March 21, 2012


Yet another tag. Ya, I know it's starting to feel like the only writing I'm doing these days is for tags. But tags are fun. And it gives me a chance to write at least something. So bear with me once more, ok?

Visha from zackandme tagged me with this. And she also gave me the freedom to flout the rules. Yay. What fun.

So I'm going to skip the '11 things about me' part, because even I'm getting bored of writing about myself. I'm heading straight to the '11 questions'.

1) Early riser or late sleeper?
Late sleeper. I can't sleep anytime before 12. I think I got that from Amma. Most days, it's 1-2 by the time I go to bed. And then I wake up late in the morning and rush to work. I tried going to bed early, by 12, a few times. I tossed and turned for a long time and finally fell asleep only around 2. Gah.

2) Holiday on a beach or a mountain?
Hmm.. Can't I have both? The best thing would be if it's a cottage on top of a cliff overlooking a beach. I wanna live in such a place. But if I simply have to choose, I would choose beach. I love beaches. Maybe because I grew up in a city that has three beaches. I love the idea of waking up to the music of waves. Isn't is a lovely sound? The vastness and mystery of the sea awes me.

3) List the cities in which you have lived so far.
Let's see.. Ernakulam (I spent most of my time in the hospital while here), Pune (for two years. Again, hospitals. My asthma was at its peak here), Trivandrum (the city that has seen me grow, live, love, fail, succeed, everything), Hyderabad (the city that I adopted. That embraced me and welcomed me with open arms. It has taught me how to survive. Not live. Survive).
Other than this, I had done my two-months internship in Bangalore way back in 2008, so I was pretty much living there.

4) What kind of music do you like?
Mainly, whatever sounds pleasing to my ears. I LOVE old hindi songs. I'm a bollywood music fan. I also love songs that are accompanied by beautiful lyrics. Precisely why I love old hindi songs. I listen to a bit of English music too- Pink Floyd, The Doors, etc. Ilove singing along to songs, so lyrics are very important.
Oh and to contradict myself, I also love Bollywood item numbers that have absolutely rubbish lyrics. :P Current favourite- Anarkali Disco Chali. Mereko bhi disco chalna!

5) How many BFFs do you have?
I can't count my friends as numbers. Not because there are too many to count, but because I just can't. Let's just say I have enough to make me feel I'm one of the luckiest person on earth.

6) Which is the last movie you saw?
Kahaani. Well, technically, the last movie I saw was Jodi Breakers, but then I saw Kahaani for a second time after that. Thank god. (Have you seen Jodi Breakers? Don't. Seriously).

7) What is the name of your first school?
My first school was Kendriya Vidyalaya Southern Command, Pune.
I went to a kidergarten before that called Greenwood, in Pune itself.

8) What is the first thing which comes to your mind when you hear these words – ‘first love’?
Teenage. School. Diary. Shy glances. Holding hands secretively. Happiness. Principal's room. Tears. A lifetime of memories, good and bad.

9) What is the first thing you notice when you go to any restaurant?
The lighting. I'm not very fond of restaurants that have very dim lighting. Makes me feel I'm in a sleazy bar. I need to see what I'm eating. I also notice how long it takes for someone to come and attend to us.

10) List the most inspiring bloggers according to you
That's not a fair question. There are too many to list. So I'm gonna take the safe route and say 'Everyone I follow'. They have all inspired me in some way or the other, be it by their language, vocabulary, the ease with which they can write about anything under the sun, their dedication. Or simply by how encouraging they are.

11) Blogging to you is…….
Therapeutic. Cathartic. Addictive. A vent. A platform.

I'm not gonna tag anyone. Because no one that I tagged in my previous tag did it. Katti. Hmph.


  1. hehe....katti with the ones you tagged earlier or everyone?!? Loved your answers, specially 'first love' answer :)

    1. Katti only with those I tagged. :/
      First love is something else, isn't it? :)

  2. Late sleeper - ya, sigh happens to me too all the time. even if I go to bed at 9 to force myself to sleep, I sleep at like 3. It gets worse if I try :P

    Really nice to know more about you !

    1. I know! It's worse if you try harder, right? And if I lie awake too long, then I start imagining sounds and sights. :/ It doesn't help at all, since I live alone, you know.

  3. well read some of the earlier tags to know more about you and added these bits to create a nice persona.. :) you are worth knowing more... :)

  4. Aww...don't katti...please! :(
    I'll be a good girl and do it. :)
    I want to do this one too! I hope I will :)

    Iam a late sleeper too. Can you imagine goin to bed at 9.30? I know such specimens. :/ And a holiday anywhere, beach or no beach, mountain or no mountain, sounds so good to me..I terribly need to take a break!

    You stay happy and don't do katti! ;)

    PS: You still haven't done the Name/URL's there in settings..put it na, put na put na.. :p

    1. I won't put. Go. I'm katti with you, remember? *does the mouth twisting thing to emphasize point*

  5. Hahaha this whole post you know which words are the most endearing... "Katti. Hmph" :D :D :D

    Thanks dear..for taking up the tag :)

    Anarkali disco chali
    Aaja tu ab mere gali
    saath mein gayenge hum tabhi
    anarkali disco chali


    1. Hehe. :) And thank you for tagging. I badly needed something to write. My muse has gone off on summer vacation. :/

  6. I also have sleeping late syndrome.I think my body clock is still in IST. Sigh!

    "Katti. Hmph. "~ That was extremely cute.A hug for that one...

    1. We used to sing one song in school- Katti tho katti, do din ki chutti, tere mooh mein mitti. :P

  7. yes good Katti kiya.. I am going ot do the same with the ones who did not do my tag HMMMMPFFFFFFFF ..


    1. Good. Aur woh gaana bhi gaa lena. :P Katti tho katti..

    2. theek hai .. aage kya hai katti tho katti .. iske aage ..


  8. Oops, sorry Spiff. Everday I think of doing the post, and something comes up :D I'll do it very soon, promise. Please take back the katti?

    1. Since you did the tag, I'll take back my katti. :)

  9. Nice tag spiff :) Same pinch on the restaurant thing :)

  10. I would actually like to wake up to the sound of waves and the sight of mountains! Dreaming big no? hehe!
    Nice tag :D

    P.s These days im asleep by 10 *embarrassed face*

  11. damn spiff, now you made me all follow me? I am honored. Really.


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