March 16, 2011


My love is true,
Like the mountains’ hue.
Like the bird's-eye view.
Like the wind that blew.

Blue, the sky so bright
The clouds so white,
Terrors of the night
A word’s might.

Words that I dread
Relationships that are dead
The hearts that bled
At the things they read.

Red, the colour of love.
And of rage, they go hand-in-glove.
Emotions pure as a dove,
That thing called love.

Love, it’s a strange thing.
It’ll make your heart sing,
Tears that make your eyes sting,
Many are the emotions it’ll bring.


  1. :'(..Nice poem..Love hurts.Just make sure you keep your girl friends close.They are the ones who'll rush with tissue boxes and brooms and vodka bottles...

  2. @Blue Lotus: TO be honest, this didn't start off as a poem about love. I don't even write peotry. I wanted to see how well I can use rhyming words without losing coherence. :)
    And of course, love always hurts.. Probably that's what attracts people towards it.. It's like, when your tooth is loose, it hurts, but you'll suck at it, knowing very well that it'll hurt. (My god, I just compared love to a loose tooth!! I think I need therapy!)

  3. Nice poem I say! More than the rhyme, it somewhere unveils a poet-might-be who could do with a lot of polish and reading poetry. Good job for a starter

  4. @ Divya: Love and tooth ache! Looks like you're taking after Marquez along the lines of 'Love in the time of Cholera'

    @ All: For those who think love hurts, read 'Identity' by Milan Kundera.

  5. @Musings: Poetry has always been an attraction for me, right from my schooldays. I used to read more poetry than prose. And browsing through hundreds of poems to prepare for a recitation competition used to be a favourite pastime of mine. Having said that, I don't think I myself will venture much into that territory, because I feel, while poetry is one of the most beautiful modes of expressions, it is also slightly restricting, what with all its rules of rhyme and meter and all. But then there are some who don't really feel the need to adhere to all those rules. To each his own. If there is a poet inside, probably it'll come out sooner or later.

    @Arun: I did try reading a Milan Kundera once. Don't know about love, but my head sure did hurt. :p

  6. Yeah I know you have always been interested in poetry. I do not think you should really worry about the iamb-meters and blah blah. If you manage to express yourself well, then any medium used to communicate it will be effective. I hope!

  7. @ Musings of a troubled mind: Do not think I am arguing or confronting your opinion, but I think, if one has to call it poetry you have to look at some iamb-meters and all the poetic ornaments as we call it. If not it would be like the neo classical poetry which critics called "prose cut into equal lines".
    True, any medium can be used to express your emotions, but if you want to label it something, then I guess you have to stick to some parameters, but again this doesn't curtail your freedom, after all...there is something called poetic license ;-)

  8. @Arun John - You always seem to have something to counter my comments! Just keep in mind, the world is not a war-ground where you need to counter everything that comes your/your friend's way :) It was just a plain comment and that is what this box is for - TO COMMENT ;)


    Btw - your point maybe/may not be valid depending upon who reads it!

  9. @Arun John and Musings: I would really appreciate it if you both could take this elsewhere. Please. It's a humble request.

  10. @DN - Oops.. its your comment box afterall, I should have noticed..sowwie ;)

    Just that getting on the defensive for an unknown person's comments is not always appreciated on a common comment box :)

    You rock as a writer, can tell you that!


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