April 11, 2008

a life called K.V.Pangode

When people talk about their schools, many words are used to describe it. Journey, experience, memories. I have just one word to describe my alma mater. Life. Because that is where I learnt to live.
12 years is not a short time, especially when those 12 years are considered the most formative ones in a student’s life. Fortunately for me, I spent eleven of those years in K.V.Pangode, my school, my life.
I still remember each and every thing about school just as if I’ve been there only yesterday, although it’s been almost 4 years now since I’ve left it. The beautiful campus, the jungle, the huge playgrounds, the corridors, the classrooms, the park, the school bus trips. Lots of memories come rushing at me all at once.
The CCA- Fridays and Saturdays, the mass –PT Saturdays, theOnams, the annual days. Wow!! There’s such an amazing lot that my school given me.
Wherever I am today, whatever I am, my school has helped me get here, be it the support of my amazing teachers, or the simply terrific friends that I’ve made in school. A part of me will always lie in the school, maybe in the corridors gossiping with my friends; in the classrooms, trying to pay attention to boring classes; in the assembly ground, singing the prayer song, still helplessly out-of-tune; on the steps, during lunch-break, eating more from my friends’ tiffin-boxes than my own; in the playground, trying to shirk away from doing any physical exercise; in the CCA hall and stage, where I’ve recited so many poetries and given as many speeches and won prizes; maybe in the staffrooms and princi’s room where I’ve spent a few not-too-good moments; the jungle, where we’ve spent so many free periods; the library, the shrine that made me the book-lover I am. These are just a few memories of the amazing life that I have lived in K.V.Pangode, where I learnt so many things, the good way and the hard way. Where I met the angels I call friends.
Now I know what Bryan Adams was talking about when he sang “ those were the best days of my life”.


  1. LOVED IT!! When you described our school, it was like using a Pensieve,I was right there beside you. But you are wrong about your friends, not all of them were Angels...A few are Devils, including me...muhahaha..

  2. yeah am alsoa pangodean!!!! it ws awesom!!

  3. Me too and I really like reading your posts...

  4. I too echo the same *Wherever I am today, whatever I am, my school has helped me get here*


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