June 12, 2011

To you, with love.

Anyone who is a writer wants to see their own book published sometime or the other. I'm no different.

The only problem is, I’m not making any effort towards it.

But that doesn’t deter me from writing the acknowledgements. You know, the page(s) where I thank people for being with me, for being an important part of my life and making my book a success.

P.S:- If I've missed anyone out, I apologize.

So here is it.

Acha for being the best dad I could’ve asked for, for having utmost faith in my judgement and choice. The faith that you have in me has helped me have more faith in myself. I didn’t know how much you trusted my judgement until you told it to someone else and that person told me. A ‘good job’ from you means more to me that the highest grades. The slightest hint of disappointment from your part and my mind will blow a fuse. It’s ok if you’re not the type who gives hugs or calls me cute nicknames. You let me and Chechi go when you thought the time was right, and that was the best thing you’ve done for us. My strength, comes from your strength.

Amma, for being such a darling mom. For teaching me A B C D’s. For asking me questions while I revised for exams, and nodding off in between. For waking up at four in the morning along with me when I had to study. For the extremely patient person that you are. For having the heart to cook the best non-veg for us even though you’re a vegetarian. For passing on the genes of cooking to me, the only good thing I managed to inherit from you. For all the drama that you do.

Chechi, for being my inspiration. If I can ever be half the person you are, my life is worthwhile. For being the doting elder sister. For all the times you’ve tagged me along with you, for all the times you’ve been there for me. For giving back my old chechi to me, the one who I used to play cricket inside the house with, with a diary and rubber ball; the one I used to fight for the phone with; the one whose clothes I used to shamelessly borrow; the one who always knows what I want even without asking me. I know I’m not the best sister around. I know I can be an utter fool sometimes. I know I’ve done plenty of things to make you ashamed of me. But I’m trying my best to make you proud of me, and some day, I will.

My grandpa, Velyachan, for the inspiration that you are to everyone in the family. I wish you were alive, to see that your Ammu writes. I got that from you, Velyacha. They don’t make men like you anymore.

My grandma, Acchama (dad’s mother), for being the strongest woman I’ve ever seen. You brought up three children pretty much all by yourself, and lived alone till the day you died at age 80. Our summer holidays wouldn’t have been the same if not for your home-made grape wine, yummy food, your constant bickering with us for watching too much T.V., and the wonderful mango tree in your garden. I have forgotten what it is to have a summer vacation now.

Mamu, for being a wonderful uncle. You’re simply the best. The devotion that you’ve had towards Velyachan and Ammamma is something every son should learn from.

Anand, Chattu, Nisha, Saty, Roro, Vijish, Meera, Reshu:- for being a permanent fixture in my life for the past 14-15 years. I know you guys will be there even when I grow old and be bent over double with age. I know that you guys will be there even if I tell you to go away. I know that even if I murder somebody, you will be there for me. Yes, you will probably slap me for murdering, but you will still be there for me. There isn’t any side of me that you guys haven’t seen, and yet, you guys love me unconditionally. [If I have to thank each of you individually, that'll be an entire book in itself. Sorry for the grouping. :(]

Arun, for redefining the whole concept of friendship for me. I must’ve done something extremely great in my last birth to have got a friend like you in this birth. I’ve probably been the nastiest to you, but you’ve still stuck on. Now you know why I call you ‘Satellite’. You’re also the biggest pain in the ass I’ve ever met, undoubtedly. If I ever write a book someday, you’ll be the first person to read it, just like you’re the first to read whatever I write now.

Hosku, for being a wonderful roommate and friend. For being there when I’ve wanted to bawl my eyes out. For knowing things about me that no one knows and yet, not judging me for it. For being there, yet giving me my space. I hope I’ve been able to do the same for you. And yes, also for being a great cook. Makes life so much easier for me.

Sree, for showing me that happiness needn’t necessary mean leaving home, having a job, living alone, and being independent. You’ve always been there for me, be it in college when I didn’t know how to board a KSRTC bus, or when I had started to lose faith in myself. I know I don’t say it enough, but you’re a wonderful, wonderful girl. I hope every mother gets a daughter like you, who chose her widowed mother’s happiness over her own. I will always admire you for that. And my admiration for you has now doubled because of the profession you are in- teaching- one of the most difficult things to do.

Pakki, for introducing a whole new world of insanity to me. I never knew what it is to be completely mad, yet amazingly grounded, till I met you. For making my life a roller-coaster ride each and every day, every single moment. Dedication for one’s art, I learnt from you. For the ultimate PJ’s that you crack, pathetic as they are. For making me laugh with your hay-wire imagination.

Ajish, for being one of my most loyal readers and critic. For giving hundred percent honest reviews about my posts. I thoroughly enjoy our ‘intellectual’ conversations. I hope someday, you will muster up the courage to send your poems to publications.

My wonderful teachers, Sarat Sir and Becket Sir in particular, for having faith in me. Sarat Sir, for kindling a passion for the English language in me, and Becket sir for believing that I’m cut out for better things in life. AJ Sir, for making me a radio- fanatic.

Shobana Ma’m, for being a wonderful boss. I don’t think I’ll ever get a boss like you ever again in my life, and I’ve made my peace with it. The one year and four months that I spent in Red FM was one of the most important phases of my life, and you were an integral part of it. For yelling your head off at me one minute, and then taking me out for dessert to Ofen the very next. For treating me as not just a mere employee, but as a friend, confidante, and a sister.

Barath, aka Mommy, for introducing me to the world of blogging. If you hadn't sat with me that evening in the library and convinced me to create this blog, and guided me how to, I probably wouldn't have written so much. I know I'm not as much a celebrity as you are in the blogosphere, but I hope to catch up some day. :)

The regular readers of my blog, for being a great audience and encouraging me. I put half my life out here, on my blog, for the whole world to read. It is overwhelming when people accept it, enjoy it, and appreciate it. What began as just a hobby, a vent for my emotions, has now turned into an addiction for me. An addiction that I’m not afraid of.

To each and every person who has appreciated my writing. It works like a drug.

And not to forget, the dude up there, for putting up with this cranky, temperamental girl who, I’m sure, gives you a headache every single day with her antics. Still, I know I’m your favourite child. All I need to do is ask, and you’ll give it to me. Even without a bribe. :) Ok now, when can I have that bunglaw in Banjara Hills? About time, you know.

Looks like I already have half my book.


  1. This post is sooo good!!:D Though I do a lot of scrawling for time-pass, and people appreciate that(o_0) so much as to badger me to start my own blog, for which I am now eternally grateful to them now...I never gave much of a thought to writing a book...I always think I'm not "thaaat" good enough!! :P :D

  2. And this piece of writing is just as beautiful as you are, my wonderful naughty daughty, And tell you a secret my lil girl,

    "If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, "thank you," that would suffice"

  3. That was just wonderful you know..
    Acchammas are always cute....

    You have a family to die for and friends to kill for :D

  4. I am sure you must've mixed my drinks daily in my last birth ;-)

  5. @Anvita: That's the problem with all of us. We think we're not 'that' good. :/ And then we talk about writing a book...

    @The Seeker: Thanks Mommy. That's a wonderful quote. :)

    @Red Handed: Thank you. :) I always get super excited when I have a new visitor. :)

    @Arun: Maybe yes, maybe no... ;)

  6. That was really sweet! Now, here's a secret, even I have my book's acknowledgement all planned and I can assure you, this reads almost similar! The things about Amma, Acha, Chechi...
    Are you a Teresian by any chance?

  7. @Destiny's Child: Thank you.:)
    Nope, not a Teresian. I studied in Mar Ivanios, TVM. Are you a Teresian?

  8. Yup, I am one! :)
    Why I asked is, I saw one of your posts (Mallu Food Guide) on one of my Teresian friends FB Wall. That's why :) By the way, that's one hell of a cool post!

  9. @Destiny's child: Thanks! :) That post spread faster and wider than a rumour. :) It got me believing in the power of the internet and in "It's a small world". It was overwhelming...

  10. ... and I thought I was alone in thinking of what I will write in 'the acknowledgements' even before keying in a word of the book (in my case, a dissertation).

    It's quite heart-warming to see a comprehensive account of your gratitude towards the people who have made your life what it is. I say that because expression (read 'profusion') of gratitude is frowned upon in many quarters these days.


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