May 31, 2012

Quit being a chimney

He was 14 when he first started. He had seen his elder brother and friends do it, and it looked cool. And he wanted to be cool as well. He was a gawky, unattractive teenager. This was the best way to look cool and grab people’s attention, especially girls.

At 14, he looked cool.

At 16, he looked cool.

At 20, he looked cool.

At 22, he looked 30.

At 25, his lips looked like charcoal.

At 30, he looked ill.

At 40, he looked skeletal.

At 45, his lungs looked like tar.

At 50, his corpse didn’t look all that cool.

On World No Tobacco Day, I request all of you who smoke to try and quit smoking. It’s not going to do you any good in the long run. I know what all you smokers say, that it’s hard to quit, we’ve tried, it's not as easy as you think, etc. Well, I believe, if you want something badly enough, you will eventually get it. You just have to try real hard.

Don’t punish your lungs. They don’t deserve it.

Just try, won’t you? Believe me, no girl wants to kiss a mouth full of smoke.

And the girls who smoke, you don’t look any cooler or intellectual. No guy will want to kiss a mouth that looks, and feels, like cardboard. And don't punish your child even before it's born.

And the creative types who think that you can’t get your creative juices flowing without a cigarette, well, then you’re just underestimating your own creativity.

And all those who think that it’s none of my business to say all this, maybe you’re right. It’s none of my business. But since you’re not making it your business, I thought I should make it mine.


  1. Well said! I am glad, you wrote this down.

  2. I shared this on Facebook.
    I liked the way you started, and especially the ages part.

  3. I cudn't be more proud divya! :)

    So good to read this :)

  4. Very well written. I have confronted many of my friends-smokers obviously, on the reasons of this habit. Many claim it's a source of entertainment. Now, how in the world did smoking become entertaining, I have no goddamn idea. Seriously!

  5. Whoa.. too well written. Am sharing this.

  6. *clap clap clap*
    that is all my dear friend


  7. Stress, that was the reason I took it up. Been nicotine free for quite a while now :) and I'm the happiest ever. Still wondering why I took it up in the first place.

    Great post. Will get Cal to read this, he needs to quit!

  8. nice post.. to the point. Liked every bit of this post.

  9. Curse Popeye. And Holmes.
    This should come in all the cigarette packs instead of the silly skull-and-crossbones :)

  10. Well put... every word.

  11. Crisp and to the point. As I saw somewhere today, Kick the Butt!

  12. I have been urging my best friend to quiy smoking, but he just does not listen. it's frustating beyond words. i loce it that you have done this. atleast it's a step toward the cause. cheers!!

  13. Don't know if you'll believe it, or maybe you already know, most doctors are chain smokers. And medical students are not far behind.

    Once I was standing at a make-shift commodity stall with a friend when a batch mate (a chain smoker) arrived and bought a pack of cigarettes. As I refused it after being offered from him, he tried to make fun of me that I, being a doc didn't smoke.

    I asked him why do you smoke. He replied 'coz it makes me feel like a man'.

    'So don't you feel like a man when you are not smoking ?' I asked back. He had no reply.

    I applaud you for this post and am going to share it with people who really need to read it. :-)

  14. a very concise and well-worded post, spiff!

  15. Wow a very good message Spiff...:)

    I don't smoke- thankfully there's one bad habit that I don't have... but I guess I make up for it in other vices :)

    way to go, Spiff!!!

  16. You nailed it with the last statement

    Superb Spiff!


  17. And all those who think that it’s none of my business to say all this, maybe you’re right. It’s none of my business. But since you’re not making it your business, I thought I should make it mine.

    Awesome, just awesome. and well, it is actually our business what with passive smoking happening alongside as well.

    Loved this post Spiff :)

  18. Have to get 'someone' to read this for sure!!!

    Hope this post inspires many to quit being a chimney!!!

  19. Very well said. I was just ranting about something on the same lines in my blog :)

  20. Funny and assertive...Loved the way you presented this post. Will copy the idea someday!


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