June 30, 2011

Tag time.

A random tag I picked up from somewhere.

1. Without sharing your name, who are you?
I’m that girl your mom loves as much as she loves you. I’m that girl who laughed out loud when you said the most romantic line in history. I’m that girl who can’t stop laughing over some small incident for hours together. I’m the one will look at you ridiculously if you so much as suggest dieting. I’m the one who spent the last five hundred bucks she had to satisfy an insane craving for the lasagna at Ofen. I’m the one who sat like a rock through a sappy senti movies, but cried like a baby when Dumbledore died. I’m the girl-next-door who can be the girl of your nightmares too.

2. Describe yourself in less than five words.
Refer to my bio.

3. Do you have any special talents? What?
Just the one. Writing. Unless you count an extremely sarcastic tongue as a talent.

4. Are there any talents you wish you had? What?
I wish I had some musical talent. I love to sing, but sadly, only I can bear with it. Sigh…
I also wish I could play an instrument, especially the guitar.

5. What are your most important interests? What do you like about them?
I love reading. That’s what keeps me sane, and that’s what inspires me to write.

6. What is your opinion of Lady Gaga?
Gah- gah.

7. If you could go anywhere right this second, where would you go?
I would go home, to mom and dad. I’ve been craving for some rice and fish fry for many days now.

8. What are your favorite foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
Breakfast, I don’t eat much. Mainly because I don’t wake up in time to make anything. So I end up eating bread or biscuits or Chocos. For lunch, a bit of rice and sambar/dal/majjiga pulusu and sabji. For dinner, I try to avoid eating rice. Either roti or maggi. Actually, I can eat maggi any time of the day. Besides these, give me chicken and fish every day, I’ll happily eat. Except for in the breakfast.

9. Do you have siblings? Talk about them; if not, talk about being an only child.
I have an elder sister. And she’s the best in the world. She’s married, settled in Bangalore, and works in corporate communication.

10. Do you like sports? What teams do you support?
Nope. Not at all. I was just a not-so-silent spectator during sports days in school. The only ‘sport’ I ever excelled in was skipping. Because I was an asthma patient as a kid, I was never allowed to take part in sports and all. And then, I just lost interest.

11. Do you have any tattoos? If not, would you ever get one?
I don’t have one now, but I would LOVE to get one!

12. Have you ever donated blood? Why or why not?
No, I haven’t. I’m terrified of needles.

13. How do you like your coffee and/or tea?
I like it, be it coffee or tea, with less milk (I hate milk), more water, a bit strong, with very little sugar.

14. Are you left- or right-handed?

15. If you’re in college, what are you studying? If not, what did/what are you planning to study?
I finished college in 2007 (Man, am I old or what...). I studied B.A. English Literature. And then did M.A. in Communication. (ok now this is starting to read like a profile for a matrimonial site).

16. What are some of your short-term goals?
Save money. Improve my writing. Get more freelance work and bylines.

17. What kind of music do you like?
Ah… old hindi songs. I could listen to them all day long. I’m basically a Bollywood junkie.
Other than that, selective English songs, like ‘The Doors’, a bit of Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, some of Dire Straits.. It depends. I like particular songs of theirs than follow the band as such.

18. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
Anywhere cold. Or at least cool. One place I would love to live in is Dehradun or Nainital, mainly because of the way it is described by Ruskin Bond. Outside India, I would love to live in Switzerland.

19. Have you ever been overseas? Where and when?
No. :(

20. Have you ever been to the circus? What did you think at the time?
Ooh yes!! I love the circus! But it’s been ages since I’ve been to one.

21. Are you wearing shoes right now? If so, describe them. If not, describe your socks/feet.
I’m wearing purple and beige colour chappals that I bought from Brigade Road in Bangalore. Comfortable, purple, and cheap- what more would I want? And it doesn’t look bad either.

22. List some things you’d like to do before you die.
Hmmm.. 1) Fly 2) Go to the tallest building in the world (heights excite me. It’s so exhilarating!) 3) Learn to bake 4) Build my dream home. 5) Learn to play guitar. 6) Go on a world tour. 7) Write at least one book.
More on this here.

23. What do you prefer to write with; pencil, pen, crayon, Sharpie, lipstick, chalk, etc?
Pencil. I love the sound it makes, when you write with a pencil on paper. There’s something very inexplicably musical about it.

24. Do you like movies? What are your favorites?
I like movies, ya. Favourites are too many to list here.

25. Do you like chocolate? What’s your favorite kind? If not, WHY.
I like chocolate. I don’t love them. My favourites would be Twix, Ferrero Rocher, Dairy Milk Silk Roast Almond, then some of those wafer types. I LOVE chocolate cakes, though. And chocolate ice-cream as well. Oh alright, pretty much anything chocolate-flavoured.

I tag Priyanka, Arun, Time-out, Destiny's Child, the Dewdrop, and anyone else who wants to be tagged. Have fun!


  1. Loved your blog. just read this post. But it worth every second I spent.

    Good work. Keep writing.
    You just got a follower

  2. @Nia Charms: Thank you, Nia. :)
    ANd that you for dropping by. I hope you stay on, though. ;)

  3. Thanks for the tag!:) And it's novel... I'll enjoy writing answers to these...

  4. I love writing with pencil too..... the sound it makes, and an undescribeable ecstasy when putting a newly sharpened pencil point to paper! Liked all the others too... nice !

  5. Wooot! "I finished college in 2007 (Man, am I old or what...). I studied B.A. English Literature. And then did M.A. in Communication" I need your help! How do I message you? It's really important and may sound stupid, but it's important to me! :D How do I reach youuu? :( And nice! :D

  6. @Priyanks: Yenjaay! :)

    @Nirvana: Seriously, isn't that a lovely sound? And it's so much more gratifying to sharpen a pencil and make it ready for scribbling. :)

    Hey Dawn Zhang, you can mail me at divya.ivanios@gmail.com. And thanks! :)

  7. Thank you for tagging!. Never did this before!!.. Super Excited!! :P

  8. Thanks for the tag Spaceman Spiff! I think I am going to have fun doing it. Heck! I haven't updated my blog in ages..perhaps now is the time. Boss, thanks for the inspiration to write! :)

  9. @Destiny's Child: That's EXACTLY why I tagged you. I haven't read a post of yours in AGES! :/


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