May 17, 2011

Curiousity killed Google

You know what's a really fun pastime? Open Google, type in random letters or words in the search box, and wait for the instant search results to come in the drop-down menu.

I don't mean to sound like a know-it-all, but technically, shouldn't 'How to get pregnant' come after 'how to kiss'? Just wondering...

I agree, Google has all the answers, but isn't asking it 'Who am I' taking it a little too far?

'Panties in a twist'??? I didn't even have the guts to click on that and wait for the results to come up. It may have had images of ladies doing the twist in panties. Or twisting in bed in panties. Or twisting panties. Or shut up.

Is it just me, or is it an irony that 'When will I die' comes right after 'when will I get married'?

Without dress. Anyone will do. Even if it's a koala bear. We're not fussy that way.

And the best of the lot...

Brother of Dennis, are we, Mr.Pennis?

This post has some funnier suggestions.

What all people search for... Sigh...


  1. Hi-5!!! :P
    But you know what's the best? Type who's the cutest and click on "I'm feeling Lucky", if you haven't already :D

  2. "Who am I" is a movie name :D

  3. @Lunatic: Nope, haven't checked yet. But when i tried from office, it said 'access blocked'. So i'm guessing it muct be quite a search. :|

    @Anand: I know that :p. Some Jackie Chan flick right?

  4. leads to a webpage which reads 'YOU ARE' :P

  5. Google Instant use cases and my ex-roomie worked on it. Forwarding this blog post to him. LOL :)

  6. @Vivek: I'm sorry I didn't get that. Google Instant uses what cases?
    And by all means, forward. As long as your ex-roommate doesn't sue me for defamation. :p

  7. Google is cranky.It brings out embarrassing stuff when you type.Uff!
    Nice article..

  8. @Blue Lotus: Thank you, madame. :)

  9. Darling, did you know that Google suggests according to your previous searches??

    Well that blog says a lot about which shady areas you were wandering :P

  10. @Sita: Google suggests according to popular searches, right? And whatever it is chech, no matter what I search, my spelling will never be as bad as 'pennis'. I swear. :/

  11. You are going from Mad to a f^&*^&g raving Lunatic with the number of posts as I read... Hi Five for Nuttiness and Joblessness¬!


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