September 16, 2011

Nailed it!

Did you see read this piece of news?

World record for longest nails.

That's not a record! That's just bad hygeiene!!!

How?? And more importantly, WHY???

How does she eat?
How does she cook?
How does she chop?
How does she wash her hands?
How does she wipe herself after doing potty?
How does she apply kajal?
How does she brush her hair without getting the nails entangled in the bristles?
How does she scratch her chin thoughtfully?
How does she scratch anywhere at all?
What does she bite when she gets nervous?
How many bottles of nail polish must she be buying just for one time of painting?
How does she scratch her husband's back during you-know-what to show that they were lost in the throes of ecstacy?

How??? And why???

And the worst part is, she's not the first one out there. Sigh... WHat all people do to create records...


P.S 1:- I complete a year at my current job today. So far, the itch hasn't surfaced (well, at least not too strongly). Let's hope it stays that way. (Crossing all fingers and toes. Not too hard to do, since I don't have 10 km-long nails.)

P.S 2: WHY is everyone making such a big deal out of the Miss.India not bringing home the Miss.Universe title? You win some, you lose some. Give the girl a break! It's not like Neha Dhupia or Celina Jaitley won at the international level. Is it just because she's a Southie? She must be depressed enough as it is for not winning. The media should stop humiliating her like this. She'll probably be earning more in a year's time modelling and acting than these so-called journalists who are trashing her.


  1. Ah, and I completed half of my fifth semester. Midsems just got over :D And no, not nails, but I need a shave, I look like some marooned sailor thanks to this sleep deprived past week. Congrats for your 1st year :) and from Sunkavalli to Sachin,critics ka kaam hai kehna, wo to kahenge hi.

  2. How does she scratch her husband's back during you-know-what to show that they were lost in the throes of ecstacy?

    :D:D:D Shes highly unhygienic. And I could make some more suggestions at that :D:D

  3. ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! LOOK AT THAT WOMAN! :O She can scare snakes! :O She scares me! :O Who is she? What is she? :| Brrrr :|

  4. Exactly!! Just how?! If my nails grow more than 5 mm long, I feel dirty! Should stalk her and ask her this question *makes a mental note*.

  5. Eww.. it looks disgusting.. like she has worms or snakes growing out of her fingers.. Eww again!
    And How indeed!!!

  6. Tch,Tch,Tch, The things people do for publicity.

    Congrats on the 1 year at your job, it is indeed a feat considering how frequently poeple change jobs and careers these days.

    As for the Miss India thing, I think its a typical case of media going overboard for nothing. In another year(perhaps lesser) lo and behold they will be the same one's to hail modelling world's/ Bollywood's latest entrant.

  7. u actually think she has a husband in the first place????

    i dnt think so. cos putting the ring on her finger during wedding for her husband wud be like those puzzles we used to solve in childhood:

    find out which road (a,b,or c) should jimmy take to reach home

  8. @Sushmit: Right. :) Kich tho log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehna..)Lovely song, ain't it?)

    @Serendipity: Go ahead and make them! :D

    @DwanZhang: She IS scary :/

    @Loony: I know!! I just cannot grow my nails! My mom in fact asks me why I don't grow my nails a bit and wear nail polish like a good girl. :/

    @TheGirlAtFirstAvenue: Me too, eww!

    @Atrocious Scribblings: Thanks! :)
    Exactly, they will be the same ones to write wonderful things about her.

    @kalpak: :D Haha!! COrrect!

  9. yuckk!! i hate long nails as it is and this is so unhygienic and looks like something crawling :O

    As for the Miss India, yes there is unnecessary whining about it. All these years the Miss India girls hardly got noticed (except when they won) and now suddenly there is too much cry due to media coverage!

  10. @maithili: I got the creeps when I saw her pics. :/
    I think they're being very unfair to her. Maybe more so because she's not fair-skinned. :/

  11. True, she isn't the only one
    congrats for the job anniversary XD

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  12. Honestly, I think our stint at Ms Universe or World was a MNC's international strategy. What was in Diana Hayden, can I never understand. Also, eventually all these faces land up in bollywood, whether they win the title or not. So, why care, wait for her movie where she will be shinning in a bikni...:)

  13. And, for world records, I read something on Indiblogger which says that I got a 1300+ words comment on my post. Can you beat that?

  14. It looks horribly pathetic. And the last question is just ultra superb :D

  15. What profound questions you have re, what absolutely profound questions :D
    Scratch anywhere?! Throes of passion?!!:D
    And as usual I sit here grinning like an idiot at the screen after reading your post.

  16. I might b the only girl in my college with properly cut nails. I hate growing nails and cannot stand the dirt accumulating or food particles going inside. I really dont know the woman manages. How does she pick her nose, or kill a mosquito. Maybe she is just trying to be a living wolverine

  17. This may sound a little off the popular reaction, but I am inspired, at last a record i can accomplish!! seriously i am not tall enough nor short enough, not fast enough, not slow enough, certainly not intelligent enough for half of the records that exists. If I start now, with the pace at which my PhD is progressing i should be up for the challenge by the time I finish it..Wat say divs?

  18. Yewww....I wonder how many bottles of nail polish she will need to paint her nail tresses..
    And about Miss Universe title the Miss India did not win.
    @Miss India :It doesn't matter.And don't be disheartened half of the people who bitch about you can never ever reach where you did.

  19. @Saru: That's some record! :D

    @Deepthi: Valid question only no I asked? :P

    @Priyanka: Hehe. :D

    @Red Handed: Damn!! Nose-picking! How could I have forgotten that!!

    @Aparna: Don't even come close tome if you'replanning to do that. :/

    @Blue Lotus: You said it! :)

  20. People are just crazy! And the questions you have raised are very, very valid :D

  21. Thank God u didn't add a picture to the post or I would have been getting nightmares.

  22. @Destiny's Child: Heh.:P

    @Rituparna: Go check out the link. :D You'll have nightmares galore!

  23. Hmmm....I am thinking...if some one stops by to ask her directions to the desired place, i gess she is capable of reaching that place frm where she stands and ask the by-passer to follow her nails....he wil find that his has reached when her nail end...seriously...I am thinking...

  24. @Akila: That's a very good idea! She can be a tour guide no?! :P


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