November 23, 2009

Whats life without passion?

What's life without passion?
Have you ever wondered?
Living your entire life, not being passionate about anything or, what an empty life that would be.
I can't ever imagine living like that, you know. without having a rush of emotions for something. and it doesn't have to be a person. it can be anything. you can be passionate about music, books, politics, your career. just about anything. and if it is for a person, then wow, nothing like it.
i know people who're passionate about things in life. about music, about studies, about politics. and it's so inspiring to see them, you know. so awesome to see their zest for life.
and then, when i thought about it, i realised. i DO have a passion. A passion for life. i love my life. and i love living it. i mean, ya sure, there are ups and downs. thats what makes it more beautiful, right? i don't get depressed easily, i dont let things, or people, affect me easily. sure, i may get down for the moment, but then i'm back on track. things have happened in my life, times where i've had doubts about myself. but ya, thanks to some amazing people in my life, i again feel on top of the world. some may find it arrogant, some insensitive. to all of them i say "b#*%s!!!".
Let's face it- you should first learn to love yourself. if you cant, then there's no point in living your life. yes, its divine to love others, i get it. but first 'i me myself' should be your motto. sure, it may sound vain and arrogant. but u gotta say it like it is, right?
so on that note, the narcissist signs off...remember, love thy self.
(P.S: dedicated to a certain other narcissist like me).


  1. Nice one da..... ya true in life u hav to be passionate abt somethings n life will be wonderfull....

    In life u need to care of others but the most imp thing is u need to be happy at the end of the day.... coz ur life u live it n don live for others coz in todays world as far i have seen, ppl live for themselves so who is stoppin u.... live ur life n njoy it.....

    Just one thing to say in the end.... Live each day as its the last njoy it as much as possible n foreget abt wat others think abt it.....

    All the very best for ur new life.... :)

  2. I believe everybody is first passionate about life as it everything is to compliment it, music, movies, books, people..its all to make your passion stronger and to make your life happier. To any man life is the first passion...or ideally it should be.
    Some people realise it very early in life, some a bit late, some very late..some once six feet under...
    the earlier the better...

  3. Rene Descartes said..."I think therefore I am"..some people read its as selfishness, some as rationality, some as truth..its all up in your head...
    but I say...This is too much of shit around!!!live life..stop analysing it!!!

  4. divya
    such a wonderful thought provoking post i like very much about this post ... i dont know how to congrats keepitup and continue this kind of postings for better strenthen for those who are depressing like me and others are most advantageous this kind of mini articles see you dear...


  5. Ahh well...there are some folks who dont realise until late,what their passion does that make their lives less live-able?
    or for that matter, a life driven by a chosen passion, while treading on someone else's toes, ruffling some feathers along the way, is that then an ideal life?
    Points to ponder,for sure.

    But compliments for an uninhibited way of writing..very visible that you are truly passionate about having a Passion!
    Keep going.

  6. @mushy876: Realising your passion late only makes life even more wonderful, you know. Coz then you find a new meaning to it, a new drive to live. Sure, you may have lesser time to fulfill that passion, but better late than never, right?
    And ya, there's no such thing as an ideal life. and frankly speaking, an ideal life would be pretty boring, with everything in its perfect place. topsy-turvy, thats the way to be. i'm not saying that a quiet life is boring, but tell me, would you choose to live like that all your life?
    and as for ruffling feathers..well, only those feathers get ruffled that choose to get can either sit and cry that someone ruffled your feathers, or you can smooth down those feathers and move on. i choose the latter.
    Thanks for the comments. Looking forward to more such insights :).

  7. "or you can smooth down those feathers and move on."..Fly high, young lady...I like the attitude.


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