December 13, 2011

An atrocious love story

Some of us write. Some ramble. Some jot down stuff in their diaries. Some of us type and save it as a draft in our phones.

And some, like my guest blogger today, scribble. And that too atrociously, no less.

And he scribbles all the way over from Germany, where he is pretending to study but is actually lusting after cars and going on vacations to Switzerland (that I'm not even remotely jealous of. Hmmph). More than just a blogger, he is a diligent reader and critic. He doesn't believe in mincing words. His subtle sense of humour has had us all rolling on the floor and laughing. And he somehow, SOMEHOW, manages to write without any exclamation marks! I just don't know how he does that. Seriously. A fellow weirdo-Virgo, he is one of the few of my blogger-friends who actally GETS me. In many ways, I feel he is the male version of me (you lucky dog, you!).

If you still haven't got who I am talking about, come here, let me give you a knock on your head.

Ta-da! Here's Atrocious Scribblings, or Sringo as I like to call him (long story. Some other time).

When I requested (Alright! Ordered) him to write me a guest post, he promptly responded with yes and sent me the post within a few days(I know, right!). Then he put on so much of formality, I wanted to go all the way to Germany and whack him on his butt. After asking me a million times whether the post is ok and whether I would want him to redo it, or whether he should write another one, I finally told to shut the eff up.

So here is AS, talking about his love story. And just like a Yashraj movie, it has picturesque locales, beautiful characters, and a killer ending. Imagine 'Tujhe dekha tho ye jaana sanam' in the background, if you will.

My Love Story

Being a 20-something is difficult in this day and age. People on either side; the 30-something’s and the Teens see it as the place to be. Little do they know about the pressures and struggles involved in being a 20 something these days. Especially a 20 something in a land far, far, far away from the one he deems his own and more importantly in love. I`ve been asked this one simple question in all possible permutations and combinations and it all boils down the simple humanistic curiosity behind the intrusive – What is your love story?

So here goes mine.

It was during my first few hours in Germany, a land I had chosen to bring myself to, to hone my craft and better my life for the good. I stood blank and clueless in the Baggage claim area of the airport in quiet contemplation as to what the plans destiny might have in store for me in the Land of Cars, Beer and Bratwurst.

Tugging 50 kilos of luggage on a minuscule trolley to the railway station at the basement of the airport is not something you would ideally like to do on your first day abroad but that was what Karma had planned for me. The chilly weather was not helping matters one bit as I waited impatiently at the railway station. The moment I caught a glimpse of her, it was pure magic; in a flash all the chilliness seemed to vanish and was replaced by comforting warmth enveloping my chest. I knew that very instant, something special was going to unfold.

She came galloping into the station drawing the attention of a crowd of 40 odd people in what can only be described as Angel like fashion. Angelic she indeed was, dressed in impeccable white with an elegant red border she gave me the impression that the big guy up in the heavens who had been oh-so kind to many of my friends had finally found the time to send me an angel and how; In a manner that would put Shahrukh Khan’s romance in DDLJ to shame. It was undoubtedly love at first sight.

I did an imaginary fist pump on learning that we were going to be travelling to the same destination, as we set off on the almost hour long journey. I could have sworn our hearts were racing at more than 300 kilometres an hour in no time and I was instantly reminded of what Einstein once remarked ‘When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour.’ and sure enough time seemed to gallop like a prized brown stallion being controlled by its tactful jockey.

Throughout the journey I was so awed by the beauty and the peace within her that I just sat in my allotted spot silently admiring her as we passed by several crop fields, lush greenery and the serene German countryside until destiny caught up with us and we had reached the end of the line.

I was finding it very difficult; both literally and figuratively. Literally owing to the big pile of luggage that I was to push and shove again and figuratively because it was her I was destined to go away from; with absolutely no certainty on when or even whether our paths would cross again. With a heavy heart we parted our separate ways to proceed to our respective end destinations. I could only walk a few paces at a stretch and kept turning back in the wild hope that she would reciprocate; with a huge pile of luggage to tug it seemed like an intelligent enough excuse to me. I kept walking to another platform until I could see her no more.

She was gone forever; lost in the hustle and bustle of the milieu.
Or so I thought, until I managed to spot her amidst the chaos and snap one quick picture of her for my own sanity.


PS: Anyone dare call her a ‘TRAIN’ will find themselves run over by her before you can say ‘I.C.E’

Thanks a ton Ms Spiff, for letting me Atrociously use your blog space for my Scribblings.


If you guys haven't read his atrocious scribblings yet, then go over right now and spare me from giving you one more knock over your head.


  1. @spiff : i knew it was AS before you tapped on the head :D hehehehe nice intro..!!! And sringo :D hahahahaha

    @AS/sringo :p : i feel you bro...!! Totally.. I had a similar experience when i fell in love with BMW..!! Had a post on my blog..!! My first love :):)

  2. Whoa, that was hilarious!! :D I never expected such an end!!

  3. Hahhaha!! I had actually started singing Tujhe Dekho Toh Ye!! and then bang came in the 'girl'!!!

  4. ok so i came back with words :D :D :D..I will never call it a 'TRAIN'.. for my love story began in a train.. and took another leap at the altar :) :)..

    so yes thats not a train.. its sexy babe on the floor (read tracks).. very nice style of writing, engaging and perfect landing :) :)

  5. Scribbles!! :P i definetly thought it was gonna be some high-end car! :P but sadly you threw me off! :P :P... cha! :P good one! ;)

  6. Nice intro Spiff and yeah AS makes me wonder with his ability to write without exclamation marks :)

    @AS: Awesome and I was expecting a German girl when you burst my balloon by putting up the pic of your love. Anyway, good choice for love at first sight, I must say. Lovely post :)

  7. hmmm.. I never expected it to be a vehicle.She i definitely sleek and slim :)

  8. now then that was a surprise :) and love at first sight was it ...


  9. @spiff...laayyydayyy..the moment i saw the word ATROCIOUS in your title..i figured it would be this fellow's guest post.
    and yussss...i thaaaaaaank the gaawwwdddddd...the i know him.. so i be the spared from thy knock :P
    msttttt intro..aaaandd ehhh Sringo..??!! o_O

    :| :|:| :| :| :| :| :| :|
    you had me imagining some exotic bella...prancing around like lilies and daisies in the fresh spring..
    and i had gotten myself ready for a finale when you will stand and slowly raise your arms in slow motion from bottom to top..and shake and wave your hair sloooowwwlllyyyy from side to side..and wave your baaaady a lil and start a hint of a smile again in slow motion..

    *wait wait...m picturing the scene macha*

    and the louuuuuuu of your life will start running in slow motion..her hair flying in 360 degrees..
    and then finally in a befitting cllimax SHE will run...
    NO..NOT into YOUR arms...
    but to the german Arristokrat standing right behind you..holding a cigar in his lips and with a prim hat on his head...

    leaving you all heart broken..
    turning your poor lil story all ATROCIOUS.. and was beginning to feel bad for you..

    when you end with THISSSSSS

    *shakes head*

    :| :| :| :| :|

    *still shaking head*
    TRAIN ???!!


    naiiiiiceee post my bwaaaayyy..
    m a beeeeeeeeeg AC of your ohh myy gaaaawddd Vocabulary..!!

    we shall play..


    @Spiff..yesss...i had to play my role to the hilt..!!
    once a nautanki...alwayss a nautanki..!!!
    and we lady...we will have
    tete a tete over a naiiiiceee glass of vodka ^_^
    cheers !!

  10. AS:

    I knew what you were talking about when you mentioned 300 km/hr.. :D

    Because, I am in love with them too.. :D

    You are absolutely right in calling her angel...nothing less would suffice.. :P

    Spaceman Spiff:

    Thank you for this one. :)

  11. @Atrocious..wokaaayyyy..
    i had a second look at her..
    and...errmmm...well ummmm..


    ok baye :P

  12. Crazy dude...just when I thought about this girl and how he could take a pic..comes the main plot.. hehe nice read.. i likey :D

  13. Hehe, when I read the 'galloping part' and the white with the red border, i thought you were talking about a big, white, fluffy dog with a red collar. Little did I expect a TRAIN!!!

    Good job, well written!

  14. @ AS : you fell in love with a TRAIN?! :P
    A TRAIN????
    How could you do this?! :P
    Nice post. A li'l disappointed, but a whole lotta happy, that you found your love! :P

    @ Spaceman spiff : Badhiya hai, boss! :P :D

  15. @All: Glad you enjoyed it. :)

    @Sringo: Now get your ass over here and reply to the comments. :)

  16. @Nick - BMW was my ex and we are not on talking terms now, so she doesn't get to figure in a post.

    Thanks for reading this one Bud.

    @KSS- The heart desires what it desires, that's all I have to say :P.

    Appreciate your coming over.

    @Writing Bee - Coincidentally that was the song stuck in my head when I first met her.

    Thanks for coming by.

    @Sukupedia - Hi-5, for not calling HER a train and yes, she indeed is a babe on wheels.

    Thanks for coming back to comment on this atrocity of a blog post.

    @Viya - I'm not allowed to fall in love with trains now? hmmppph :P

    Thanks for the read

    @Keirthana - She is a beautiful German girl isn't she? Wonder what Amma would think of her? :D

    Appreciate your reading this one.

    @Sunitha - You did not just call her a vehicle :P, she's the love of my life :D.

    Thanks for coming by.

    @Bikramjit - Love at first sight indeed Sir and why not, she's firang, and is quick as a laser; complete package, right? :P

    Appreciate your coming over.

    @Meoww - I was eager as to what you would think of this.

    You meanie, I don't get a girl in your make-belief story as well? I`m the hero remember? I`m supposed to get the girl at the end and not the fat cigar smoking douche bag, otherwise the movie doesn't end :P.

    Thanks for read Machi, the intro is killer right? I`ve not been able to come down from all the flying after reading the intro until Ms Spiff ordered that I reply to the comments.

    @Kunal - Finally someone who understands me.

    She's the complete package right? goes at 300 kmph, doesn't make noises and looks like a bomb.

    Appreciate your coming over bud.

    @Confused Soul - A Rose is a rose is a rose :P and Glad you liked reading this one.

    @Sumitra - The experience on an ICE was exhilarating that the least it deserved was a blog post.

    Thanks for coming by.

    @Paanipuri Lover - Dont you call her a train missy, she'll run over you at more than 300 kmph and yes, the heart wants what it wants.

    Thanks for the read.

    @Ms Spiff - Thanks for the killer introduction, I'll get back to flying in the clouds if I may? :P.

  17. @SS- The topic of the post itself revealed who the writer could possibly bee. I loooove his posts and ardently read his every blogpost.
    @AS- I am disappointed. I was steaming with jealousy the way you, a man was so beautifully telling us how beautiful and exqquisite your lady love is and then baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam, the picture came. :(
    hehehehehe laughed but!

  18. @ Spiff, the story behind Sringo... Now. Please. For if it's you and if it's him, it'll be entertaining to say the least.

    @ AS, you know what:P I suspected from the beginning that it wasn't a girl:D Why? I don't know, because you don't seem the type who goes glassy eyed?:P
    But a train? A TRAIN? For God's sakes man!:D

  19. hey Atro....

    as usual mind-blowing.... ur Jab We Met Love story is beautiful....and i really hope and wish ke "tera pehla pyaar adhura na ho" :P

    knowing you i was expecting sumthng like this...mebbe a kid or sumthng....n\but not a...a...a.....welll....TRAIN..there I said it....phewww //looking around, cautiously// saying I.C.E...yaaay am alive..

    tera pyar jhoota hai..

  20. Superb write up...She is absolutely beautiful...
    @Spiff:Thanks to you too...

  21. @Red - This is true love in its purest form and every word of it is the absolute and gospel truth :P.

    Thanks for the read and the comment.

    @PeeVee - The story behind Sringo is a secret that is more closely guarded than India's strategic missile program :P.
    (PS: Ms Spiff- Shhhhhh, ok? You promised)

    I trust this story puts the various theories behind my singlehood to rest now :D.

    Thanks for coming by.

    @Dee Dee - No, my love for her is unadulterated and true :P.

    She will run over you soon, Supari dey di hai mainey :D.

    Appreciate your coming by.

    @Blue Lotus - Gorgeous isn't she?

    Thanks for reading this one.

  22. haha
    I had figured it out at "drawing the attention of a crowd of 40 odd people" :D

    nice post :)

    Stay Blessed AS and SS ^_^

  23. I would be a fool to say that the end was totally unexpected. It was totally, absolutely, completely and atrociously unexpected!
    You definitely have a way with words, loved the read. :)

    Spiff: You are introducing quite a few talented young turks here. Thanks! :)

  24. A train.. You serious?..Hahaha..Brilliant post..What more I chased im to his blog and I am following him too...AWESOMENESS!


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