February 8, 2011

The sound of booze-ic

This was posted on my FB account first. Thought I'll share it here as well. After all, it is my magnum opus. :P

"Dedicated to my dear friend Arun John -

Do,a beer, a pint of beer.

Pray, a drop of old monk rum.

Whiskey,a range,to drown yourself,

Bar,for many the chosen one.

So,a bottle of smirnoff red,

Ha,a peg to drown sorrow,

Eeee,if i go on i'm dead!

And that'l bring us back to...you..oo.oo..

FYI: Please do try to make it to my memorial service. Arun will let you know the details once he's murdered me.Thankyouverymuch"


  1. damn! that's definitely senseless sense!! ROFL :-D love it :-)

  2. @Shru: You didn't read it when i put it up on FB? :)

  3. Thanks a bunch honey. Now I have got a brand image - Madhyapani


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