March 23, 2008

It rained...

Ever heard of something called associative nostalgia...? A song reminds you of sumone, a smell takes u back to a particular place...
It's been raining here all day, since yesterday actually, and I'm longing for home.Home...Trivandrum.

Whenever it starts raining, the first thing that comes to people's minds is the slush and mud...the needless botheration of having to use an umbrella...the indefinite powercuts...the clothes that never dry...

But I...I love the rain. It means to me the lovely scent of the earth..Mmm..The countless times I've stood in my balcony, just watching the sheets of water pour down, hour after hour. I could just stand for hours watching the rain, with Amma coming from the kitchen every once in a while to see whether I'm still being silly, and then smiling and leaving me to my silliness. And then I would run to the spiral staircase outside and stand there getting wet...ha...

My earliest memories are of school reopening after the summer uniform,new shoes,new bag...and the first monsoon shower. Raincoats and umbrellas in hand, we would set off for school. Morning assembly indoors, no P.T periods, and the white uniforms wud be a lovely brown.

I don't know why, but I've always considered the rain lucky for me...I finally passed my driver's license test in the pouring rain, it was raining the day I got my HCU results..and more than lucky, I feel so good when it rains...good about myself, good about the world around me...

It may sound cheesy, and very girly, which is totally unlike me...but the rain is my one weakness.I can't help but be girly. It just brings out that side in me. The joyful, carefree, happy, crazy side of me.

I was walking today in the evening, and it was drizzling just lightly...I was walking along ( hopping along, actually), umbrella in hand, iPod playing, mud spraying on my legs. and I was....happy. So happy. I made paper boats and floated them, jumped and played in the puddles of water. At one point of time, I turned and looked around, and there wasn't a soul in sight. I was amazed at the beauty I saw around me.

Just me, and this beautiful world.


  1. We do have to admit that the author is quite graphic in her description of the rain..but dunno if u ppl will notice nd dats precisely the reason Im expandin on this...the author recently procured a new Ipod nd the blog doesn't fail to flaunt please take care of that.......

  2. gawd!! u started blogging?
    nice post...i too love the rain... i guess everybody does..:-)
    nyways keep blogging partner..

  3. I liked the use of the language... esp the phrase associative nostalgia...good one... and the description was a very vivid one... as in one can visualize the scene in ones mind..
    good one..

  4. rain rain go away come again another day !!! [:p]..... stupid rain ..always makes us nostalgic .. hihi
    i luv it !!

  5. good post.very descriptive. full of life and emotions

  6. Hey Divya,
    Amazing men. As I know you as a writer, I feel you are one such person who can write on any thing in the world. High Time now, wake up and Start being a freelance writer atleast.


  7. I am not sure about others, but I practically live off "associative nostalgia" :D (which my therapist tells me is not always great for health. sigh!)

    "I finally passed my driver's license test in the pouring rain" - reminiscent of a scene from the film Rush, which, by the way, was awesome (a word that I use with extreme moderation given its abundance around me).

    Lovely post!


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