May 29, 2011

An ordinary day...

I'm trying my hand at writing vignettes, inspired by this blogger.
I'm completely new to this form of writing, so go easy on me, will ya?


The day started out ordinary, but she knew there was something extraordinary about it. There was magic in the air.

Today was the day. He was coming home for the first time. For the first time in the four months that they had been dating, he was finally coming today. She had invited him over for lunch, and he had accepted with a twinkle in his eyes. He had then taken her hands in his, come close to her, and whispered into her ears “I would love to. Can’t wait for Sunday to come.”

She was so excited, she couldn’t even set the table properly. Even though she had planned the entire thing immaculately for a week, she was still a bundle of nerves. “Why am I acting like this?” she asked herself. “It’s just lunch, after all. No big deal.”

Ya right.

At the back of her mind, she knew why she was so excited and nervous at the same time. Today might be THE day- the day he finally told her that he loved her. Till now, they had been hanging between “I like you” and “I like you a lot.” Even “I love spending time with you.” But they both knew they had crossed that stage. It was time for some serious confessions.

She had prepared his favourite dishes- Veg fried rice, chicken curry, paneer masala, salad, papad, and gulab jamun. She’d woken up at 7 in the morning and started cooking. And that’s when she realized she loves him too. Never before had she woken up that early to cook even for herself.

She hurriedly finished off the cooking, leaving the utensils in the sink to be washed later. She still had to take a shower and get dressed. Freshly powdered and smelling of tuberoses, she emerged half an hour later, all set to welcome the man of her dreams.

And then she heard his car pulling up outside her gate…


Do let me know what you think of this kind of writing. I find it quite challenging to write vignettes and plan to explore it more.


  1. this comes across more as a suspense-filled short story than a vignette. mind you, i am not an expert (not at all) but i wanted to be honest since you asked for a review.

    i am eager to know what next :)

  2. @Nags: Ah yes, I guess you're right. It does sound like a suspense story. Maybe I should read up more about vignettes. It's quite fun to write. :)

  3. what happens next..wht wht..u better think of an ending soon else you ve had it.

  4. @Lakshmi: Err.. I haven't really thought of a 'what next', Chech. Will think of something. :)

  5. Nice Nice..I hope you will be writing a second part.Does he smack down the jamuns?

  6. @Blue Lotus: Haven't thought about a second part. And the jamuns, no, I love them too much to let anyone else eat them, even fictionally. :p


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