April 18, 2008

I got tagged

One of my friends tagged me with this, and I found it quite interesting.Hope you guys enjoy doing it as much as I did.Don't think too hard.Just pen down whatever comes to ur mind first.I sure wanna read something that you guys have written too.

10 Things I've realized/ 10 realizations

1) It's great to be a kid

2) Being a grown-up is an extremely boring affair

3)There's nothing like home.It's the best place to be

4)But it's also important to go away from home, only then will you realize the importance of home

5)When it rains, the whole world comes alive

6)When it rains, I come alive

7)No matter where you go, or how far you go, you will never be too far away from your family and friends.It's all in the mind.

8)Always cherish even the smallest moments in life.Who knows, they may come in handy during boring lectures and long train journeys.

9)It's very important to have an "I don't care" attitude in life sometimes...but not always.

10)Harry potter always helps to restore sanity.Believe me.

9 things I'm glad about.

1)The awesome people I have in my life,every single one of them


3)Calvin and Hobbes

4)Harry Potter

5)Icecreams, gulab jamuns, fish and chicken



8)My laugh,though it may bother others.

9)Good food

8 Things I badly wanna (do)

1)Travel, travel and travel.

2)Go to Chirapunji for my honeymoon, which I'm aware is a long time away.But still, no harm in wishing, right.

3)Go home

4)Learn guitar and salsa,or any of those dance forms.

5)Go back to kindergarten

6)Get drunk at least once in life.

7)Be bold enough to tell my parents about some things in my life

8)Live in some hill station, get away from the city

7 Things I often tell myself.

1)I'm crazy, but its perfectly ok to be crazy.

2)You're great the way you are, whether the world thinks so or not.

3)There's no need to study everyday or be up to date with your assignments.

4)Laugh a lot,honey, coz thats what keeps you sane

5)If you can finally learn to cycle, then you can do just about anything in life.

6)You're an awesome singer, no matter how off-key you may sound to others.

7)Talking to yourself is not a sign of insanity

6 people I wanna thank

1)My family,for everything. I am, because they are.

2)My friends from school, the brat-pack from K.V.Pangode.Anand,Saty, Roro, Meera, Nisha,Chattu,Vijish,Reshu.

3)Arun 'Nathaniel' John, for all the lunches and dinners he's bought me, without ever hesitating even once; for listening to me hours on end on the phone; for making HCU tolerable; and for being a great cameraperson,and Shruths, for being my bugging partner.

4) Sree, for the madcap she is, for being with me when I needed her the most;for suporting me, and yet,scolding me wen she felt I needed to be; for making me laugh till my tummy hurt and tears came to my eyes; for seeing me through my unhappy tears;for teaching me how to board private and KSRTC buses;for making my Ivanios life memorable...for just being...Sree.


6)Me,myself and I, coz I love me.Well,most of the time.

5 things I believe in

1)My mom and her prayers

2)The healing power of music

3)Happiness is definitely a state of mind.

4)The world is not all that bad you know.You just have to change your perspective, or just alter it a bit


4 promises

1)I will learn guitar some time in my life

2)I will travel a lot, at least before I get married and have kids

3)I will never grow up. I'll try my best not to

4)I will respect the people in my life, and will make peace with some people before I die.

3 Confessions

1)I'm terrified of lightning

2)I solemnly swear i'm up to no good. (copyright:Harry Potter)

3)I dont have any ambition in life, and I'm not ashamed to confess it

2 things I never wanna do in life

1)Get busy,so busy that I dont have time for anyone or anything

2)Die thinking that I didn't solve issues with anyone.

1 funda I have utmost faith in

Laugh a lot.Not because it'll help you live longer or anything, but because its the whackiest feeling in the world wen you laugh and your tummy starts aching and tears pour down.Trust me.

I also tagged

mithun and roro


  1. 'Happiness is a state of mind'. how true is that one.. i think happiness is an absolutely relative term and its very difficult to give a single definition and say this is what is happiness..

    it was nice reading ur blog posts.. cheers!

  2. Good one ! molle! really liked it! Keep writing

  3. Haha, such a cute one! I kep nodding at almost ON!! :P
    I enjoy reading you posts..to bits! :D

    PS- the header. I would love to. Mail me he pics u can relate to o twisha.maniar@gmail.com :) And eet shaal be done!


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