August 27, 2012

Sunshine dreams...

I dream of living by the beach, waking up to the music of waves every day; of having the option of walking far into the sea if I find living too tedious.

I dream of watching the full moon from the top of a mountain.

I dream of being able to wear size XS again.

I dream of seeing my name in published ink.

I dream of bungee-jumping at least one in my life.

I dream of going to the topmost floor of the tallest building in the world at least once before I die.

I dream of getting a tattoo on my lower back that I can flaunt when I wear a saree.

I dream of being with a man who doesn’t need to think twice about being with me.

I dream of being told ‘I love you’ in a way that, when he tells it, I’ll know there isn’t a bigger truth in the world.

I dream of being woken up with a smile and a hug.

I dream of a home of my own, that I can call my very own, and I’ll fill it up with lots of books. A home where music will play all the time, even if no one is consciously listening to it. A home where my kids will grow up drawing on the wall (only one single wall, dedicated to them. If they ruin all the walls, I'll make them only scrub it).

I dream of going on a mini-vacation, a break of sorts, once in three months- maybe not necessarily to a new place, but just any place, to get away from the monotony. I like routine, but monotony scares me.

I dream of being with a guy who'll understand my need to be left alone once in a while; someone who'll laugh at my bad jokes and eccentricities; someone who'll love me not INSPITE of those quirks, but FOR them.

I dream of being the reason behind at least one person's happiness and smile.

I dream of being in a relationship where our silences are just as comfortable as the conversations are effortless.

I dream of never ever getting stuck in a rut or becoming just another brick in the wall.

I'm one of those who, like John Lennon said, if ever asked "What do you want to be in life?" will simply answer "Happy".

There... am I aspiring for too much?


  1. Naah, not too much. This is what everyone dreams about and wants it too.

  2. I hope your dreams come true...soon :)

  3. Good one...though a part of these dreams are similar to mine ;-)

  4. Dreams come true :)I'm looking forward for the fourth one of yours, you are already so close to make it 'For real'. Best Wishes.

  5. Eesh, no. That's cute. And you seem to be obsessed with cleanliness. *secret, under the table hi5*
    Yes, of all the things I noticed that.
    Such simple things make life worthwhile, no? :-)

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  7. Spiffy!!! Where ARE you? And just so you know, everything on that list is something you deserve.... so u go get it, girl!

  8. You know what.. All this IS achievable! And I'm sure you'll get it. All the best :)

  9. your dreams only made me cry louder (not that i had stopped crying entirely).. exactly my dreams.. is it at all aspiring for to much?

  10. Your dreams only made me cry louder (not that i had stopped crying) exactly what i dream of.. is it so much aspiration at all??

  11. yes..i dream of so many many many similar things..sigh...
    go ahead and make all of them come true dei..!!


  12. Aye, wish you all this and more. An IPhone wont hurt, na? :)

  13. Beer.Babes.Bikinis.
    There! That's my list :)

    btw, somethin tells me u'll achieve most of these quite soon :)

  14. Peoples! For some reason, Blogger is acting up and I'm unable to post individual replies. Please to be excusing me uh. Thank you so much for the comments. :)

  15. No way that is asking for too much :)

    //I dream of being in a relationship where our silences are just as comfortable as the conversations are effortless.//

    This topped my favorites list :)

  16. I am sure that list is going to come real very soon. You just get that house (or a room in a resort) by the beach and wait and watch :)

    Not too much to ask for. Not at all. :)

  17. i guess either you day dream the whole day or you sleep the whole day! :P Coz dreaming about soo many things needs a lot of time :P lol

  18. Hmm, I don’t if dreams get realized for real but there is nothing wrong in dreaming :)
    You've got a super list there and I sincerely hope all your dreams come true :)


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