March 25, 2009

a disturbing dream

It was all hazy.A lot of people, a lot of chaos.But one thing was clear. It was not a good situation. Something bad had happened, and it had happened to someone i love dearly. People were crying. Rather, I was crying. And then, I woke up,and i realised that i was still crying. my eyes were wet, and though it was just a dream, i was upset. for some reason, my heart was heavy. Called up home the instant i woke up. made sure acha and amma were ok.Of course they were ok. it was just a dream after all...
But then, if it was just a dream, why was i afraid of going back to sleep? Why is it still nagging me?i hope i don't find out...

1 comment:

  1. I get so terrible dreams at times, I get all sweaty and it is impossible for me to go back to sleep.
    I could so connect with this one. :)


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