June 15, 2009

My tryst with life

Long time since i sat down to pen a few words. Same excuse as i've been using, all these days to everyone..too busy, no time, no energy. the side-effects of being employed.
Things are going well work-wise. Graduated from being 'trainee producer' to 'producer'. And i'm enjoying what i'm doing. after all, this is what i've been wanting to do for a really long time. and i dont have to sit at one place and work for a long time..thats the best part.
Work, i like..not too sure about the people at work, though. some are good, some not so good. have made a few friends. but still dont know whether they're friends or just acquaintances.We'l see.
I love my new home. but sadly, i hardly get time to spend there. leave home at 8:30, get back by 9. i just get a sunday. and i cherish those sundays. i'm fiercely possessive about 'my sunday'. only extreme boredom and emergencies can get me out of the house. and the former has never really been an issue with me. I dont really have a problem being alone, roaming around the city alone. It's starting to alarm me, in fact. the lack of company does not seem to bother me at all. and i dont like it if ppl stay at my place for too long. its like, ok,this is my space, you should leave now.. not a good sign.
Some days, wen i hear others in my office say that they need to get home early coz their parents will be waiting for them, i feel a stab. that there is no one back home waiting for me except my roomie, no mom to get worried abt where i am and why i'm late, no dad to pick me up if i get too late. but now, i sometimes like the fact that i'm not answerable to anybody but myself. its a strange feeling.
I'm enjoying my independance.and my solitary lifestyle.

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  1. this post took me back to my mumbai dayszz and reminiscence of newly found independence


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