June 16, 2011

Password please

Flash fiction in 200 words.

“Oh god! How could I be so stupid?!”, she cried.

“Is that a rhetorical question?”, her husband chided her.

She threw him a mutinous look, and looked back at her computer monitor. Clearly, this was not a time for humour.

“Ok, ok. What happened now? I’ll help if I can.”

“You know how the internet protocol usually says that for every account that you create on the net, use a different password?”

“Ya.. so?”

“So, that’s exactly what I did. Five different passwords for five different websites, and now I can’t remember what password I gave for my online shopping account. What do I do now??!!”

“Ok, relax. Just click on “Forgot Password”, and they’ll generate a new one for you.”

“Ya, I guess I’ll have to do that… Damn, I’m not going to give so many different passwords ever again. I hope I remember the rest of them.”

“Well, you should’ve thought of that before registering on all those online shopping sites. You’ll get purple shoes in stores also, you know. ”

*Gasp!!* “ Purple shoes! That’s my password!! Yay!!! I love you, seriously!”

“Next time, just give my name as the password. You’ll never forget that.”

“Err.. right…”


  1. Phahahahaha.......:D

    Dont do this to women divi... pleasee!!

    I cant stop laughing!

  2. Lol :D Happens all the time, doesn't it? Real cool. And oh-hum, purple shoes? :D Amma, you are so obsessed with that color, kadha! :D Love this! :)

  3. @Dewdrop: No laughing matter, this. :/ It happens to me all the time. I give different innovative passwords, and then forget what they are. I've been wanting to write on it since very long, but didn't know how to without making it sound like a rant. Hence, this. :)

    @Dawn Zhang: Hehe. :) Can't help it. I can't seem to think beyond purple. ;)

  4. :-D ... can see the obsession with purple! Good one.

  5. Haha.. Err right!! Loved it. And made for such a quick and interesting read too.. :)

  6. @Zeba: Oooh! A new visitor! Yay! :)
    Thank you. :)


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