrats Spiff! Way to go. You deserve every one of those followers. Keep up the good work.

    And God! Where do you pick up such songs? You really have an ear!

  22. @maniac.hunter: Bilkul! Ek patiala hi bana do! :)

    @Red: Yass byaby. Sing it with me. Silsila hai silsila! :P

    @Phatichar: Hey thanks. :) And PeeVee is like my very own PR agency. :P (She'll kill me if she reads this).
    And hey, saw your comments on all the other posts (I though gmail had gone bonkers, coz there were so many 'Phatichar's lined up!). I wish I could reply to each, but am kinda swamped with work right now. Please don't mind uh! I usually am very prompt wiht replies. Promise.

    @Sumitra: Oh yes, I have a knack for it. :) And this song is very old actually. Many other crappy songs came and went after this.
    And thank you. :)

  23. Congraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaats :) Count me in! I have you added in my Google reader :)

  24. Awesomeness! 200 and how! and shame on people who unfollow u, mera bas chale toh apne saare (thodese hi sahi) followers tujhe daan kar du!

    and obv,
    Silsila hai silsila silsila hai silsila! heard it in HCU campus and have not laughed so hard in a long time :P

    have fun, you-ey!

  25. Kumila polulla jeevithathil ini sankadapeduvan neramilla.. Congrats Spiff. :)

  26. Not a problem at all..take care. :)

  27. Congrats..:) I dont see a reason for that number to come down. So do not worry.

    And for the Grammar Nazi in you, is it "Sachin Tendulkar took 200" or "Sachin Tendulkar scored 200"..? ;p

  28. @Keirthana: :) Thanks!

    @Express: Meri aankhen khushi se bhar aayi. *sniff sniff* *loudly blows nose*

    @Writing Bee: Thanks! :)

    @Sunitha: Yay, sing along baby! :P

    @Kanthu: Err.. Umm.. I'll ask Sachin and tell. :/ *walks away kicking herself for putting her foot in her mouth*

  29. Btw, I feel old now with the 'veteran blogger' tag! :P

  30. Rascal:P Cycle gapil keri goal adikyunno:P PR agency it seems.

    And rocking socks is not dirty ok, dirty-minded person you are:D

  31. Congratulations..Congratulations..Congratulations.. :)

    Since, now make sure..that when you reach 400 followers some add the Sachin and sehwag together.. :P

  32. u re making bill waterson proud....:-) congrats...

  33. Dear God..anything but the SIlsila song...aaaah !!!!


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