March 12, 2012

The one with all the other posts

Srinidhi tagged me with this. It's a bit like an award-distribution for my own posts. So here goes:-

1) Your most beautiful post
That strange thing called memory
Has to be this one. Maybe because it is something very personal. Maybe because I think I've written it well. Or maybe because the subject of the post was, and I still consider him, a beautiful human being.

2) Your most popular post
The Esssential Mallu-food guide for non-Mallus
I can categorize my life as a blogger into two eras. Pre-Mallu Food Guide and Post-Mallu Food Guide. In the Pre era, I was pretty much talking to myself out here. I didn't have too many readers, and whoever read my blog used to read it mainly because I used to badger them too. And post the mallu food guide, well, you all know how that went. It is still the most popular post of my blog. The stats confirm it too.

3) Your most controversial post
I’m no Madrasan. None of my posts have been controversial as such. I prefer to keep a one-arm distance from controversy. What might come close to it are these two- Back on track and The One year itch. Not so much because of the content, but because of the comments on it.

4) Your most helpful post
Sarcastically: How to eat a Mallu Wedding-Sadhya: a step-by-step guide.
Seriously: probably Blogging Etiquettes.

5) A post whose success surprised you.
…that it’s just meant to be.
I honestly hadn't expected so many people to like it and actually relate to it.

6) A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved
Happy Mother's Day, Shree.
But I guess I can't really complain, because this was much too personal and subjective a post.

7) The post you’re most proud of
a) The Mallu-food guide
b) That strange thing called memory
c) This one’s for you, because this was my first short story ever.
d) I'm a girl, because I think almost every girl can identify with it. And this was one of my first attempts at sarcasm/humour, even before the food guide.

Ok, so that's done!

Now I have to tag other bloggers to do the same. I don't know how many exactly, so I'm tagging randomly. I tag:

Destiny's Child
Atrocious Scribblings

And anyone else who wants to do the tag can do so. Have fun!


  1. Nice!! Now I know which ones I have to read again. I did read the first four :)

  2. that-its-just-meant-to-be

    the most moving post I have read in a long, long time

    and of course, the Mallu food guide deserves a blog-oscar :D

    Good compilation Spiff...back to reading all the mentioned posts :)

  3. Thanks for tagging me. I really needed a nudge! :)

  4. Haven't read a few of these, off to read now! Thanks for the tag! :)

  5. You know... I was going to title my tag exactly this :D

    1. Once a FRIENDS fan, always a FRIENDS fan. ;)

      And yes, I know youlike that post of mine very much. :)

  6. Oh and I loved happy mother's day, Shree. Loved it.

  7. oooooh! I got a tag! I got a tag! Now I have something to write about! yay! and I get to go back to your old posts - coz I am a post-mallu-ffod-guide person too!

  8. My favorite is your "The Esssential Mallu-food guide for non-Mallus"...

    1. :) I somehow feel that the post is a little overrated.

  9. Pretty nice. I love your header and the look of your blog. I will go through your posts at a later time

  10. I have not read a few of these. I reached your blog via the mallu post :) Whatte title!

  11. Yours is a lovely blog that makes me want to come back again and again. Period. Thanks for the tag. A special thanks for tagging me just when I think my blog is going to hit a 'blank' phase. :)

    'Essential mallu guide' and 'that it's just meant to be' favourites. And I love your random list kinda posts too :)

  12. Which is precisely why I tagged you. If you're not willing to write, I will make you. :/

  13. I completely loved the mothers day Shree. :) Might be my favourite post of yours. :)

    Love this tag!

    You were so quick! I took two months! :O


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