April 9, 2009

A broken bond... A lost friend...

They used to be the best of friends.It didn't matter that they were sisters and there was four years in between them. They were still friends.
Grew up together, went to the same school, same college,longed for a single room yet happily shared a room, played stupid games, laughed over silly things. Squeeled to their parents abt each other, but nevertheless, stood by each other in times of need. Fought like crazy over using the phone, but made up in less than a few hours. Fought for a pillow, but also learned to share it. Roamed around the city on the kinetic, going for movies. Shopped together for clothes. Spoke about friends, lives, dreams.
The younger one( lets call her choti) was always in awe of her elder sis(obviously we'l call her badi). Whatever badi did, choti had to do it. Wherever she went, choti wanted to go along. Not because she wanted to be a pest, but because she just felt that her elder sis was the coolest person in the world,and doing the same things that she did wud make her cool too. They were friends.They cared abt each other...

Then, badi left home for better education, better prospects. Choti was left all alone. A room all to herself no longer held any appeal. Movies lost their charm. The city lost its excitement coz now there was no one to take her on the kinetic. She had the phone all to herself now, but she suddenly realised that she didn't want to call anyone. Without anyone to fight over it, the phone had lost its charm too. But its ok, she consoled herself, a least didi's doing well for herself. A great job, a busy city.She was living the life she always wanted, and choti was happy for her. And to add to it, there were all the goodies that her didi bought for her everytime. Their parents were happy that their daughter had a succesful career. They were proud of their first-born.

But no-one noticed that in between all this, choti was unhappy. She was sad- sad that though now she had a succesful sister, she had lost her friend. Their meetings became less, their conversations shorter. Watever they spoke started to sound artificial. It was broken, the bond. Choti just couldn't identify this new person her sis had become- modern, cosmopolitan. She cudnt understand how her didi cud so easily forget her roots and get sucked into a new one. Many times she considered talking to her abt it, telling her that she was sad at the way things had become. But she cudnt. Because she didnt think didi cud understand her anymore.

Its sad, isn't it, how friends become strangers. how blood relation becomes water. Somewhere along the way, they had got lost. They had lost sight of each other. They'd outgrown each other...
The bond had been broken...irrepairably, irrevocably.
But choti still yearns that some day, her didi will become her best-friend again...And that's all that matters to her.


  1. I can so relate to this. Amazingly written :)

  2. I know I am commenting on a really old post, but I just had to. I totally relate to this, except I was the badi. Now, I am trying, trying my best, to get to be her best friend again. She is coming to my town for work till she gets married and move away next year. but I really, really hope I let her know I am so proud to be her sister, and she is the coolest!

  3. @Tipsy Goddess: Old post, new post- doesn't matter. It's always a joy to receive comments (good ones :p). Glad you could relate to it... :)

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  5. Hayyyee.. There's a difference of 14 years between me and my sister. She's always been the mother figure. I was always so afraid of her. Not anymore though. We talk about guys and other cool stuff! :P
    She still doesn't know of my "drunk" behavior though! :P

  6. Now..Thats wat u call a timely reminder..I rang up my bro after 2 weeks and he was surprised to say the least and we talked 4 a friggin hour..Danks!


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