May 15, 2013

Hotsteps 2013

All my people in Chennai, if you're free on 18th evening, come off. :) Yours truly is performing too. For tickets, contact the number given on the poster.

 Hope you'll make it!


  1. Next in Bangalore, please :)

  2. Sooopa!! Thaan oru puli aanalo! :)

    Awesome to know of ur versatility! :)

  3. You doin a solo? Which genre?

  4. Okay wrong post but still.

    Like the other zillion awards you have got, I'm adding one more to it. Please accept it and honor me, my lord! :D

    Honestly, I want to know more about you. Read the post, you'll understand :)

  5. Spiff, I hope your performance was poster-fadu I mean Really Great...
    and I know it's pretty lame of me to comment so late, nevertheless :D
    I was shit busy and that’s no excuse, I know :-/


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